SPC: What’s Whiskers Been Up To?

by Sara on July 21, 2014

Whiskers-in-the-morning_480Today, I am pleased to put up another wonderful picture borrowed from Lynn of Good Things Happened.

This is from an older post. The picture drew me in because I liked the look of sweet innocence on Whisker’s face.

But is Whiskers really as sweet and innocent as he looks? Perhaps or perhaps not…it’s up to you to decide.

Today’s Photo Challenge

There’s a lot to see in this picture. Using your creativity and the above picture what’s your answer to this question:

What’s Whisker’s been up to?

Thank you Lynn

I have appreciated the pictures Lynn has shared with me. She takes lovely pictures and writes posts about good things she’s experienced. I almost always leave her site with a smile on my face:~)

When you visit her site, be sure to click on her photos to enlarge them. You will not regret it.

Just hit escape (Esc) to exit from the enlarged picture and back to her calming and peaceful posts:~)

*     *     *     *     *

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” — Maya Angelou



SPC: Do you see what I see?

by Sara on July 15, 2014

do-you-see-what-i-see_480When I look at this picture, I see two animals.

What do you see when you look at it?

How many different things can you see in this tile floor?

Feeling really creative?

Write a short piece about what you see in the floor and how it got there.



by Sara on July 10, 2014

Images courtesy of freeimages.co.uk

I had five seconds of absolute exhilaration while flying through the air, before I crashed and slid along the grimy subway underpass. I finally stopped in a puddle of “who knows what” and lay stunned.

The boys followed me down. None of them missed the turn. I sat up, knowing what was coming. Bobby didn’t disappoint as he taunted, “You totally biffed that turn, Jules. Just proves girls will never beat us dudes at BMX.” Bobby tried to be cool, but wasn’t.

I ignored him. Instead, my eyes found Steve. Taller and lankier than the others, he was new to the bike group, but rode the same school bus as me. I had really liked him. Well,  up until now, when he looked away from me.

Eventually, they tired of teasing me and left. Still shaky, I stood and leaned against the wall, closing my eyes. A squeak of brakes made me open them. Steve had returned.

I glared. “Did you come back to gloat?” I tried to sound tough, but my voice wavered.

“No, Jules, I wanted to be sure you were okay. That was some crazy thing you did.” There was admiration in his voice, but I wasn’t ready to forgive him, yet.

He leaned his bike against the wall and slowly walked over to me, studying my face. He got so close; I could see the yellow flecks in his hazel eyes and the soft blond fuzz on his face. I wanted to touch the golden-brown hair escaping his helmet, but clinched my hands instead.

“What do you want, Steve?” I tried to move forward, but he didn’t give me space.

Instead, he gently touched my cheek. It hurt and I flinched, but he didn’t notice. Still staring into my eyes, his voice was low, almost a whisper. “You’ve got the prettiest eyes, Jules. They remind me of flowers growing in my mother’s garden. I don’t know their name, but your eyes are the same color of blue.” His eyes drifted down to my mouth and my stomach flip-flopped.

He leaned closer. His lips almost touched mine. A car horn made us both jump.

Steve shook his head and stepped back. His face turned bright red as he said, “You’re lucky your face is just bruised, given the air you took.”

Reeling from the almost kiss, I was silent. He lifted my bike, checking it. “Well, the front wheel is bent.”

I looked at it and groaned. “Mom is going to kill me.”

“Don’t tell her. My dad can fix this in a few days.” Steve smiled, showing a dimple in his cheek I’d never noticed before. I desperately wanted him to finish the promise of his kiss.

Steve gave me his bike to push. He carried mine. As we walked, he said, “Come to the bike park this Saturday, okay? I promise to teach you some tricks that will make Bobby jealous.”

I smiled. I planned on making him keep that promise and the other one, too.

*     *     *     *     *


lightandshade-logo_3x2Written for the Light and Shade Challenge, Monday 7 July 2014


SPC: The Golden Mushrooms

by Sara on July 7, 2014

mushroom-of-goldIt was springtime. I was walking and happened to look down. There they were; two golden mushrooms.

I swear to you I didn’t touch up this picture. That’s what they looked like. The brightness is due to my camera flash and I used a telephoto, making them larger than they actually are. The point is NO color changes were made.

There weren’t any others around. I’m used to seeing mushrooms in clusters or colonies, but these two were by themselves. Along with their golden brown color, this made me curious about them.

Today’s Story Photo Challenge:

What are these golden mushrooms used for?

While all answers are welcomed, I invite you to play with this question and see what creative/unusual ideas you can come up with for their use:~)

Here’s my idea: While we can’t see them, there’s a clan of teeny tiny fairies who use dragonflies for public transportation. The mushrooms are like protective bus stops for the fairies during rainy times when the dragonflies can’t pick them up.


SPC: A Dirty Quote

by Sara on June 30, 2014

crop-circle_plainHa! Ha! Got you, didn’t I? You thought you were going to get a dirty quote. Well, you’re getting a quote and dirt, but neither will make cheeks turn pink with the telling:~)

Instead, I want you to use the picture of the dirt circle to imagine you are writing a favorite quote in it. You know… kind of like a “quote crop circle” in dirt. Just imagine what the aliens would think!

Whatever quote you choose, let it reflect either a wisdom you need today or one you want to share with others. Mind you, I consider a good laugh to be “wisdom.”

So, please share your “quote for the day” in the comment box. Let someone else appreciate whatever your quote is meant to share.

