Story Photo: Guessing Game

Who am I?

Today, we’re going to play a guessing game called “Who am I?” I’ve given you two short poems to help you guess what I saw in this picture.

Knowing my readers, I doubt you will need this, but here is a hint: The answers to both of these “Who am I” poems relate to occupations in which people used their arms and hands.

The Challenge

In the comment box, say who/what occupation you think these poems refer to. In your answers, be sure you say which poem goes with which answer.

Sara’s Poem 1: Who am I?

My job is to stand straight and tall
And get things ready in the hall.
It is I who signals it’s time to start,
Letting notes become a work of art.

Sara’s Poem  2: Who am I?

At the beginning and end of the day,
And always near where children play,
I make sure all who pass me know,
Which is the safest way to go.

The Special Challenge

I’d love to see what YOU can come up with as a “Who am I?” for this picture.

Therefore, the special challenge is to write your own poem or story about this picture that asks “Who am I?” Then put it in the comment box so that others can guess yours, as well as mine.

If you decide to participate, you must follow the same format as I did and put your name and “Who am I?”  as the title to your story or poem. Then, if others want to guess your “Who am I?” they will mention your name in their comment.

Read the comments

For this post, I encourage you to read the comments of others. I’m hoping you will enjoy guessing the “Who am I?” that others write, in addition to those I’ve given you:~)

As always, have fun, be creative and enjoy:~)

52 comments on “Story Photo: Guessing Game

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Sara, what a cool challenge this week.

    I think your #1 poem describes a conductor, and your #2 poem describes a school crossing guard.

    Now for the special challenge. Here is my poem.

    Who Am I?

    Who I am you shall soon see
    Just flip on your TV
    And follow the bouncing ball
    I come around every fall

    Have a great day!

    • Sara says:

      @ Linda — Okay…I’m trying Linda’s Who am I. This one is a challenge for me:~) My first guess is the quarterback of a football team? It will fun to see what others say:~)

      Thanks for the visit and happy blog anniversary:~)

  2. Lynn says:

    What a fun special challenge. This stayed minimized on my desktop all afternoon at work – I mulled and tried to summon up a poem. Sadly – I couldn’t, but I did figure out what you meant in your two poems. I won’t repeat since Linda so aptly named them already. 🙂

    I have no poetry in me – isn’t that sad? I like to read my friends’ poetry though.
    Lynn´s last blog post ..Cotton- cloud-like and possibilities

    • Sara says:

      @ Lynn — Poetry can be a challenge. I looked up the various types of poetry and there something over 50. Each one, including free verse, has a structure that’s supposed to be followed…it’s all a bit daunting!!! I think the best thing is to enjoy the writing you LIKE to do and that you do so very well:~)

      Yes, most people are getting the poems I put up. Linda’s has been a very interesting challenge.

      Hey, I love it when you visit and you don’t have to play the challenges:~)

  3. Hi Sara.
    For your Poem #1, I’m thinking you wrote about an orchestra conductor. This flower does look exactly like that!

    I think for Linda’s Who Am I, she’s referring to a basketball player.

    Davina’s Who Am I?</strong)
    Come on in and close the door,
    Wipe your shoes, I've just washed the floor.
    Take off your coat and stay awhile.
    Don't just throw it in a messy pile.
    Davina Haisell´s last blog post ..I Survived the 3-Day Novel Contest

    • Sara says:

      @ Davina — re: code for bold…well it came out in bold! Okay, I always struggle about whether or not to tell people if they’ve guess right….I’ll put it this way, most people are getting my poems:~)

      Linda’s is interesting because it’s getting lots of different replies or is totally baffling people. I think this is good. I’ll have to remind her to give us all her answer.

      Okay, your poem. I think it’s has to be a mother…I hope that’s not too gender biased:~)

  4. Argh…. I messed up the code for the bold.
    Davina Haisell´s last blog post ..I Survived the 3-Day Novel Contest

  5. How inventive! A poem and a riddle!

    #1 is a symphony music director or baton-wielding conductor
    #2 is a safety patrol or pedestrian police

    Belinda’s poem: Who Am I?

