The Talking Shoes

Street-Sale-Picture_600The flea market was doing a brisk business, but the shoes weren’t drawing any attention. It didn’t help they were placed under an ugly pink and gray jacket that had known better days. People took one look at the jacket and moved on.

Red Shoe hated flea markets. There was too much junk and too many people. At least she stood out being cherry red, but definitely looked her age and had dingy ties. Next to her was a brown sling-back shoe she didn’t recognize.

Bored, she turned to the brown shoe and asked, “So, she’s getting rid of you, too?”

In an obviously fake French accent, Brown Shoe replied, “Are you talking to moi, Mademoiselle?”  If Red Shoe had eyes, she would have rolled them.

“What’s with the accent? You’re not French. You’re a knock-off, like the rest of us. She couldn’t afford the real thing.”

“Excusez-moi! She bought me at zee special sale. I’m made by zee famous French designer, Louis Vuitton.”

“Yeah right, and I’m made by Jimmy Choo! We’re both fakes and she’s getting rid of us. I bet your twin has a hole like mine. That’s why they’re not out.”

“Au contraire, madame! My twin is in zee box in the back. Zee lady’s feet grew too big for us.”

“Well, that’s true. Since her husband left, she has been eating way too many Twinkies.”

“Why are you zis mean? Poor Chérie, she was unhappy. Zee man was not good to her!”

Shrugging her white ties, Red Shoe said, “Well, I agree. He was an SOB. I would’ve kicked him in the butt, but my toe was too soft. You, on the other hand, could do some damage!”

“Don’t I know it! My pointed toe is sturdy, but I wouldn’t have aimed for his butt. I had another piece of his anatomy in mind. Unfortunately, she stopped wearing us and left us in the shoe box.”

That’s why Red Shoe didn’t recognize her. Then, it hit her. The accent had disappeared. Dripping sarcasm, she asked, “So, did your French accent take the boat home?”

Brown Shoe groaned. “Shoot! It’s just so frickin hard to keep up that French accent! You’re right. I am a knock-off. My sister and I were made in China, but pieced together in Detroit.”

“You’re originally from Detroit? So were we! Where’d you live?”

“First we lived in Sherwood Forest, but later we moved to….”

Red Shoe jumped in. “Oh. My. Gosh. We lived in Sherwood Forest! It was swanky, but the woman was a second wife and didn’t realize we were faux leather. She gave us to her sister in Cincinnati.”

Brown Shoe said, “Geez-o-pete! We also lived in Cincinnati, but the woman decided to wear only Birkenstock sandals, even with her evening gowns! She gave us to Goodwill. We got passed around after that.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Being a shoe isn’t all it’s cut out to be, is it?”

A voice from above interrupted them. “Look at the shoes! I like this one.” A hand reached down and picked up Brown Shoe.

As Brown Shoe rose into the sky, Red Shoe called out, “Good luck! Don’t forget your friends…” But Brown Shoe was gone.

It was always this way at flea markets. Just when Red Shoe thought she’d made a friend, they were taken. But, ever the optimist, she thought to herself, “My luck is bound to change.”

With a wiggle of her ties, she turned to the faded gray Mary Jane shoe next to her and asked, “So, she’s getting rid of you, too?”

*     *     *     *     *

lightandshade-logoI’ve had this story for some time. It was originally from this Light and Shade Challenge Prompt, which is why the picture might look familiar to those of you who participated in that challenge.

At the time, something delayed me and I missed the time frame – probably due the the word count, which I didn’t make again in this story:~) But I always loved the prompt picture and had a great time with this story. The story is wacky, but was fun to write. I hope you enjoyed it.

Writing prompts are fun! Try the Light and Shade Challenge; you’ll like it!

If you like writing to  picture and/or quote prompts, check out the Light and Shade Challenge. Lyssa Medana and Thomas Marlowe have done a great job of creating fun pictures and quotes to inspire stories. In addition, they also offer some prompts with longer and shorter word counts. In short, a bit of everything to please and challenge any writer.

SPC: What’s in the Water?

People WatchingThis is a picture makes me wistful. I miss the beach and the warm  beach weather.

We’ve had our share of icy weather already this year, something the Sunshine State isn’t famous for!

I liked this picture because it’s obvious everyone is looking at something in the water, but what?

To tell the truth, I have no memory of what they saw, but it must have been interesting as it certainly caught their attention.

Story Photo Challenge

Use your imagination and tell me this: What do you think the people see in the water?

Come on. Play with this and make me laugh!

Colors of Fall

Colors-of-Fall_600This is a picture of a tree near where I have my exercise class. I loved it because I don’t get to see this much fall color where I live.

With the recent winter storm, I imagine some of you feel as if you stepped into the Disney movie, Frozen.

Just today, we had ice in our bird bath. The birds didn’t know what to do. Some treated it like a bird ice skating rink, while others just pecked at the ice.

Winter has definitely announced herself!

I have an announcement of my own: I will be taking a short blog break.

My daughters will be in town and as I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like as both live far away. So, I’m hoping to spend every minute I can with them.

However, I will do my regular visits. After all, I love touching base and seeing what interesting posts you have put up. I always find when I visit, someone writes something or puts a picture up which is just what I needed that particular day!

In Other News….

A short story of mine has been published. It’s in Volume 3 of Precipice: The Literary Anthology of Write on Edge

It’s also be available at Good Reads.

The concept of this volume was “Boundaries” and includes short stories, poetry, and memoirs by a selection of authors from the Write on Edge community.

I hope you check it out and read my story, as well as the other excellent writings in this volume. See how each author interpreted “boundaries.”

The founders of Write on Edge have started a new community for writers on Facebook. It’s called Bannerwing Books. They always have a lot of interesting activities going on. Check them out:~)

And last, but definitely not least!!!

Those of you who know Jean Sampson will be excited to know that she now has her own website! Check it out here. You can see Jean’s beautiful paintings and read her poetry. Don’t miss it!