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I Love Books

I love to read books. While my preference is for mysteries, I read all sorts of books. To me, a bookstore is the equivalent of a candy store. I breathe in the smell of books with the same enthusiasm I have for the smell of sweet tasty delights. Except with a book, it’s my mind that waters, not my mouth:~)

Cover of a Book

Looking at the picture above, I imagine it as the cover of a book because it makes me wonder what happened to this window. How did it get broken? Who did it? When and where did it happen?

I often go to to get information about a book. I like how they show the cover as well the title and author. I also like that they usually include a review about the book, which sometimes helps me make a decision about a book.

Well, that’s your challenge today. Imagine this is a book cover to a brand new book and you are helping to prepare the information about it.

The Challenge

The challenge today can be short and sweet or a bit more detailed, depending on your mood or how advanced your job is at Amazon:~)

Short and Sweet

In preparing the information, consider answering one or more of these questions. Remember, you don’t have to answer all of these questions.

  • What’s the title of this book?
  • Who wrote the book?
  • What genre of book is it?
  • What books did customers buy who bought this book? (I always find this part of the Amazon book coverage interesting!)

The Special Challenge: Book Review

If you’re feeling a bit more adventuresome, write the book review that goes with this book using no more than 150 words.

In writing this review, feel free to use information from another person’s comment. For example, if you like the title someone left for the book, you can write an excerpt based on that title. If you do this, however, you must mention whose comment you used.

Have fun, be creative and enjoy:~)

Note: the photo used in this post is slightly modified

54 comments on “Story Photo: The Book Cover

  1. Fireblossom says:

    This book is a memoir entitled “Dancing In The Hurricane” by a woman named Atlanta Jones.

    Customers who bought this book, also bought:

    “Autobiography Of A Face” by Lucy Grealy

    “Augusta, Gone” by Martha Tod Dudman


    “A Big Storm Knocked It Over” by Laurie Colwin


    I want Talon to write my review. (weren’t expecting that, were you?!)
    Fireblossom´s last blog post ..Art Appreciation With Stacy

    • Sara says:

      @ Fireblossom — No, I didn’t expect you to toss the ball to Talon. Fortunately, she picked it and made a touchdown. See, I’m talking football because I went to a game this weekend…personally I’m not so fond, but JC likes it:~)

      I love everything about your answers. LOL about “Autobiography Of A Face” by Lucy Grealy and “The Big Storm Knocked It Over.” You really gave Talon quite the challenge, but I though it was a great idea:~)

  2. Talon says:

    A challenge within a challenge…oh, but my head is spinning now – lol! Okay, I take on both challenges – lol!

    Special Challenge

    A review by Iread Nightly

    “Dancing In The Hurricane” (Atlanta Jones, HerPersonalPress)

    This book should be re-titled “Dancing Before, During, and After The Hurricane”. Expect a story of adversity through personal storms, you’ll be disappointed. Ms. Jones writes of dancing in an actual hurricane. Some chapters could have been eliminated: III – “Before The Wind Got Strong” and IV – “After The Wind Picked Up” are both extraneous. Chapter I – “Preparing For The Storm” is a gem of practical advice for the average person facing a hurricane. As expected, Ms. Jones’s dance was wet and dangerous. Chapter X – “People Call Me Foolish” is a revelation. Ms. Jones has no problem exploring her own foolishness and states, “I had to dance into danger. I do not recommend dancing in hurricanes to everyone. I’m a trained professional.” Thank you, Ms. Jones, as I don’t recommend “Dancing In The Hurricane” to everyone either.
    Talon´s last blog post ..On Notice Short Story

    • Sara says:

      @ Talon — You did great with this challenge from Fireblossom!! Iread Nightly gives a tough review. I liked that Ms. Jones is trained professional for dancing in hurricanes. I remember reading that someone in our blogging community loves to dance in thunderstorms…was it you? I’ll have to check your site.