    I train for many years
    Invest blood, sweat and tears
    I sing pretty-sounding Italian lyrics
    I move even the stoics

    • Sara says:

      @ Belinda — Like many others, you seem to be on the right track…I really liked the “baton” because I something I saw in the picture:~)

      Now to yours….Is it an opera singer?

      Thanks for the visit and for playing the challenge:~)

  6. The first is a conductor
    second – a crossing guard or patrol (which I am one)
    Belinda’s is an Opera Singer
    My leg is high
    As I twirl and spin
    To the beat or the rhythm
    My arms flow like the wind.Who am I?
    An Exceptional 10 Year Old´s last blog post ..Beauty

    • Sara says:

      @ An Exceptional 10 Year Old — Good choices in your responses:~)

      Your poem: Is it a ballerina or dancer? I like the line, “My arms flow like the wind.” Very nice:~)

      Thanks for playing this challenge…come back soon!

  7. Hello sweetie,
    Poem 1 -An orchestra conductor or an airline hostess those were my two.
    Poem 2 – A crossing guard attendant.

    Poem~ WHO AM I?

    I am
    Brown eyes
    Brown hair
    A happy laugh
    A spirited soul
    I am
    Walking in the woods
    Entwining fingers with rhymes
    Tracing winding paths
    Finding open spaces
    I am
    An explorer
    Of rolling hills
    And pebbled streams.
    I dance in your dreams and
    am simply unique.
    Julliette O (LarvK)´s last blog post ..Third Strike!

    • Sara says:

      @ Julliette — When I put this challenge, I kind of forgot that I would have to guess. Okay, my first thought was you, but then I thought perhaps you were describing your Muse. This one I’ll have to think about. I hope others who visit will chime in, as well:~) Even if I didn’t guess it correctly, I do like the poem very much!!!

      Thanks for sharing in this challenge:~)

  8. P/S Of course you can quote my last poem lines to your boyfriend, i will be honored if you do dear, thank you for your sweet words at my blog x 🙂
    Julliette O (LarvK)´s last blog post ..Third Strike!

    • Sara says:

      @ Julliette — We have an anniversary coming up….I might just put a note with your poetry on his pillow. I know he will like it very much:~)

      You are so welcome. I enjoy your poetry very much….I think you’re very talented!!!!

  9. Talon says:

    I haven’t been well today, so I’m late, Sara. Sorry about that!

    I’m thinking a maestro and a crossing guard for your really neat poems.

    I’m thinking Linda’s is football (I thought basketball, but I have no idea when that season is, but I know football just started – lol)

    I think Davina’s is a Mom – lol!

    and Belinda’s is an opera singer?

    and I’m drawing a blank on An Exceptional 10 Year Old’s…

    Julliette’s is someone’s special love 🙂

    A Special Challenge – Talon – Who Am I?

    I stand short and sometimes tall
    I can carry a tune, but never speak at all
    Sometimes I’m considered crazy
    but that isn’t always true
    and though I have no feet
    I have hands to show to you
    Talon´s last blog post ..Lucent

    • Sara says:

      @ Talon — I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. I will send healthy thoughts your way…you’ve had some difficult weather if I’m not mistaken…feel better soon:~)

      I liked all your answers to the poems…I hadn’t interpreted Julliette’s way you did, but it does make sense!

      Okay not to yours: hmmm….I may help with one. You’re good at this!!! The best I can come with is a clock, but I wasn’t sure how that fit with the line, “Sometimes I’m considered crazy.”

