Giving Thanks Naturally

How to Say Thank You

I’ve decided to change my celebration of Thanksgiving this year. Oh, I’ll still gorge on the turkey, dressing, green bean casserole and, my favorite, pecan pie. I’ll still watch the football games and enjoy my family, but today I will also reflect on things I am thankful for and there are many things.

This year, I’m sharing with you words taken from my Nature Journal. I write this journal about the awesome things I see in nature, both in my neighborhood and while sitting in a green rocking chair on my screened porch. These are special moments of joy, laughter and wonder…all produced naturally.

I welcome you to pull up a rocking chair next to mine and use your imagination to see my world through these simple words of thanks to nature.

Words of Thanks

I am thankful for this sunny day. Cool enough to refresh, but warm enough to sit outside and watch the fluffy clouds float by. Over at my neighbors, the wind sets their chimes ringing and it sounds like a wedding. The few leaves still left on the trees shimmer in the sunlight, making me catch my breath from their beauty.

I am thankful for the big brown spider that let me be a hero today. He looked very dead, but I took a chance on him and carefully scooped him up on a piece of paper and took him outside. I reverently put him down prepared to say a prayer when his legs began to move. I turned him over and then watched him scurry away into the bushes.

I am thankful for the flock of geese living by the lake in my neighborhood. They make me stop my car as they cross the road, honking noisily and waddling ever so slowly into the grass on the other side. They make me smile and appreciate a moment of patience.

I am thankful for the ray of late afternoon sun that shines on my bird feeder. It makes the birds flying back and forth seem to glow in the light, like angels flying. This is God‘s beauty right now, right here in this moment.

I am thankful for the flowers blooming in my back yard. They cover the fence with a palette of colors — whites, yellows and reds. At the same time, my trees are showing their own glory. Today there are the  Magnolias with their big busty white flowers and the Crepe Myrtles with their mix of pinks and reds bouquets.They invite both birds and bees to delight.

I am thankful that my birdbath is outside the safety of the screen porch, as I watch a gray squirrel gracefully jump up and with great dignity sip from the water, totally ignoring my cat who rattles her teeth at him and stalks him with her eyes. I am thankful I will not witness them meet, as life and death intended.

I am thankful for the squirrels who entertain me endlessly by leaping from the Crepe Myrtle Tree to my bird feeder, which is about three feet away. They are acrobat “derring do” devils that more often than not slide right off the the feeder’s roof  to fall to the ground, but head back to try again.They are a lesson in persistence!

I am thankful for the first chilly morning, when I let the dog out and wished I had put my socks and a warmer robe on. Today, I realistically envision sitting on the porch with a cup of hot cocoa and both of us making steam with our breath.

I am thankful for my porch and all the many awesome moments I enjoy while sitting in my green rocker.

There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough to pay attention to the story.  ~ Author Unknown