A Mature Woman

by Sara on April 11, 2014

flower-2_480Where I live April is a mature woman. She’s full breasted and slightly plump.

She wears green crinolines flowing to the ground, decorated with flounces of pink Azaleas, Yellow Jessamines, and purple Petunias.

Her cheeks are scarlet roses and her long hair golden lilies mixed with Spanish moss.

With her sweet scent, butterflies court her.

But, she’s fickle – sunny one moment and cloudy the next.

*     *     *     *     *

I’m supposed to be working, but I visited Fireblossom and discovered a new challenge.

Thanks to Words Count with Mama Zen, I wrote my first 66 word about April. It’s not poetry, but it was fun:~)


Working Hard

by Sara on April 8, 2014



I’m working hard to complete a project and will be away from my blog.

I still plan to visit, but will not have a new post until I return.

If you’ve stopped by, I thank you and here are a few older posts you might enjoy:

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See you soon:~)




What Gives Me Hope

by Sara on March 24, 2014

Spring-Flowers_480Colorful flowers in springtime

A baby’s toothless smile

Sunshine peeking through trees

Rain quenching dry dirt

A happy news story

Open mouthed baby birds

Conversations full of laughter

Anger dissolving into compromise

Moments of awesome beauty

Glowing lights dispersing darkness

Tears turning into laughter

Minute long warm hugs

Mistakes merging into wisdom

People helping other people

Forgiveness releasing old hurt

Dreams that come true

*     *     *     *     *

So, tell me true. What gives you hope?

 P.S. Talking about dreams coming true, I want to congratulate a blogging friend, Chris Edgar, who recently made his dream come true.

Some time ago, he was on a plane and had this crazy dream of developing his own musical. While other people would have stayed in their comfort zone, Chris decided to go after this dream He’s proof dreams come true if you make them happen.

It took  a lot of time and hard work, but he just released the first episode of his animated musical, Steve’s Quest. Click on the link and watch it. You’ll enjoy it:~)


The Oracular Tree

by Sara on March 18, 2014

tree1_480You’re walking down this brick road and hear a voice say, “Wait! I want to talk to you.”

You stop and look around, but don’t see anyone nearby. You call out, “Who said that?”

A deep rumbling voice answers, “It’s me, the oak tree. Don’t you see me? I’m big enough!”

You shake your head and think maybe you’re going a bit crazy.

“You’re not crazy. I’m an Oracular Tree. I’ve been here for years without anyone hearing me. You must have great powers of divination. I bet your ancestors were Druids.”

You stare at the tree. It doesn’t move. The wind tosses its moss a bit, but that’s about it. Finally, you decide some kids are playing a joke on you. You think it’s time to leave.

“Don’t leave me! I have prophecies to tell. Please, please don’t leave…”

Now, you ARE stumped. How did the tree know you were about to leave when you just thought about it? Curious, you decide to check this out.

Hmmmmm. There’s a large green bush near the tree. You head for it and sit down next to the big roots of the oak tree.

Is it your imagination or did the tree actually smile at you? Now, you’re not just hearing things; you’re also seeing them.

The tree says, “Want to hear about the future? I can tell lots of things.”

You sigh and say, “I’m not sure I want to know the future.”

The moss suddenly sways above you and you hear leaves rustle.

“What kind of Druid are you? They always want to know the future! How about this, I’ll tell you something amazing.”

You think about it for only a second. The temptation is too great to hear something amazing. You nod and this is what the tree tells you….

Your photo challenge

Write the amazing prophecy the oak tree tells you. Creativity is welcomed as is humor.

Quickie Question

What’s your favorite kind of tree and why?


Every Day Gifts

by Sara on March 10, 2014

Every-Day-Gifts_480Sometimes gifts don’t come wrapped up in fancy paper with silk ribbons.

Sometimes they don’t look like gifts at all…at least not in the beginning.

Sometimes they’re just everyday moments that turn into gifts.

Sometimes they’re actions, like a friendly smile, a hug, or pat on the back.

Sometimes they’re words, like “I love you,” “You’re special” or “It will be okay.”

Sometimes we give them to someone else who needs them.

Sometimes they’re given to us when we need them.

*     *     *     *     *

I wrote this because lately I’ve been given some gifts I didn’t expect. They weren’t what I asked for, but just what I needed.

They didn’t come  wrapped up in the fancy paper and silk ribbons. They were just everyday moments that happened in my life.

They were the kind word I gave to someone who needed it or the  laugh someone gave me when I needed it. In both cases, I got gifts!

I could have easily not noticed them as the gifts they were, but the Universe was sneaky and whispered in my ear reminding me.

It’s good to pay attention to the every day gifts in life. Sometimes, they are the most precious gifts of all:~)

What about YOU?

What every day moment in your life has been a precious gift to you recently?

Have you given an every day gift of a smile or a kind word to someone recently? If so, care to share about it and how did it made you feel?



For some of you, it’s still very COLD and summer seems so far away, but I thought I would give you a taste of it with this photo.

Of course, the photo comes with a challenge. Did you expect anything different?

Let’s imagine you’re on a trip down south where the water is warm and salty and the sunlight dazzling, making you glad you wore sunglasses. The scent of coconut sunscreen brushes your nose as gray and white seagulls cry above your head.