      I’ll be thinking on this one and hope others come with their own suggestions. Thanks for playing this challenge, Talon…hey, that almost rhymes:~)

  10. desk49 says:

    1. Conductor
    2. Crossing guard.

    desk49 poem who am I #1

    With only seven steps
    I spin and spin
    but what I do
    is art too my friend

    desk49 poem who am I #2

    At night
    I flote around
    and scear
    all the kids in town

    desk49 poem who am I #3

    In the movies
    I do star
    and my home
    is very far

    desk49 poem who am I #4

    Once a year
    I come out strong
    and at each door I
    sing the same song
    desk49´s last blog post ..Missing- Short Story Page 6

    • Sara says:

      @ Ellis — Not fair…I have a hard enough time guessing one, much less four. Then again, I did set up this challenge didn’t I?

      Ellis Poem 1 — A color wheel?
      Ellis Poem 2 — A ghost?
      Ellis Poem 3 — Stars or the moon…got me on this one!
      Ellis Poem 4 — Trick or treat/Halloween?

      Help!!! Anyone who visits…give these a try, please!!!

      Good job, Ellis:~)

  11. Patricia says:

    Conductor and a school crossing guard for your two poems Sara…Davina a mom…. Talon’s I am stumped by and find myself hoping she feels better soon…

    Patricia’s Who am I Challenge:
    I hold the pose
    until music begins
    arms stretched
    fingers to tips reposed.
    Hours of training and practice
    with grace
    effortless styles
    toes and stage embrace.
    Patricia´s last blog post ..A Window to my World

    • Sara says:

      @ Patricia — all good choices:~)

      Now to your challenge: I’d say a ballerina?

      Thanks for sharing this challenge and I enjoyed your poem very much:~)

  12. Kelvin Kao says:

    I first saw a dancer (wearing pink, no less) with arms stretched out. And then when you mentioned the arms and hands thing, traffic cop came to mind.
    Kelvin Kao´s last blog post ..A Happy Birthday

    • Sara says:

      @ Kelvin — It is interesting how many people have seen a dancer in this picture. At first, I didn’t see this,but now I do. Traffic cop is a good choice and very close to one of my “Who am I” poems.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts about this challenge:~)

  13. Tony Single says:

    Hi Sara, I’m baaa-aaack! 😛

    Let’s see… poem #1 had me completely baffled. Then I read the other comments and went, “Duh. Me so dumb.” 🙁

    Poem #2 is about a school crossing guard for sure. We call ’em Lollipop Ladies here in Oz, even if they happen to be blokes. Weird, huh?

    • Sara says:

      @ Tony — That’s okay…it confused JC too. I had to tell him what it was. If you’re curious, check out Linda’s comment….

      Regarding feeling dumb…try to do Ellis’ ‘Who am I’ poems!!! He likes to really challenge us:~)

      I love the name Lollipop Ladies and you call them that even they’re guys? That’s funny:~)

  14. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. your first is the head teacher in the school hall and the second .. the lollypop lady (or man) we’d call them here.

    Hilary – Who am I?

    I stretch towards the glowing sun
    I warm myself
    I prepare
    I perform, I share the chorus ..

    Not sure about the extra words .. “I share the chorus” .. I wanted to give some clue?!

    I’ll be back to see the answers .. cheers Hilary
    Hilary´s last blog post ..Spreading the idea- hearing the words- seeing the movement the power of video

  15. suzen says:

    Hi Sara! A music conductor and school crossing guard would be my guesses. If I’m right, you’ve made it too easy! haha!

    Everyone nods and says I’m right
    They tell me they have seen the light
    But in their kitchens late at night
    They consume their hearts delight

    Who am I?


    • Sara says:

      @ Suzen — You’re not supposed to say that…You’re supposed to say how smart you are for figuring this out…:~)

      Suzen’s Who am I? Okay, I’m stumped…I’m thinking it’s either a Teacher of Health or a scale. Can someone else step up the plate here and guess Suzen’s Who am I?

  16. Talon says:

    You were right about the clock. I threw that line in because I immediatley thought of cuckoo clocks – lol!

