A Poem: Her Natural Choice

A Cardinal’s True Calling

This is the story of one cardinal bird
Who answered a calling that only she heard.

She was independent; a strong little thing
Who refused the sweet songs she was told to sing.

She felt like the child of a cuckoo, sitting alone,
Just waiting until her cover was blown.

Her family tried to bring her in line,
But she told them, “No, my life is mine!”

So, off she flew from her childhood home,
Because she decided there’s a world to roam.

She traveled to many places, saw many things.
Birds of magnificent colors; they wore tiny foot rings.

In Laos, she found her family, though not one of birth.
They taught her to see her beauty and worth.

They sang her a melody that pierced her heart,
And she knew she could no longer play a false part.

She got the courage to return to her flock.
When they saw her, they all fell over in shock!

Gone were the feathers that once covered her head.
Disliking what she’d become, they treated her as dead.

She laughed at their horror for she’d accepted her new look.
She’d be who she was meant to, regardless of what it took.

She lived her dream and flew high with pride.
She liked her choice; there was no need to hide.

You see, she had found her true identity.
It was the lovely Barefaced Bulbul she was meant to be:~)

The small print:~)This site officially supports the protection of all animals, except scary spiders that run at you, alligators, snakes...well, almost all animals. Please be aware that no birds were harmed in the taking of this picture:~)

My Challenge

Since I forgot that last Thursday was THE LAST Thursday of the month, I did not put up my poetry challenge poem as promised.

Instead, you were treated to The Exception’s wonderful guest post, The Passport to Travel Home. Personally, I think you got a better bargain in that deal.  If you didn’t read TE’s post, please do so and take time to drop by her site for a visit:~)

Since I didn’t’ meet my obligation, I decided my challenge this week would be to put up two poems this time. So, you get my version of a limerick.

Cuttlefish Limerick

The dish that was cuttlefish

There was a nicely hidden Cuttlefish,
Who thought crab was just a tremendous dish.
With his colorful glow,
he put on quite a show
and became the dish of another fish.

The Challenge

I’m not letting you off the hook just because this is my Poetry Challenge Day:~) So, here’s your challenge question:

These two poems have several things in common. One thing, however, links them together and helps you understand the poem better.

Can you guess what it is and how it helps the reader understand the poem better?