Make a Poem: Words That Rhyme

Poem without a Name

The clouds
Fly across the sky
With jowly and gloomy faces.

The wind
Makes leaves dance high
Like kites with no traces.

The bird
Sings a warning cry
Winging to safety she races.

The rain
Soaks flowers that sigh
Opening into sweet wet embraces.

The sun
Peeks out, almost shy
As life fills empty places.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I dedicate this next poem to Davina. Without her encouragement, I would never have tried this poetry challenge. She is a wonderful friend, an excellent editor and a very gentle writing coach. Just in case, you find any mistakes in this post, please know that Editor Davina did not get to see this one before I published:~)

What is gentle?

Gentle is a soothing touch to a troubled soul.
Gentle is a slight nudge to get the ball to roll.
Gentle is always finding a way to be kind.
Gentle is a lesson for the angry mind.

Gentle people listen to the anguish of another.
Gentle people give freedom; they don’t smother.
Gentle people open their hearts without strings.
Gentle people care, even when life stings.

Gentle is knowing the right time to tease.
Gentle is accepting and not just easy to please.
Gentle is tender, but knows how to be strong.
Gentle is finding the way to right a wrong.

Gentle people understand how to give and take.
Gentle people know how to bend, but not break.
Gentle people help others up the slippery slope.
Gentle people give those who are lost… hope.

This is my fifth post of the poetry challenge I gave myself. For this challenge, which began on July 1, 2010, I made this commitment:

“For the next three months, the first and last Thursday post will be devoted to poetry – learning to use my non-dominant style of writing. I welcome anyone to join me and write some of your own poetry!”

Next Thursday will be my last poetry challenge post. I’m planning a fun post for this one and will be using at least one of my older poems that I guarantee you will not believe I wrote:~)

What about YOU?

What challenges have you given yourself lately?

What challenges would you like to give yourself? Come on, fess up…there’s one hiding in the wings, just waiting for you to say, “I’m ready!”

Would you consider going PUBLIC with a challenge to yourself? If so, what parameters would give to this challenge?

36 comments on “Make a Poem: Words That Rhyme

  1. Lynn says:

    I have challenged myself to improve my photography skills. That’s about it.

    I admire your poem – very nice!
    Lynn´s last blog post ..Adjustment- pleasant call and loving the lattes

  2. desk49 says:

    A self challenge.

    A writing challenge like writing dry humor, or a book, trying my hand at writing a song. No! No singing, the last time I tried that, someone called the cops. They thought I was being murdered. Then maybe desk49, she’s not talking about only writing. What hand gliding off some cliff into a big stand of trees, I don’t think so. God I know she is not thinking something like jumping out of a air-e-plain with one of those pear-a-ma-shot-e things on. Maybe yes just maybe I could do this challenge by just being myself for the day. No five or six different voices no straight man then funny guy to follow. I could just be myself. Na my Doctor is always trying to get me to do that. Really, the only thing I can think of is to buy that purple shirt and tie.
    desk49´s last blog post ..Missing- Short Story Page 7

    • Sara says:

      @ desk49/Ellis — I do love your sense of humor! Today’s not been the best of days, but I could chuckle out of your comment. Thanks:~)

  3. Challenge myself – to put words to dreams that I need to find first! It is a challenge that is mine and I am thrilled to state publically… and to hopefully write more fiction again – more poetry – to allow my imagination and creativity the freedom to take flight again!
    The stories a drop could tell
    If only it could share
    Tales of people it has seen
    Fables of lands far and near

    If only a drop could talk
    Would it tell of its fall to earth?
    Of its journey from cloud to land?
    Of its sadness of its mirth?

    Could it write of its transformation
    From water to air and back?
    Or the experiences in each phase
    As individual droplet or one of the pack?

    Oh if a drop would spin a tale
    How it feels to bask in the sun
    To be part of the colors of the rainbow
    To slide down its arch – what fun.
    The Exception´s last blog post ..Subtle Changes

    • Sara says:

      @ TE — First of all, I like the poem about a drop of water, but I have a question: How come it’s in my comment box and not on your site. You write very well…share it!!!! I hope that I go to your site very soon and find this poem or a new one or a short story. You’ve got the talent and the imagination. Consider stepping out on the stage. Hey, I’ll be cheering in the audience:~)

      Thanks for visit, TE…I always your comments:~)

  4. Lori says:

    Hi Sara,
    Oooh, I can’t wait to read your poem next Thursday, goodie!

    Thanks for sharing your poetry here, I’m inspired!

