Story Photo: Next Frame

Movie Frames

When I look at this picture of my cat, it makes me think of a movie. Aggie looks poised for action and it makes me wonder what the next frame of this movie will be.

In movies, the term “frame” is used to refer a series of individual images, which when put together in succession, create the sense of motion. As the frames progress rapidly, what we see appears seamless.

According to Wikipedia, “The viewer cannot see the flickering between frames due to an effect known as persistence of vision, whereby the eye retains a visual image for a fraction of a second after the source has been removed. Viewers perceive motion due to a psychological effect called beta movement.”

The Challenge

Today’s challenge is to look at this picture of Aggie and tell me about the movie this frame is from. Here are some questions to consider in describing the movie:

  1. What type of movie is this? Is it Science Fiction, Drama, Musical, Action, Romantic Comedy or another type?
  2. If you were the director, how would you get Aggie to cooperate with you?
  3. What period of time does this movie take place?
  4. What costume does Aggie have to wear?
  5. Who is Aggie’s leading actor in this movie?
  6. What happens in the next frame?

My Example

Here’s my example of how I would describe this movie:

  1. This is a spaghetti western and Aggie is a saloon girl.
  2. I get Aggie to cooperate by using dog food
  3. Takes place in the “Wild West” period (around the 1800’s)
  4. A frilly dress with lots of petticoats, which annoys Aggie as she constantly trips on the petticoats
  5. Of course, The Duke is the leading actor, but he’s allergic to cats and so, his nose is always red.
  6. In the next frame, Aggie has to rescue the Duke from an evil man dressed in black. Claws are used, need I say more?

You know the drill; put your answers in the comment box.

Have fun, be creative and enjoy!

An Update:

Click on  picture to enlarge it:~)

Remember the Story Photo Post, Help Me Make A Choice, where I asked you to vote on a picture that would go up on the empty wall in my office. Betcha thought I forgot about this?

It’s finally done. It took longer because I ended up having to get the picture professionally framed so that I could include my quote, “Dare to test your balance every once in awhile.” Framing, by the way, isn’t cheap. Still, I’m pleased with results and I hope all of you who voted will like it too:~)

Guest Post: The Passport to Travel Home

Today, you’re in for a special treat. The Exception has agreed to do a guest post for my site. I’m excited about this because I have really enjoyed getting to know her.

When I first visited her blog, I was struck by how open she is about her life. She’s a single mom and often writes about this. In a recent post, Evolving Dreams: Celebrating My 30s, she talks about how she’s evolved since becoming a single parent. Here’s a quote from this post that I think shows you her character:

With the arrival of my daughter, my dreams changed to some extent. I continued to desire an exciting professional life but I also dreamed of the parent I could be and the life I could give her. No longer was my dream as wrapped in foreign print as it once was. My dream evolved into sharing time with this child, telling her stories, laughing, holding her hand, and experiencing life anew with her.

I think this quote says a lot about who The Exception is and she’s pretty “exceptional.”  So, enjoy her words:~)

Summer travel dear to my heart

This summer I used my passport for the first time in years. I didn’t realize just how much I missed my old friend until I felt its cover in my hand, flipped through the pages and handed it to the man at passport control.

When I set my passport aside at the ripe old age of 25, I didn’t anticipate it being the last time in over a decade that I would take an adventure outside the US. I thought I would use it again when I finished graduate school. But when I finished graduate school a new adventure started – parenthood, domestic travel, and a path I could not have anticipated being mine to follow.

This summer I spent time with a good friend of mine. This summer I shared my love for travel with my daughter – who fell in love with travel too.

This summer, I not only delighted in time spent with my passport in countries new and old, I reacquainted myself with a part of me that I didn’t realize was missing.

Having lived in Europe and traveled extensively; having desired a profession that involved travel; and having dreamed of a life that included exposure to other cultures, histories and politics, it is not surprising, in retrospect, that a part of me had curled up and taken a little nap. This summer that part of me yawned, stretched and sprang out of bed ready to rock and roll and travel!

Another place to call home

My adventures this summer were different than any I had taken in the past; most of the countries visited were new to me. Though I enjoyed each new city and its possibilities, I felt comfortable in a certain little city I had not previously considered visiting.

The city spoke to me with its streets, people and buildings. It touched a part of me like only a few places have in the past – the places in which I had known immediately I could live and call home. These places are treasures; gems particular to each in a treasure chest of a world. This summer I added Tallinn, Estonia to the short list of places I could call home.