      Hurricanes, however, are a bit difficult to dance in and so, Atlanta Jones must have excellent balance or the ability to cling to a pole and dance. AH, I get she’s in the X-games of pole dancing:~)

      Okay, I’m silly today. It something to do with you and Fireblossom…the combination just tickles my funny bone:~)

  3. Linda says:

    Hi Sara, interesting challenge this week. Here’s what I’ve gotten (so far).

    Title: The Last Mile

    Genre: Thriller

    What is it about?: In short, it is a thriller about someone being stalked, and what happens in the “last mile”.

    What books did customers buy who bought this book?:
    “Just Take My Heart” by Mary Higgins Clark
    “The Pelican Brief” by John Grisham

    • Sara says:

      @ Linda — I like this one. Then again, I like thrillers, but this sounds like you could make into a real book…maybe a short story????

      Thanks for visiting…I always enjoy your visits…and for participating in the challenge!!

  4. Ken Winker says:

    Hey Sara:

    Here we have a very new book written by Ira Glass entitled “Life Is All It’s Cracked Up To Be.” Genre: Inspirational/Comedy/Satire

    What books did customers buy who bought this book?
    “Naked” by David Sedaris
    “When You are Engulfed in Flames” by David Sedaris
    “Happy Labor Day” by Ken Winker

    • Sara says:

      @ Ken — LOL…The title fits the picture:~) I laughed at what customers also bought. Very well done and while I’m late in saying this, I hope you also had a happy Labor Day:~)

  5. Eliza says:

    Spider Lines, a memoir by Arthro Pods.

    Set in the 1950s, Spider Lines is a bittersweet memoir chronicling the childhood of Arthro Pods. Growing up on the family farm, in post war Canada, Arthro’s days are filled with the joy of running free and wild. That is until a tragic accident changes Arthro’s life in a way he could never have imagined.

    Spider Lines are the tiny silken webs that join each member of Arthro’s family to that single event. Bound together in a sticky trap, Arthro and his family struggle to free themselves and find joy once again.

    Other books people bought:
    Venom by Chelice Rates
    Silk by Spinner Ets
    Eliza´s last blog post ..Celebrating Gray Hair

    • Sara says:

      @ Eliza — Welcome. I see that you’ve already gotten in the mood of this challenge. I think “Spider Lines” by Anthro Pods is very clever, as was the book writeup. I also liked “Bound together in a sticky trap…” LOL at the other books people bought. You did a great job with this challenge!!!!

      Thanks for visiting and participating:~)

  6. Mike Goad says:

    I though I’d try this challenge, tying it to the exercise I did on my own blog. 😉

    — — — —

    “The Sentence” by Dr. Jack Hensen, inventor of “Virtual Prison, Final Solution” and the “Virtual Jury, Ultimate Verdict.”

    After serving years in prison for reckless endangerment in the use of his virtual prison machine and more years in a mental institution after vindication, Dr. Hensen eventually returned to his work and the dual jury and prison software/hardware package that has significantly reduced prison overcrowding. “The Sentence” recounts Hensen’s years in a brutal prison and a repressive mental hospital.
    Mike Goad´s last blog post ..The Sentence

    • Sara says:

      @ Mike — Good for you. I loved what you did with Davina’s writing challenge….using all nine words in one sentence. THAT’S IMPRESSIVE WRITING!!! You did a great job with this challenge, as well. I liked that continued the theme. Very well done!

      While I did not watch the entire episode of The Sentence at your site, I enjoyed that you found this video. I remember watching The Outer Limits all the time. I always loved the opening about how they taking over the TV….:~)

      Thanks for visiting, Mike and participating in this challenge:~)

  7. Kelvin Kao says:

    Well, my first question is, what caused the damage? It can’t be a bullet, because a bullet would’ve damaged the screen behind it. It can’t be a baseball, because it would have been a different pattern. It can’t be caused by a BB gun, because those leave smaller holes. Hm, it’s probably done by swinging a shark instrument at the glass.

