Colors of Fall

Colors-of-Fall_600This is a picture of a tree near where I have my exercise class. I loved it because I don’t get to see this much fall color where I live.

With the recent winter storm, I imagine some of you feel as if you stepped into the Disney movie, Frozen.

Just today, we had ice in our bird bath. The birds didn’t know what to do. Some treated it like a bird ice skating rink, while others just pecked at the ice.

Winter has definitely announced herself!

I have an announcement of my own: I will be taking a short blog break.

My daughters will be in town and as I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like as both live far away. So, I’m hoping to spend every minute I can with them.

However, I will do my regular visits. After all, I love touching base and seeing what interesting posts you have put up. I always find when I visit, someone writes something or puts a picture up which is just what I needed that particular day!

In Other News….

A short story of mine has been published. It’s in Volume 3 of Precipice: The Literary Anthology of Write on Edge

It’s also be available at Good Reads.

The concept of this volume was “Boundaries” and includes short stories, poetry, and memoirs by a selection of authors from the Write on Edge community.

I hope you check it out and read my story, as well as the other excellent writings in this volume. See how each author interpreted “boundaries.”

The founders of Write on Edge have started a new community for writers on Facebook. It’s called Bannerwing Books. They always have a lot of interesting activities going on. Check them out:~)

And last, but definitely not least!!!

Those of you who know Jean Sampson will be excited to know that she now has her own website! Check it out here. You can see Jean’s beautiful paintings and read her poetry. Don’t miss it!

The Vampire Slayer


Aggie’s Halloween Poem

Old Drac’s got nothing on sweet little ole me!
Even if he could climb this carpeted tree,
These sharp fangs will make him quake
Much more than that wooden stake.

It’s Your Turn…

If you celebrate Halloween, what’s your favorite memory?


Read-All-About-It_1Bloggers in the news! Read All About It!

Kim Talon just had her first book, Strings and Bones, published. Check it out here and read the sample. I did and now I can’t wait to get my book!

Also, one of my favorite book reviewers, Patricia of Patricia’s Wisdom will be putting up a review of Kim’s book on Friday.

I’m also a bit late on announcing that….

Linda, Roses to Rainbows, has redone her site. Check it out.

Chris Edgar released Part 2 of his animated musical, Steve’s Quest. The video is fun to watch:~)


We interrupt this program…

We-interrupt-this-program..You were perfectly happy watching your favorite TV show when suddenly the screen went BLACK!

Then a voice said, “We interrupt your current program to bring you this very important message from Animal Planet.”

You stare at the dark screen, annoyed.  Animal Planet? Really? What’s so important they’d interrupt my program?

The picture comes back on. Two commentators are in separate screens and both are looking at the THING in the middle of the screen.

Just as you say, “What the heck?”

Malward Hosell,the AP commentator, speaks from the bottom screen, “It’s an unprecedented event in the animal kingdom! No one has ever seen it before. Let’s hear what our expert, Dr. Agnes Fluffball, has to say about this.”

You stare at Dr. Agnes in the top screen, realizing she looks a lot like the THING. On the other hand, you wonder about her expression.

Story Photo Challenge

(You choose how many of the questions you want to answer. Just let me know which you picked.)

  1. What does Agnes say about this unprecedented event?
  2. What is the THING and what’s it doing?
  3. Why does Agnes have that expression on her face?

Want more of a challenge?

Write a dialogue between Malward Hosell and Dr. Agnes Fluffball about the event they are witnessing.

“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.”~ William Plomer