There is a little bit of magic when a treasure is found. The magic increases tenfold when the treasure found is a part of who we are or a rediscovery of ourselves. I felt a sense of passion long forgotten in this city. This summer I found a little piece of myself on the cobblestone streets of Tallinn, along the ship’s railing as we sailed into Stockholm and in an outdoor café in Copenhagen. I returned to Virginia feeling more alive and more myself than I have in a while.

What about you?

  • Have you traveled outside your country?
  • What places have you traveled to that have sparked your imagination and why?
  • In your travels, have you discovered cities or towns you could call home?
  • Have you rediscovered aspects of yourself (or your passions or things you love) that you had let go of years earlier?

So Who is The Exception?

The Exception is a mother, a teacher, a student, a lover of words, a traveler and explorer, a non-conformist without intent; a person of integrity; a supporter of dreams; a believer in risks, a treasure hunter in so many ways that aren’t materialistic; and someone who knows that everyone can fly – it is a matter of trusting the wind and believing flight is possible.

Photo Credit: The Exception

Story Photo: The Creative Mind

Picture One

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. ~ Ansel Adams

This quote fits how I feel about photography to a tee:~) As most of you know, I love taking picture of ordinary things and then asking what you, the viewer, sees in them.

I always find it fascinating that the viewers to my site will see very different things in a picture than what I see.

We might both agree on the basics of a picture. For example, the picture above is part of a tree. I imagine we can agree on this:~)

It’s when we both look deeper into the picture that our perspectives begin to change. We start to see imaginary things in the swirl and shape of the wood and even the colors in the picture.

I’ll even go a step further and say that we need to do this. As humans, it is our tendency to personalize what we see. If we look at something long enough, we will see things in it, even things we know don’t exist in the actual picture. I think is a marvelous testament to how very creative and imaginative our brains are:~)

The Challenge

I’m giving you the header picture (Picture One) and this picture (Picture Two), just so you have some choices:

Picture Two

Your challenge today is to pick a picture, take some time to look at it and then answer these two questions:

  • What made you pick the picture you chose?
  • What do you see in this picture?

Put your answer in the comment box and be sure to indicate which picture you selected.

Have fun, be creative and enjoy!

The Sandcastle Special Challenge

Congratulations to those of you who took on last week’s Sandcastle Special Challenge! Your creativity was a wonderful, as it was diverse. Thanks for sharing your creative minds:~)

Arts web show

Davina, Shades of Crimson

Ellis, What’s in my Head

Jannie Funster, Jannie Funster

Linda, From Roses to Rainbows

Tony Single, Trottersville

Schindler’s Choice

“There was no choice”

Recently, I watched the movie “Schindler’s List” again. This film is about a German businessman, Oskar Schindler, who saved over a thousand Polish-Jewish refugees during the Holocaust by employing them in his factories.

While watching this film, I was struck by something Schindler said. At one point, he was asked why he risked so much for the Jews he saved. The part of his answer that stood out for me was his closing remark, “There was no choice.”

It’s easy for us to believe people should have taken action now that we realize the evil of the Holocaust. But Oskar Schindler had no reason to grasp this certainty of evil, and in many ways he did not.

It’s been argued that Oskar wasn’t actually a hero. After all, he benefited from the war and the Jews’ free labor. He used them and he knew some of their lives were being taken.

An awakening

Yet, somewhere inside Oskar, a clock began to tick. His attachment to his workers woke his humanity and then his moral clock set off the alarm. Once woken, he could not look away. Oskar had reached the point where “there was no choice.”

We all have our own moments when we realize there is no choice. Often these moments simmer before they wake us and call us to action.

When our moral alarm clock goes off we know we have to take action. This action might be fighting an injustice or becoming an activist for a cause we believe in. We may even become the next Oskar Schindler.

However, it could also mean leaving a bad relationship or job, giving up a great salary to pursue a passion or helping one person to have a better day.

Whatever reason, the alarm goes off inside us, waking us to that moment when we realize “There is no choice; we must take action.”

It’s up to us to pay attention to the alarm. Be conscious of when your alarm goes off. Don’t push the snooze button too many times:~)

What about you?

Have you experienced times when you realized “there is no choice?” What did you choose to do?

If you could go back in time to any historical event and have your moral alarm clock go off, what event would it be and what would you do?