    Hm, got a little carried away there.

    It will be a thriller called “The Man Who Thought The Glass Was Ice and Took a Swing at It with an Ice Tool”. It was about a man who didn’t know summer from winter, and has been running and hiding away from a vengeful house owner.

    I don’t think I am going to recommend this book.
    Kelvin Kao´s last blog post ..New Business Cards

    • Sara says:

      @ Kelvin — You are very observant! I liked this line, “Hm, it’s probably done by swinging a shark instrument at the glass.” I imagine you meant to say a “sharp” instrument…but I kind like the idea of a “shark” instrument creating this crack. It makes me envision a hammer that turns into a shark and then tries to eat the occupants inside.

      Regarding the picture, I have no idea what caused this crack. I liked it because you can see people and stuff in the background of the picture, as well the spider lines of the crack.

      Okay, that’s an interesting, but rather long title. You might want to think twice about not recommending it because it could easily become a cult classic with that title and summary. Who knows maybe the Syfy Channel might pick it up and make it into a series:~)

      Thanks, Kelvin, for sharing your thoughts about this challenge…you always make it fun:~)

  8. The title “Shattered” though I think this might be a title already?
    This is reality fiction at its finest.
    Liza is a happily married woman with two kids living in San Francisco’s pacific Heights. She has it all, two wonderful kids, a great house, shopping, coffee with friends, and as much free time as she desires. Her husband is not only successful but has a trust providing Liza with the lifestyle she has always desired. Liza has it all… or does she? Her move to forget her small town roots and middle class upbringing as she pursues the upper class circles is cut short when she discovers that the only man she has ever loved is not the man she believed him to be. Are her dreams shattered? Will her life ever be the same? As the different aspects of her husband’s life are revealed, Liza mustdecide what her future holds. Will she ever know her husband or trust him? Can she keep her life from shattering into pieces – holding the shards of glass together in an assemblance of a relationship? Can she let go of the past and build a new future with him or without him? This is a page turned taken from the pages of the society section. The author plays with the light and shadow of relationships and the insecurities that can lie within the human heart. Lisa is an ordinary woman with aspirations of grandure who finds herself in a situaiton that evolves at great speed. Not only does the reader have insight into Liza’s thinking, but finds themselves asking “what would I do?”
    An Exceptional 10 Year Old´s last blog post ..Love as Simple Machine

    • Sara says:

      @ An Exceptional 10 Year Old — WOW…this is very well done. AND the title was not taken yet. I loved how you used the picture, created the title and a story that totally fits both. Like I said to Hilary, Amazon. com might want to contact you. I really liked this line, “The author plays with the light and shadow of relationships and the insecurities that can lie within the human heart.” The concepts of the light and shadows of relationships really fits both the picture and the title of your book.

      EXCELLENT WRITING….as you said, “reality fiction at its finest.”

      Thanks for participating in this challenge. I always enjoy your words:~)

  9. And that was not my daughter’s idea but mine… I need to watch that line!
    The Exception´s last blog post ..Love as Simple Machine

  10. Fireblossom says:

    Lmao @ Talon!
    Fireblossom´s last blog post ..Art Appreciation With Stacy

  11. Tony Single says:

    TITLE: Shard Spider.

    AUTHOR: Tony Single.

    GENRE: Wildlife/Biography.

    SUMMARY: The tragic life and times of Orson “Shard Spider” Welles, an arachnid with self esteem issues that led him to overeating and extreme corpulence. Because of his massive weight his own webbing could not hold him up, nor did windows, walls, or even park benches. This led to a career as a movie stunt spider for such acclaimed action flicks as Kick Thorax, Webiator, Bravelegs, and The Extendables. However, he was unhappy and unfulfilled by this because he really wanted to be taken as a serious actor. He eventually took his own life during a freak yachting accident that would have killed him anyway… had he just waited a moment longer.

