First Love


Do you remember your first love? Mine was a gentle boy, very kind and caring. I got to know him in college and instinctively knew that there was something special between us. With him, I quickly learned the difference between the fickleness of a child’s crush and the promise of a woman’s love.

I remember this boy with nostalgia. I wrote tons of sappy poems to him and he told me he loved every one of them! Mind you, I also kept them and today, I’m very impressed that he found the courage to tell me how wonderful he thought they were:~)

I don’t regret this first love; I cherish it. It’s like other big “firsts” in my life that I remember fondly — the first time I rode my bike solo, my first day of school, my first date, and the list goes on. Some of my “firsts” haunt me, some make me laugh and some make me sigh, like my first love.

The One

Our relationship didn’t last long. Neither of us was ready for the commitment of love. We drifted apart. Eventually, he left school and got married. I haven’t seen him since. But when certain songs come on the radio; those songs about first loves, he’s the one I think about.

I don’t believe you ever completely get over the person who could have been “the one,” but wasn’t.

Of course, I have loved many times since this boy; loves that were more mature, enduring and lasting, but they were not the first and there’s something special about that first love. Don’t you think?

What about you?

If you choose to answer any of the following questions, remember that this site is rated PG :~)

What do you remember about your first love? How old were you? How long did it last?

What drew you to this person?

How did the relationship develop — was it like a quick fire or a slow burning ember that developed into a fire?

What immediately comes to mind when you think of your “first love” relationship — the beginning, the middle or the ending? Care to elaborate?

Is there a specific song that brings this “first love” to your mind?

What’s the question you’re dying to answer that I didn’t ask? Put it and your answer in the comment box.