    Thanks, Sara. I’m feeling much better today 🙂
    Talon´s last blog post ..Lucent

    • Sara says:

      @ Talon — I’m pleased that you are feeling better:~)

      Regarding your “Who am I,” I can’t believe I actually figured it out! Yeah ME:~) Funny thing when I wrote this post, I kind of forgot that I might be doing the guessing and this is definitely not a strength…silly me.

  17. Linda says:

    Hi Sara,

    You’ve had some really good responses and poems here. Some are really tough, but here are my guesses.

    Davina- maybe a mother, although I did think of a maid except for the “stay a while” part
    Belinda- opera singer
    Exceptional 10 Year Old- a majorette
    Juliette- I agreed with Talon that maybe it’s someone’s sweetie
    Talon- may be describing a clock. The crazy part got me too until I though of a cuckoo clock
    Patricia- a ballerina
    Hilary- has me stumped

    And Desk49 are just guesses
    #1- ice skater
    #2- a ghost
    #3- the sun
    #4- a trick or treater
    (I think we were on the same page with these)

    Davina came the closest on mine, and it actually could fit, but not exactly what I was thinking. I’ll come back later today and share my answer.

    This was so fun!

    • Sara says:

      @ Linda — Wow…I am so pleased that you are helping me out with these “Who am I” poems!!! I didn’t think of a majorette for The Exceptional 10 Year Old. Hopefully, Hilary will check back in with us and put us out of our misery by giving us the answer to hers.

      Do come back and share the answer to your poem whenever you want:~)

  18. Yes – it was a ballerina – for my 10 year old… and the lines were all hers.

    I wanted to do a weather vane but am not sure that it really looks like that now that I have come back to check.

    These were wonderful!
    The Exception´s last blog post ..Beauty

    • Sara says:

      @ TE — Now that’s an interesting one…a weather vane. I can actually see that in the picture. Tell your daughter I loved her poem:~)

  19. Linda says:

    I think Suzen’s is a doctor.

    Recapping mine so no one has to scroll up.

    Who I am you shall soon see
    Just flip on your TV
    And follow the bouncing ball
    I come around every fall

    A Referee in basketball

    • Sara says:

      @ Linda — Wow. Some people were really close…they got the basketball part, just not the referee. It does fit the picture…cool poem and thanks for returning to give your answer:~)

  20. desk49 says:

    1. Ballerina There is only 7 steps in ballet
    2. Ghost
    3. Space Alien they star in movies and live far away
    4. Trick or Treater (trick or treat/trick or treat/trick or treat)

    Julliette O Yes it could be her but I’m thinking a fairy
    I never got Talon’s or Suzen’s
    I think Linda got Suzen’s (a doctor)
    desk49´s last blog post ..Missing- Short Story Page 6

    • Sara says:

      @ Ellis — Well, I’ve been hoping you’d come back. Hey…at least I got two:~)

      I didn’t know about ballet…smart man! And I like the Space Alien…it also fits the picture with the weird arm reaching out and saying, “Phone home…”

      Thanks for sharing your answers to your Who am I poems:~)

  21. Hi Sara.
    The bold was only supposed to apply to the first line: “Davina’s Who Am I?” and the code “</strong)" shouldn't even be visible. It was supposed to close off the bold command for that line, but because I used a round bracket instead of a pointy bracket it didn't work.

    When should I come back to reveal the answer to my poem? No one has guessed it yet 🙂

    Sorry, it sounds like a mom, but this object is not the one that is talking, but it is what the voice is talking about regarding the instructions to take off the coat. Guess I was a little vague and too creative with the dialogue, lol.

    Suzen's has me stumped. I don't think it's a doctor??? Something to do with dieting… re eating their heart's delight in the kitchen at night. Maybe a personal trainer?
    Davina Haisell´s last blog post ..I Survived the 3-Day Novel Contest

    • Sara says:

      @ Davina — Come back anytime and reveal the truth!!! Lots of people are doing that now, which is helpful and I couldn’t figure out the majority of these.