    OTHER CUSTOMERS BOUGHT: A caffè latte and blueberry muffin to eat while reading.

    • Sara says:

      @ Tony — You made my day! As always, I can count on you to write something so funny that I giggle through the whole thing….YET, it all fits perfectly together. I do love the way your mind thinks:~) Now, here’s my dark humor because I especially liked your line about how he took his life in a yachting accident that would have killed anyway if he had just waited a minute more:~)

      I think you should make up a story about Orson “Shard Spider” Wells…he’d be a great cartoon character. Think of all the trouble he could get into:~)

      I also like your take on what other customer bought…sounds tasty to me!!

  12. desk49 says:

    The Broken Pane:
    by: R. H. Moredor
    True Romance:

    Book Review

    A farmer and his wife fall in love again after being married for 40 years. Both sons are killed in WW II and they have harden their hearts to the world until they are about to lose the farm and have to work together to save it.

    • Sara says:

      @ desk49/Ellis — I love the title and the concept. I think the title is a good match for your writeup about the book. Actually, I think this book would make a good movie. I also like that it has a happy ending. I wouldn’t have to look it up in Movie Spoiler:~)

  13. * What’s the title of this book?
    Broken Windows Theory and Why Vandalism Rots Humanity’s Conscience
    * Who wrote the book?
    Paul Krugman, X, (Paul Krugman’s great great great…grandson)
    * What genre of book is it?
    Political Science/Science Fiction/Fiction
    * What books did customers buy who bought this book?
    — The Rise and Fall of Human Potentials Every 1000 Years
    — Love, Politics, Money, Religion, Sex and other Moral Dillemmas

    • Sara says:

      @ Belinda — What a laugh!!! I loved the title of this book and it’s perfect for the picture, as well, but my favorite part was “Paul Krugman, X.” I’ve always wondered how far into generations they’ll take the son of the son of the son of the son and the roman numerals. I mean is there a cut off time when they can no longer use the roman numeral after a name…I mean it would be very awkward if you got to Paul Krugman XXLLLVV or whatever:~)

      The books that customers bought were also well titled. I liked the “The Rise and Fall of Human Potentials Every 1000 Years.” LOL

      Well done and thanks for participating:~)

  14. Special challenge.
    This book titled ‘i’m ugly’
    Is a fantastic read if you are a disturbed teenager.
    It focuses on the life of a teenage emo on the quest of self discovery.
    Raised in Londom this middle class emo is faced with a moral battle.
    To smash the window or not.
    This is a thrilling read that will have you gripped to your seat right to the end
    Rating **********************************************************************************************************
    Arts web show´s last blog post ..Self portraits

    • Sara says:

      @ Arts web show — First of all, the rating is great:~) I had to look up what a “emo” was. I thought it was a type of bird:~) Clever you for knowing about this. I must admit Urban Dictionary, which was my source needs to have spell check, but it was interesting.

      See, your book review has already taught me something new. Thank you:~)

  15. suzen says:

    Hi Sara! It probably won’t surprise you that I’m choosing:
    “Breaking The Old Myths About The Origin of Disease”
    People who read this book also read:
    Never Be Sick Again (real book) by Raymond Francis
    Green Pathways to Health by Susan Blake (my eventual book?)

    • Sara says:

      @ Suzen — That fits you perfectly and it also fits the picture:~) I like that you already have your book title….may the Universe be listening!

      hugs back you:~)

  16. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. here’s mine .. a free write .. ie just done – 5 minutes .. not sure what Amazon reviews look like .. enough to be precise .. So ….

    Title: Trail Shed … the broken pane

    By: Willow Tavernor

    Genre: Mystery Thriller short shory

    Reference books, nature trails, murder mysteries

    Welcome to Willow Tavernor a new author, who has always loved murder and mystery stories .. weaving challenging and tantalising strands into her love of the great outdoors. Willow’s stories will take you to depths you did not know could be plumbed, deathly plants, pale ghostly outlines putting our imaginations to play … interwoven with magnificent scenery, or tiny secret havens of flower heaven .. where dreadful happenings take place.