    About challenges, last fall I publicly challenged myself (via my blog) to finish NaNoWriMo (60K-word novel during the month of November). It worked! I couldn’t face the shame and humiliation of not finishing after I declared to all I would do it. Not sure I’ll do it again — my hands ached. 😉

    These days? My main challenge to myself is to NOT challenge myself. I’m learning to ease off the pedal and put ‘er on cruise control. 😉

    Cheers for toasting Davina, she’s a favorite of mine. The two of your are my word divas! Thank you for all you BOTH do.
    Lori´s last blog post ..Be a Storyteller Shaman Start a Ripple

    • Sara says:

      @ Lori (Surfer Girl) — I agree with you sometimes the challenge is to let go of challenges for awhile. Good for you for “easing off the pedal and putting ‘er on cruise control” :~)

      p.s. I AM impressed with the fact that you completed a 60K word novel. WOW. I have a hard time getting a short story above 3,000 words. I’m proud of you for doing that!!!

  5. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. I love your first poem .. the words resonate the description .. we can really see it all – so subtle – yet so rich. Your second poem .. What is Gentle .. is wonderful too .. again so full with nuance.

    Challenging myself at the moment is trying to catch my tail and set myself free – because then I can let go of the clutter in between & concentrate on me and my future, together with my mother for as long as ..

    Challenges .. writing stories, poems, and now speaking – I’m tempting fate and joining a speaker’s club .. so I am moving on .. lots in the pipe line .. bye for now – may be back!

    I might clean a window now and think about a poem .. a bit like a Jannie … whoo hoo .. who knows ..

    Happy rest of the day and evening .. Hilary
    Hilary´s last blog post ..This Earth’s Crust its waste- but yet its offerings

    • Sara says:

      @ Hilary — Aren’t you nice. There are days when it really sweet to read a comment like yours. I do understand about chasing your tail. I hope you catch and set yourself free.

      WOW. I am impressed about the speaker’s club. Good for you!!!! Keep us posted on how it goes:~)

      Well, if you clean a window and think about a poem, regardless of what happens…you’ll have a clean window and then hopefully a poem, as well.

      Back at you about the happy day and thanks for the visit:~)

  6. Eliza says:

    I love this line: Gentle is tender, but knows how to be strong.

    It is very true. The gentlest people I know are also the strongest people I know.

    My current challenge? Switching from blogger to magazine editor. It still involves writing, but from an entirely different perspective. I have to ‘let go’ and let other people write for me, but I get the thrill of promoting their writing and ideas as the editor.

    Of course, I know I will miss being a blogger so I already have another blog idea up my sleeve. So, my other challenge is patience. It is not time to launch that idea yet 🙂
    Eliza´s last blog post ..Where Women Fall Short

    • Sara says:

      @ Eliza — I agree with you about gentleness and strength. Perhaps being gentle and approaching life that way creates the strength.

      Yes, I noticed and enjoyed your new venture. I’ve really liked the articles I’ve been reading at your site. I think being an editor is a very important job because you get help people get their writing out there. You get to do it by both editing and providing a vehicle via the magazine. That’s cool.

      I think it always better to have new ideas waiting in the wings, even if you know they have to wait…it means you keep your writing/editing/blogging garden full!

      Thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts:~)

  7. Patricia says:

    I loved your poetry and your challenge and of course, my coach Davina is another ‘Sister’ of mine – Good words.

    My latest challenge is learning to change my relationship to money and become debt free and bring some to me…I started this work in July of this year and will keep at it until the credit card statement say 0

    I am starting to like my challenge more and more – it took some of Davina’s gentle pushing to start liking it
    Thanks for sharing
    Patricia´s last blog post ..The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown- PhD

    • Sara says:

      @ Patricia — Good for you. I think it does take a while to warm up to a new challenge, especially if it makes you really stretch yourself. Regarding the money, it will come!!!! You are a strong person and even when you hit bumps in the road, I know you will find a new way to move forward!!

      We do share a “sister,” and I like to think that makes you a sister, as well:~)

  8. Linda says:


    Lovely poetry. I love poems that rhyme…lyrical. I’m looking forward to next Thursday’s edition.

    As for a personal challenge, there is no specific challenge that I want to commit to publicly. However, I have been trying my hand at writing for an online company for freelance writers. I’ve done about a dozen “articles” so far. I would like to see this grow into something more. I also expressed an interest in Barbara’s “Writer’s Blogk”. Right now my creativity seems to be more ebbing than flowing.

    • Sara says:

      @ Linda — You may not be so eager when you read next week’s poetry. If anything, it hopefully indicates the importance of growth:~)

      I did notice that you put a very nice poem at your site recently. I like it.

