Story Picture: Who is She?

who-is-shePhoto by Sara B. Healy

This is a photo of a flower in my garden. I took it after we had a rainstorm. I kept looking at the picture and wondering who is she? I saw the flower as a “she” and knew she reminded of someone, but it took awhile to figure out who it was.

Puppet Sock

Then one day, I realized she sort of reminded me of nature’s version of the puppet sock, Lamb Chop. Those of you old enough might remember the ventriloquist, Shari Lewis who created Lamb Chop. I used to love watching the interaction between Shari and Lamb Chop.

Lamb Chop and Shari Lewis had a major influence on me. Perhaps because I tended to be kind of shy and enjoyed the fact Lamb Chop would often appear to speak her mind, even, at times, shocking Shari with her comments.

In refreshing my memory of Lamb Chop and Shari, I came across an old interview with Shari Lewis about her career and in it she talked about her relationship with Lamb Chop. It also explained why I enjoyed their interaction so much. Here’s one of the questions from the interview:

Q: What was your most unusual experience with Lamb Chop?

A: Lamb Chop is so much my alter ego that she sometimes gets out of hand and says things I wouldn’t even dare think to myself. When she first met Desi Arnaz, he was sitting with his feet up on the table and was rather rude. She told him so in no uncertain terms. And that was the first time I really had to stay aware of what she was going to say, because she speaks for herself.

Actually, now I think about it. Lamb Chop sort of reminds me of Izzy, my muse. She has that same spunky quality and definitely speaks her mind.

Story Picture Challenge

Let’s get down it – the story picture challenge. As I often like to do, I’m giving you choices for this challenge today; some simple and others a bit more complex. You get to pick. You can:

1) Pick a name for this flower and explain why you picked it.

2) Tell a few things about her personality.

3) Pick her partner. Lamb Chop had Shari Lewis. Who would partner with this little flower? It doesn’t have to be a ventriloquist. In pretend time, they could talk to each without ventriloquism.

4) Last, but not least, you can answer all of the above. I like over-achievers:~)

If you want to play, leave your thoughts in the comment box. Have fun with this flower and the challenge.

Happy Week to All:~)