    Here we have a new author exploring the great outdoors, while taking us on a haunted journey along these woodland paths, through the dense undergrowth – what lurks there? You can see the colours, hear the sounds, wait for the scrunching of ghoulish noises .. all put together in a way to delight us, while shock us too.

    Highly Recommended

    150 words precisely? I did alter the last sentence to two words!

    Now going to look at the others .. cheers Hilary
    Hilary´s last blog post ..Emoticons- Book Packaging- ebooks what was the future- is now the past

    • Sara says:

      @ Hilary — I think might have a job for you:~) This was an excellent writeup about a book. I liked the “wait for the scrunching of ghoulish noises” and “weaving challenging and tantalising strands into her love of the great outdoors. Willow’s stories will take you to depths you did not know could be plumbed, deathly plants, pale ghostly outlines putting our imaginations to play..” This wonderfully written.

      If I didn’t know this was made up, I might be interested in reading this book. Thanks for taking on the challenge, Hilary:~)

  17. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. great stories! Love The Exception’s 10 year old .. gosh I can’t write like that now & I’d hate to say how many x10 I have!!

    Great fun – and a change .. thanks .. had to get my thinking cap on .. bye for now & hope you had a lovely long weekend .. Hilary
    Hilary´s last blog post ..Emoticons- Book Packaging- ebooks what was the future- is now the past

  18. Lynn says:

    These are all such awesome answers. Now I’m stumped. But my first thought at looking at the broken window was Shattered. But that’s bit too obvious, isn’t it? 🙂
    Lynn´s last blog post ..Shimmering morning- gone in a blur and dads hat

    • Sara says:

      @ Lynn — I know how you feel. I’ve been to many sites and read the comments, go to the comment box and then go BLANK. For me, the key is to not read all the comments first. Also, oddly “Shattered” has only been used once…well, twice since I’m counting it as your title.

      I love it when you visit, even if it’s just to say a quick hello:~)

  19. Tough one today…okay will give it a shot 🙂
    The book’s title is ‘Shattered Dreams”
    Written by Irene Spencer
    The genre is Drama
    Customers who bought it also bought or read:-
    a) The pressure is off: There’s a new way to live by Larry Crabb
    b)Inside Out by Larry Crabb

    Hope i managed something x
    Julliette O (LarvK)´s last blog post ..The Child In Him

    • Sara says:

      @ Wild Rose — You did a great job. I like the title very much and the books customers bought were also good. I’m particularly fond of “The pressure is off: There’s a new way to live.”

      Thanks for visit and for participating in the challenge:~)

  20. Fireblossom says:

    LMAO = “laughing my ass off”

    It isn’t dumb not to know something. I had to ask someone, once, too!
    Fireblossom´s last blog post ..Old Postcard Wednesday on Tuesday- Evelyn Nesbit

  21. Patricia says:

    I am too tired after writing a huge/paid for review for amazon and doing the final copy for tonight because IT could not find the one I had completed in JUNE….I will come back…I love Talon’s so far…but I need to read this whole post and grip it in…
    what a neat idea…fun, fun…
    Patricia´s last blog post ..ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD – THE NEW FOLKS

  22. Talon says:

    Sara, it was pure fun trying to pretend to be a book reviewer. And I wrote a short story called “Storm Dancing”, but I’m actually terrified of lightning and you wouldn’t catch me out in any really bad weather – lol!
    Talon´s last blog post ..In the hollow

    • Sara says:

      @ Talon — I thought I remembered something about a storm. I am pleased that you will not be caught out in lightening:~) One of daughter’s teachers was actually struck by lightening three times and lived…hard to believe. It makes you wonder if you are struck once, you’re more likely to struck again….now there’s a good Google search for me:~)

  23. Definetly a 2 x 4 during remodeling. 🙂

    And the book is called “Renovations.”

