Picture Story: Revealed Secrets

what-is-itThere will be no challenge today. I figure after all the contests and challenges I’ve been running,you might need a break:~)

The Truth

Last week I showed you the above picture and challenged you to figure out what it is before I dosed it with Photoshop.

Today, the truth comes out along with revealed secrets.

First, I have to apologize for the mistake in my hints about what this object is. There was a lot of confusion about the fifth clue, “Some people live in them, but they’re not safe when the weather isn’t right.

Actually, you can’t live in this object unless you’re a very small insect and you take anti-dizziness medicine:~)

However, the object does have the same name as something you do live in, which is very dangerous in bad weather conditions like hurricanes and tornadoes.

And the Winner Is

Many of you who left comments were sooooo close! Several suggested windmills — Patty, Tony and Hilary. Others like Jannie and talon thought it was something to do with birds and Belinda, SuZen and Barbara thought a lighthouse was a good choice.

Peggy said it was a “whirlygig thingamagig,” which I loved and was very close! Jonathan declared he was “lost in the sauce” and Gerri just liked the picture. Last, but not least, Desk49 thought it was a copper box.

But no one, except Mike Goad, answered the challenge correctly. I congratulate him on this because it was evidently rather difficult:~)

Because I knew what the object was, all my hints seemed obvious to me. Therefore, I expected everyone to get this challenge with no problem.

This proves a very important literary lesson: What an author may think is very, very clear may not be clear at all to the reader.

Next time I do something like this, I promise to make the hints a bit easier and to check them out with other people before I put up the post.

The Unveiling

So, here goes the unveiling, starting backwards and I will tell which filters (in caps) I used to alter the original picture:


If I remove the TWIRL and then…


Stop the WIND from blowing as well as…

Put-Out-the-Glowing Edges

Hide the GLOWING EDGES and…


Avoid  SOLARIZING the picture, you will end up with….

It's-a-Wind Mobile

My new Wind Mobile!