This Jet Ski is yours for the day. You already know how to handle it and you are dressed for the ride.

Challenge Questions

So, here are your challenge questions (Remember, this is your brain on imagination!):

  • Where will you go in the Jet Ski?
  • What will you bring back with you?
  • What will you see on your trip that makes you smile or laugh?

Writing Challenge (for those who dare and have the time!)

Describe your trip in words. Tell about what you see, touch, smell, hear and taste:~)


Write on Edge Prompt: An Accidental Meeting

by Sara on February 19, 2014

This week Write on Edge gave us a 500 word limit, based on the following quote and/or picture prompt:

WoE-Clock_480Image courtesy of Unsplash

“Time is the longest distance between two places.” ~Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie

Bradley glanced at the clock. If he didn’t hurry, he was going to be late picking up Kaylee for the company picnic. He smiled thinking about her long dark hair, flashing coffee-colored eyes and warm bronzed skin.

While she hardly noticed him, he had a crush on her. He couldn’t believe she agreed to go with him. It probably helped he told her he’d pick her up in a BMW Roadster. He just neglected to say it was his mom’s car.

Everything was fine until the turtle decided to cross the road. He swerved avoiding it. The BMW landed in a huge puddle. When he tried to restart the car, all he got was a grinding noise. Even worse, he’d forgotten his cell phone.

A buzzing sound approached on the road. It was the pink scooter Eloise Murphy always rode. While they were neighbors, he seldom saw her. She was always on her computer. The landlord said she was a blogger, whatever that was.

Bradley groaned as she stopped by his car. “You okay, Bradley?”

“Yes, my car stalled.”

Eloise parked, pulled off her helmet, and walked over. “Pop the hood. I’ll take a look.”

He found the lever and got out of the car. “You know about cars?”

“Sort of, a friend of mine has a car repair blog. He puts up YouTube videos. You’re in luck. His most recent was about starting cars stalled in water. Usually, the distributor cap needs drying.”

Eloise leaned over, looking under the hood. Bradley noticed how nice her butt looked in her tight jeans.

Minutes passed before she pulled something black out and announced, “This cap is wet.”

Seeing a grease spot on her face, Bradley wiped if off. Their eyes met. That’s when he noticed Eloise had pretty hazel eyes with sparks of green and yellow. After that, Bradley had a hard time concentrating with Eloise so close.

The cap was dried and returned, but the car still wouldn’t start. They stood looking at it until Eloise asked, “Where were you going?”

Bradley had totally forgotten the party and Kaylee. “I need to call someone, immediately. Do you have a phone?”

“Sure.” She pulled out her pink cell phone.

Punching in the number, Bradley barely spoke before Kaylee yelled, “Where are you? It’s two o’ clock. You’ve made me late, you jerk!”

“Kaylee I had an accident….”

She interrupted. “Well, that’s your problem isn’t it? I’m calling a cab.” With a click, she disconnected.

Sighing, Bradley handed Eloise her phone. “There goes my date!”

She gave him a sympathetic look. “I’m sorry, Bradley. You want a ride? I’ll treat you to a veggie burger at Bert’s place on the way home.”

With that sexy grin she loved, he said, “Looks like I’m a free man. Let’s go. You can tell me all about blogging.”

Feeling Bradley’s warm arm around her waist, Eloise smiled. It was good Bradley was preoccupied and didn’t notice they dried the cap for the washer fluid.

 *     *     *     *     *

This post is dedicated to Linda who was afraid I would never write another happy ending story again :~)


Hearts to You

by Sara on February 13, 2014


Red hearts directly from a rose for you!


Beachy hearts for you:~)


And, last but not least, a heart and a hug for you:~)

Happy Valentine’s Day




Trifecta Writing Challenge: His Last Chance

by Sara on February 12, 2014

TrifectaPicture11-1This week the Trifecta Writing Challenge was to write about “love gone wrong” in exactly 33 of our own words.  In addition, they asked us not to use any of the following words:  love, sad, tears, wept, heart, or pain.

I struggled and struggled, but here’s what finally emerged:


It wasn’t her perfume on the bed,

Or lacy panties casually shed.

“Babe, give me another chance,” he pled.

Her silver knife plunged down instead.

“Too bad, this was your last,” she said.




SPC: Look Inside the Window

by Sara on February 10, 2014

I often take pictures of windows. There’s something about a window that makes me want to look inside it.

Actually, I know it’s not polite to do this in real life. It could possibly get me in trouble.

However, looking inside a window is your photo challenge today, but I promise you will not get into trouble:~)

After all, this is a blog and not real life.

Story Photo Challenge

Below, I’ve given you three pictures of windows.

Pick a window. (Please let me know which picture you picked.)

Now, step up to it and look inside.

Questions to consider:

  1. Are you looking into the future, the past or the present?
  2. What is the first thing you see?
  3. Is it human, animal, mechanical or alien?
  4. If the window looks into a room, what’s inside it?
  5. Which of the three windows do you like the best and why?

Remember, you can pick the number of questions you want answer. Choosing only one is a perfectly acceptable option:~)

Window One


Window Two


Window Three