      It seems to me that you and Talon are very good at taking on the writing challenges. It seems every I go to your sites, your post is a response to a new challenge. I like this because it shows daring!!

  9. Talon says:

    Gentleness is powerful – really enjoyed the poem, Sara. And I really loved “Poem Without A Name”. And that photo is stunning! I love that you’ve challenged yourself with poetry and you’ve succeeded, Sara. That’s so admirable!

    Challenges for myself? I always have some little things going on…not publicly, not really important except to me, but there to stretch my body or my mind or my soul. It keeps life interesting. Today’s challenge was trying to keep my sense of humor intact – it was one of THOSE days – lol!
    Talon´s last blog post ..Progress

    • Sara says:

      @ Talon — Keeping one’s humor intact is a very good challenge and I do understand how certain days make it much more difficult. Good for you for taking this challenge.

      Thanks for your nice words about the poetry. This means a lot to me as I consider you a wonderful poet!!!

      Truthfully, I will be glad when this challenge is over. It’s been fun, but poetry isn’t a natural for me, but I have enjoyed the responses from other people who are now sharing their own poetry. Once again, I’m amazed by the talents that people have:~)

  10. Sara, I’ve been teaching the word gentle to my son; a word that we introduced to him at his first visit to the dentist when he as 2. It’s such a good word but its meaning takes a while to absorb for the little ones.

    And I love Poem without a Name; what a killer last line you have there!

    As for challenges for myself, I do it daily. I hardly ever go public aside from sharing with hubs. Most are small but things I need to do for myself. This morning, I moderated a negative blog comment then I challenged myself not to pay attention to it. Some days, it’s about going easy on myself. Other days, it’s about not losing it over how bad some things appear.

    • Sara says:

      @ Belinda — Thank you about the poem with no name — it was fun to write!!! Regarding “gentle,” I also struggled to understand this word. That’s how this poem developed…just thinking of what “gentle” is. I’m glad your teaching your son about gentle!

      I can’t believe you would get a negative comment!!!! Then again, you know what they say…that negative comments are a sign that the blog is becoming successful. Evidently, the theory is that once people are willing to “trash” you about something, you’ve made it:~) I don’t really support this idea, but I’m proud of you for not letting that negative comment influence you:~)

      With challenges, I don’t think you have to go public as long as you do the work to fulfill the challenge. My difficulty is that I will conveniently “forget” my challenges to myself and then they don’t happen. By making this one public, it forced me to take the steps to learn about poetry and make the effort to write it. I’m not always the most disciplined person:~)

  11. Sara, both of these poems have brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could hug you right now. Outstanding!

    They are so deep and caring, soulful and SO well written! Your heart shines through in your words. I’m so proud of you for taking on this challenge. These should be published!

    “The clouds
    Fly across the sky
    With jowly and gloomy faces.” Absolutely beautiful!!!

    And thank you for the mention. This has taken me quite by surprise. I’m truly glowing 🙂
    Davina Haisell´s last blog post ..Inspired by Spider

    • Sara says:

      @ Davina — So, now you know why I didn’t send anything to you, right? I’m really pleased that you liked the poems and the “mention” is well deserved:~)

  12. Caity says:

    I have challenged myself to take my photos. I think I’ve been doing well so far.

    Those poems are really awesome!
    Caity´s last blog post ..Viv’s Birthday!

    • Sara says:

      @ Caity — That’s a great challenge and from what I’ve seen, you’re doing a great job. As I said recently, I know nothing about New Zealand and therefore, will enjoy your photographs of this beautiful country very much!!!

      Thank you about the poems:~)

  13. Gentle words from a gentle soul. Beautiful, Sara.
    Patty – Why Not Start Now?´s last blog post ..A Day Spent Outside

  14. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. well I tried to clean a window .. failed in that too – as they don’t open wide enough & I can’t scramble out .. so half cleaned! Brilliant!

    Well the poem did not progress either .. following on your trail ..:

    Harvest time – the glowing sun
    Harvest time the work’s near done
    Harvest time the pumpkins sweet
    Harvest time the lambs do bleat

    A field awaits its combine cut
    A field awaits its treasured seed
    A field awaits the cooling sun
    A field awaits the winter rain

    The hedgerows burst their berries forth
    The hedgerows bustle with their autumn worth
    The hedgerows tell us the season’s oe’r gone
    The hedgerow goes from green to amber and on to brown

    The farmer’s wife she picks and picks
    The farmer’s wife she stews and brews
    The farmer’s wife the store shelf fills
    The farmer’s wife her larder overflows

    The autumn abundance gives life to all
    The autumn hedgerow gives nests to hibernate
    The autumn fields nurture the fallow awhile
    The autumn provides a winter tale to a ready spring

    Life one full round of glorious year
    Life a budding spring, a blooming summer,
    Then autumn comes around again
    To winter a time to rest and wish us all the best of health ..
    the new year starts again ….

