Neighbors In My Backyard

In Your Neighborhood

Remember this Sesame Street song, “Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?”:

“Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood?
In your neighborhood?
In your neighborhood?
Say, who are the people in your neighborhood?
The people that you meet each day.”

In case you are more visual and need a memory prompt, here’s my favorite version of this song, which includes the actor, Ben Stiller. I warn you; this song is addictive:~)

Today, I thought I would introduce you to some of my non-people neighbors. They are my yard neighbors — the various birds, squirrels and other animals that visit my yard.

I love to see who will come to visit. While the heat has kept me away, I spend lots of time sitting on my porch in the evening, enjoying their food fest at the end of the day. I’m always amazed by the antics of my yard neighbors.

Happy, the Bluebird

Today, my first guest is Happy, the bluebird, who is featured in the picture above. He refused to show his face, but was very willing to let me see his glorious blue coat of feathers. I don’t believe he is actually THE “bluebird of happiness,” but his visit made me happy:~)

Much has been written about bluebirds. They are associated with good tidings, happiness, prosperity, good health, new births and the renewal of springtime.

The Navajo revered the bluebird as the great animal spirit that represents dawn. As I’m not an early riser, I was pleased that Happy chose a later time to visit my feeder:~)

Joe Jr, the Squirrel

My second guest is Joe, Jr. It might look like he is suspended in air in this picture, but, in truth, he’s just getting exercise by running across the screen on my porch. He’s like his papa, who is a very persistent squirrel and one of the first to “run the screen.”

While I did research it, I couldn’t find any information about why the squirrels seem to get so much enjoyment from “running my screen.” They don’t tear it; they just cross it. Maybe it falls under the category, “because it was there.”

Certainly, I get lots of enjoyment from watching them, especially when Aggie, my cat is out on the porch. The squirrels have figured out that she can’t get to them; they love to taunt Aggie by crawling down the screen until they almost touch noses with her.

Bugsy, the Rabbit

Lastly, I have a picture of Bugsy, the Rabbit. Bugsy seems to have figured out that Ms. Dix, my old blind dog, cannot see him, nor does she seem to smell him. Therefore, when she’s out and he’s feeding, he keeps eating until she’s almost on top of him—like, about to step on him.

I worry about Bugsy because he’s not the smartest little guy. Most rabbits come out to eat at dawn or in the late evening when they are less visible. Not Bugsy. He appears in broad daylight to enjoy the tender shoots of grass in my yard:~)

Happy, Joe, Jr. and Bugsy are my yard neighbors. They are some of the neighbors I meet each day.

What about you?

What animals are your neighbors?
Which are your favorite animals to watch in your yard?
If you could be an animal, what animal would you be… human doesn’t count.