Story Photo: Looking Up

Up Stairs

For today’s story photo, I thought we’d play with this picture of a set of stairs in Switzerland. In this case, you’re looking up the stairs.

They look kind of steep, don’t you think. They were!! I actually climbed these stairs and they taught me a valuable lesson about challenges, which leads me to your challenges today.

Remember you do NOT have to do every challenge, but please do indicate in the comment box which challenge you selected or the questions you chose to answer:~)

The Challenge

Choose one or more of the following questions:

What’s at the top of these stairs?

How will you approach climbing them? Will you stop and look around as you climb or make a straight beeline for the top?

What lesson will you learn from climbing these stairs?

The Special Challenge

  • Tell a brief story about these stairs and someone who climbed them.
  • Share something about the steepest climb you’ve made in your life? It doesn’t have to involve stairs and it can be a metaphorical climb.

Quickie Challenges

Choose one or more of these questions:

Do we need to have more alternatives to stairs and why?

What stairs do you regularly climb?

If you could choose between climbing stairs and taking an elevator, which would you take and why?

Have fun, be creative and enjoy!!!