Speaking of quotes, I’d like to mention a series Linda, of From Roses to Rainbows, does. She puts it out every Monday. It always includes an interesting quote and Linda’s special interpretation of the quote.

She often surprises and delights me with the nuggets of wisdom she pulls from a quote. Stop by her site today and check out the latest quote. I know you will not regret the visit.

My Dirty Quote

Just for fun, I created my own imaginary dirty quote and it is one of my favorites. It’s on the OSHO card for courage, another reason I like it.

For me, this quote is a reminder that the challenges I face often guide me to a new learning. They help me learn my strengths and weaknesses, but combine to make me a stronger flower in life; the flower I am meant to be.





SPC: A Borrowed Picture

by Sara on June 23, 2014


If this picture looks familiar to some of you, it’s because it is:~) I asked Lynn Maxwell of Good Things Happened if I could borrow this picture and she said YES.

There’s so much to see in this small space. The bright red and white roses, the green bushes, the rust-colored lattice and the two decorated chairs all combine to make an inviting conversation nook.

In her post about the picture, Lynn said it looked like these chairs were having a chat. I agree, but today’s challenge is a bit of variation.

Story Photo Challenge 1

I’d like you to imagine you are sitting in one of these chairs. Maybe you’re drinking your favorite cold drink on a warm day and having a chat with someone. It can be anyone real or make-believe. It’s up to you to answer these questions:

  1. Who is sitting in the chair next to you?
  2. Why did you pick this person to sit next to you?

Story Photo Challenge 2

If you want, go a step further in the writing. Write a brief dialogue between you and the person. You can make up whatever you want or use these questions as guides:

  1. What do you want this person to say to you?
  2. What do you want to say to this person?

Pictures always tell stories. Our imaginations create the stories they’re telling.


SPC: I’m Stuck and I Can’t Get Out!

by Sara on June 16, 2014


Okay, I’m weird. I have this fascination with wood knots. I always see things in them.

This one is a perfect example and is today’s story photo challenge for you.

1) Who is this creature?

2) How did he or she get stuck in the wood?

3) What’s YOUR plan to help this little creature escape?

As always, have fun with this story photo challenge:~)





Choices, choices, choices…

So much to do at the beach, but you have to decide.

So, take your pick — air, sea or land.

Now, tell me why you made this selection.


Blog Break

by Sara on May 30, 2014

Blog-Break_480Like Aggie, all bloggers need to take some time to chill out.

I’m on a brief break, but I’ll be back soon:~)

In the meantime, ya’ll be good, okay?



The Lesson of the Bee

by Sara on May 28, 2014

Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz. Waving both hands over her head, Trudy chased away the bee. She wrinkled her nose and said, “Bees are so annoying!”

“Leave it alone, Trudy! Bees are good in a garden. They pollinate flowers and give us honey. They don’t intentionally hurt you, unlike people.” Trudy flinched at the angry snap of her mother’s voice. She fiddled with her large sunglasses.

Without looking at Trudy, her mother sighed. Her voice sounded sad as she asked, “What happened to your eye this time, child?”

She should’ve known her mother would figure out why she was wearing the big sunglasses again. “It’s nothing, Mom; just an accident. Tommy slipped. His hand hit my eye.”

Snip. Snip. Snip. Three more dead flowers went into the basket.

Her mother’s blue eyes turned and stared at Trudy’s long-sleeved shirt. “I assume the bruise you’re hiding under those sleeves was also an accident?”

“He didn’t mean to do it. He’s scared because he’s out of work.”

“I thought he just got a job.” Her mother moved on through the garden. Trudy rushed to keep up with her.

“It didn’t work out. Tommy needs something more challenging.”

“Like beating his wife?” Trudy’s mom stopped clipping the roses and looked at Trudy with raised eyebrows.

This annoyed Trudy. Her mom had no idea what Tommy was going through. “It only happened once before. That was months ago and he apologized over and over again. It’s my fault anyway. I’ve been irritating him a lot lately.”

Trudy’s mother shook her head. “Child, once is too much!”

“It’s my marriage, not yours!” Another bee buzzed around Trudy. She couldn’t help it. She slapped it to the ground and stomped on it. Her mother leaned down and picked up the bee with her gloved hand. She opened her hand to Trudy. The bee was squashed.

Trudy reached out and touched her mother’s hand. “I’m sorry, Mom. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“But you did and the bee is dead. You’re bigger and stronger than it is. You got scared, knocked it down and stepped on it. What’s the difference between what you just did to this bee and what Tommy’s doing to you, child?”

Trudy couldn’t take her eyes off the squashed bee. She killed it. It happened so fast, like Tommy’s beating last night. When she got home from work, he was slouched in his chair watching a football game.

He told her to get him a beer. She told him to get his own beer. Without warning, he grabbed her arm, threw her down. He was about to kick her, but she managed to turn her head just in time. His boot glanced off her eye.

Her mother was correct. Tommy was doing to her what she did to the bee.  It wasn’t right. The tears came first, silently flowing down her cheeks, but they were quickly followed by gut wrenching sobs. Trudy’s mother grabbed her daughter and held her, letting her cry.

*     *     *     *     *

This time I used two prompt challenges:


Writing Prompt: 2014, Week 22 (I used the word “honey” used in the quote.)


Light and Shade Challenge Monday 26th May 2014 (I used the picture of the boot as inspiration.)