Story Photo: ABC Game

The picture above is how things look with my problem eye, but I’m told it will be better soon. I couldn’t go without putting up a Story Photo post this week, but I’m making it short, which I know is very unusual for me:~) I hope you enjoy this simple ABC game.

The Challenge

Today’s Challenge is to know your ABCs. I’m giving you the following three pictures. Each picture has the first three words of a sentence. Your challenge is to see if you can get from A to C by completing the sentences for each picture. Be sure you include the full sentence(s) in the comment box:~)

Picture A: And we believed…

Picture B: Betcha I can…

Picture C: Come to me...

Make me laugh

As I could use a good laugh about now, bonus points will be given to the sentences that make me laugh, but this isn’t a requirement.

Quickie Challenge Choices

Pick one of the following questions to answer in the comment box:

  1. Which is your favorite picture and why?
  2. What are the things in Picture B used for?
  3. Does Picture C count as cruelty to stuffed mice?

Have fun, be creative and enjoy:~)

Thanks to those who wished me well. I promise you that I am getting better, but the medicine I have to put in my eye blurs my vision. I only have a few more days of the medicine and hopefully, I’ll be back visiting and replying:~)

Thanks to JC

I want you to know that my partner, friend and the man I love, JC, has been wonderful at helping me with this post, as he has done with others. He’s always willing to check things over with his clear vision and catch me when I’ve  been a bit sloppy with my grammar. It’s nice to have someone who both understands and appreciates the work of a blogger:~)