Picture Story: What do you see?

what-do-you-seePhoto taken by Jim Koenigsberg

Mushroom Pictures

Due to the rains we’ve had, mushrooms of all shapes and kinds have been erupting in my yard. I’ve found them fascinating and have taken way too many mushroom pictures.

What I enjoy about mushrooms is that they seem to just appear out of nowhere. One day, there’s nothing and the next, there’s this.

JC took this picture. He decided to join in my photographic study of the mushrooms in my yard and grabbed my camera to take his own picture.

Both of us really liked this picture because we each saw different things in it. I saw an elephant and he saw a person’s face.

Picture Story Challenge

I thought it would a perfect “what do you see” challenge. I haven’t done this type of challenge in awhile. Remember, the idea is to just just stare at this picture for a few minutes and then see what comes to your mind.

You are allowed to use any part of the picture. For example, at the top of the picture, I see what looks like a set of bottom teeth.

So, have at it.

What do you see in this picture?

You get bonus points for how many different things you can see.  Oh, and mushrooms don’t count:~)

Have fun, be creative and enjoy!