    Well I sort of finished it now … but another achievement .. yay .. and the speaker’s club on Wednesday .. and a telling of my murder mystery on Monday … so I’m progressing slowly!

    I love TE’s poem too .. and your picture – those clouds are foreboding .. and if TE’s drops are anything to go by – those ones would punch a hefty tale ..

    Happy rest of Saturday and Sunday .. Hilary
    Hilary´s last blog post ..This Earth’s Crust its waste- but yet its offerings

    • Sara says:

      @ Hilary — What a great poem:~) I am so pleased to hear about all your activities. Are you sharing the murder mystery at your site???? I know you will fabulous at the speaker’s club and as I said, I admire you. That would TERRIFY me. Given all that you are doing, I wouldn’t exactly describe you as “progressing slowly,” more like fast forward:~)

      Have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. No – I thought I’d leave it with Davina for the time being .. as too the crabby spider! They are in good custodial care!!

    I shall do something at the Nursing Home tomorrow – engage the residents .. which I feel is another way of learning the art of public speaking .. and having done ‘so much’ with my uncle and in particular my mother (as she cannot read) in the last few years .. I’ve learnt to talk slowly, build in tone, emphasis .. laughter, pauses etc .. and engage with my eyes .. so that holds me in good stead. Then the writing has opened my eyes to other aspects .. writing clearly and bringing colour in .. and taste and scent .. so I hope it won’t be too daunting. We shall see ..

    Years ago .. I’d have been the same .. but these three + years have taught me much! Have a good Sunday in a few hours time .. cheers Hilary
    Hilary´s last blog post ..This Earth’s Crust its waste- but yet its offerings

    • Sara says:

      @ Hilary — I love that you will be doing your “speaking” at the Nursing Home!!!! What a perfect place. Do you tell stories? I bet you have learned a lot from your mom…then again whether you speaking to someone from the Nursing Home or any other audience, talking slowly, building in tone and engaging with your eyes, as well as the other things you mentioned are key elements of any public speaking…so, I am confident you will do very well:~)

  16. Joy says:

    I’m glad you took this challenge..and shared as well..
    I *love* your gentle poem…
    I challenge myself daily, some little, some big..sometimes it’s a challenge just to embrace the moment as it is presented to me..I constantly look to stretch a bit more, reach a bit higher, and just “be” while I do so..
    Joy´s last blog post ..Fearless Fun Friday- Warrior of the Light

    • Sara says:

      @ Joy — Thank you very much. I have seen how you’ve been stretching yourself at your site and it’s well done. So, good for you:~)

  17. Keith Davis says:

    Hi Sara
    “Come on, fess up…” great phrase Sara, I might try and use that. LOL

    What challenge would I set myself?
    My next challenge is coming up on November 6th when I have agreed to be the MC for the Association of Speakers Clubs Speaker of the Year dinner.

    I shall attempt to be witty and amusing in front of an audience of Public Speakers. Every one of whom will be judging me.

    Wish me luck Sara, wish me luck.
    Keith Davis´s last blog post ..Facts tell… emotions sell

    • Sara says:

      @ Keith — Well, your challenges are really challenging….and I think a congratulations goes out to you. That’s quite an honor to be the MC at a Speakers Club Speaker of the Year Award. That’s hard to say quickly:~)

      I know you will be very witty and amusing. You ought to start your speech with exactly what you said in your comment, but adjust like your speaking to them. Might as well put the truth out there!!!!

      You don’t luck, you have the skill:~)

  18. Shay says:

    Your “gentle” poem reminds me of gordon lightfoot’s “rainy day people”, one of my favorite songs.

    My challenge is to try to keep up. Sometimes my life seems to get away from me.
    Shay´s last blog post ..Sunday- Bookstore Cafe

    • Sara says:

      @ Shay — Well, thank you ma’am. I once saw Gordon Lightfoot in concert when I was in college. It was a wonderful performance.

      Hey, I understand about trying to keep up. As I’ve gotten old, I SWEAR time has gotten faster. There must be some scientific proof of this because it happens all the time to me!!!

      I love your visits. Make them when you can:~)

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