      If you would, when you give your answer put the poem back up again, like Linda did…I never got hers, either!!!

      Don’t worry about being vague…that’s the challenge of these poems. Finding the balance between too easy and too hard. For example, everyone got mine…so perhaps they were a bit too easy:~)

  22. Joy says:

    Hi Sara,
    Whew..I’m very late..which is ab it awesome because the comments are fun:)
    My guesses are an orchestra conductor and a crossing guard..
    And my reply would be mirror the Exception’s..only she said it so well I don’t have to:)
    When I let the beauty of your photo swirl around me…I think of a lovely lady dressed in her finest, arms spread wide to the world ready to allow her heart to soar..with all of her dreams becoming reality, her heart overflows with happiness and she twirls and spins and gracefully shares with the world, lovingly and precisely so..
    Joy´s last blog post ..Wednesday Wisdom- Magic in the Moonlight…

    • Sara says:

      @ Joy — YOU ARE RIGHT!!! A lot of people guessed my two poems. I also liked what The Exception’s daughter said. She’s quite talented:~)

      Thanks for sharing in this challenge, Joy!

  23. Patricia says:

    Ballerina or I was thinking she had a skirt – what do you call a male ballet dancer? drawing a blank there…

    Oh and I am glad you found clock…that was worrying me but then I see cuckoo clock as Talon replied…

    This was so fun and continues on..
    Patricia´s last blog post ..A Window to my World

    • Sara says:

      @ Patricia — Okay, I got curious and had to look up what a male ballet dancer is called. It’s a danseur (french word) or ballerino. Hey, you learn something new each day:~)

      Thanks for participating in this challenge, Patricia!

  24. Okay, here you go. The original poem and the answer to “Who Am I?”

    Davina’s Who Am I?
    Come on in and close the door,
    Wipe your shoes, I’ve just washed the floor.
    Take off your coat and stay awhile.
    Don’t just throw it in a messy pile.

    This was referring to a coat rack.
    Davina Haisell´s last blog post ..I Survived the 3-Day Novel Contest

    • Sara says:

      @ Davina — You are too good at this. It makes sense now that I know. I think I got confused by the line,”I’ve just washed the floor.”

      Thanks for sharing your challenge “Who am I” poem and a hearty thanks for sharing the answer:~)

  25. The second one is easy. a lollipop lady.
    The first one hmm.
    an electrician?
    Arts web show´s last blog post ..Sonnet called money

    • Sara says:

      @ Arts web show — You and Tony Single must live near each other. Now that I KNOW what a lollipop lady is…you are absolutely correct, kind sir:~)

  26. Well sweet Sara you were right first time around is i was describing myself and Talon, yes you’re right too as i was also describing my muse except for the brown eyes, my muse’s are hazel… so me and my muse are similar and we’re both special love 🙂 xo
    Julliette O (LarvK)´s last blog post ..Loves Invasion

    • Sara says:

      @ Julliette — I like hazel eyes and I’m so pleased you know how your muse looks. Given the way you write, I know your muse has to be very special and must be a muse teacher in the MUSE ACADEMY. Only the real good writers get the muse teachers, you see.

      You know I have a muse, too. Her name is Isadora or Izzy for short…and she is short. Well, it makes sense as she’s a troll…well, actually a troll doll. She’s got brown eyes and shocking pink hair. She wears a wizard dress and biker jacket…she’s always bossing me around…but I guess some muses are like that:~)

      BTW Today is my silly day:~)

  27. Thanks that made me laugh out loud and plus the lines you liked over at my poem you were so right after i had written them i was laughing my head off…this is what muses do to us and yes i do speak to my muse daily. If you look hard enough you will locate him somewhere on my blog haha..challenge Sweetie for you!
    Have more perfect silly days :))
    Julliette O (LarvK)´s last blog post ..Loves Invasion

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