    Those who bought that also purchased “Gittin’ Down In Shaky Town.”

    Jannie Funster´s last blog post ..Without further ado…

    • Sara says:

      @ Jannie — Does the title of your last blog showing up on your comment mean what I think it means? Is the album done or are the renovations done? Whichever, I’ll be visiting soon:~)

  24. Chris Edgar says:

    I’m glad to hear you aren’t in the habit of eating books, as delicious as they may smell — I’m not sure the paste they use in the bindings is non-toxic. But seriously, I’m guessing the building to which the door is attached is an old building from the ’40s or ’50s — perhaps a schoolhouse — and given the brokenness of the window as well, I’m guessing it’s a book about urban rioting in the ’60s.

    • Sara says:

      @ Chris — Regarding your comment about eating book, I thought, at first, you’d found of my many “typos” and that instead of saying “reading,” I had said “eating.” Then I remembered the opening lines of this post. So, the laugh’s on me:~) Then again, I like to laugh…even at myself.

      Well, the picture is actually from Switzerland, but it was taken on a road where they drive the cows from one field to another…yep, straight down the road. So, it is possible that there may have been an urban riot conducted by the Swiss cows using their loud cowbells, which in turn cracked the glass…either by hitting it or by the noise:~)

  25. Lori says:

    Hi Sara,
    I am late to this post, but I really enjoyed reading it and all the responses. What a creative crowd! I wish I could build a party barge for all of us and sail us around the world while we conduct a creative conference with extremely tasty catered meals. Sound good?

    Thanks for this, and I promise I’ll actually participate on the next go ’round! Love to you, sweet Sara of the Songbirds.
    Lori´s last blog post ..Fiercely Caring

  26. Evelyn Lim says:

    Like Lori, I enjoyed reading the responses to this post. You certainly have a following of highly creative and imaginative readers. Great reader engagement you have here!
    Evelyn Lim´s last blog post ..Short Story- The Spiritual Warrior of the Labyrinth

    • Sara says:

      @ Evelyn — They are a great group, but I also welcome newbies to give it a go. It’s amazing what comes out when you look at a photograph long enough.

      Thanks for the visit and I’ll be stopping by soon:~)

  27. Keith Davis says:

    “To me, a bookstore is the equivalent of a candy store.” well said Sara.
    Would you please have a word with my wife… she accuses me of being a gold plated nerd for loving bookshops.
    The good side of that is that she often leaves me in a bookshop and then goes shopping with my daughter. That’s a win win situation for any man.

    I do apologise I just went off on one. LOL

    Title of the book?
    “The deadly web.”

    This is a book about the darker side of the internet.

    Written by S – the lady behind the dark glasses.

    People who bought this also bought “Think before you click – a cautionary tale”
    Keith Davis´s last blog post ..Two way traffic

    • Sara says:

      @ Keith — I could talk forever about the wonders of a bookstore. I agree that you and your wife have set up a win-win situation. My youngest daughter is bit like your wife. She loves bookstores, but she makes her decisions quickly and then haunts the rest of us to leave. Thank goodness for the cafés in bookstores…because we send her to get coffee and read, while the rest of us enjoy the wonders of a great bookstore:~)

      I like your book title and the fact that it’s about “the darker side of the Internet.” I also liked “Think before you click — A Cautionary Tale.”

      Thanks for participating in this challenge:~)

  28. Keith Davis says:

    Good point Sara
    Cafes in bookshops (I almost said bookstore) are a real bonus.
    I visited Oxford a few months ago and the studends there buy a coffee and do their tutorials in the coffee shop.

    I sat there and soaked up the atmosphere… made me feel like a student again.
    If only! LOL
    Keith Davis´s last blog post ..Two way traffic

    • Sara says:

      @ Keith — I forgot sometimes that you live in England. My daughter spends lots of time in London bookstores. She sends her husband to the cafe so she spend extra time soaking in the special flavors of books…just like you:~)

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