Story Photo: Box of Love

Ladies and Gents, come closer! I welcome you to this day of love.

We have an amazing show for you today.

It will cost you nothing, but possibly give you everything,

But you must take a risk.

You must let go of your beliefs of what is real or what is not.

You see at the top of this page a simple box of love.

It is just a box, made of painted cardboard.

If you opened it, it would appear empty.

But you and I believe differently, don’t we?

Inside this box, love sits waiting for your call.

Ladies and Gents, do I have your attention now? Are you ready for the box of love?

Let’s turn down the lights and let the magic begin….

The Challenge

Let’s start with some easy steps to awaken the box.

You there, come! Yes, you. Now, don’t be afraid…it’s a simple thing I ask of you; just stare at this box and let the box of love speak to you.

If you let it, it will teach you wondrous things. Come, let it spin around your head like a sweet smelling scent that you can’t resist. Now, just answer these questions:

  • What’s one thing you love about yourself?
  • If love could change one thing in this world, what would it change?
  • What does love look like to you?

The Special Challenge

Ladies and Gents, this next challenge is not for faint of heart. You must possess a strong belief in the powers of love to try your hand at this challenge.

I have told you this box is empty. You must go deep inside yourself and fill it with your own love intentions. Do not do this lightly. I must warn you this box may look innocent, it is not. It is powerful beyond your imagination, just like love.

Here are the rules for giving love intentions to the box:

1)  Close your eyes and think about where you want your love to go today and what you want it to do.
2)  Complete this phrase and then repeat it only three times: My love intention is….
3)  With only your mind, place your love intentions into the box.

Ah, Ladies and Gents do you see how your love intentions have joined the others? This is the power of love; the more you give, the more the world gets.

So, come now. Is there anyone in the audience who wants to share their love intentions in the comment box? Please do be polite, as I know you, Ladies and Gents, would be.

Remember, you do not have to share your intentions because the magic of this box of love is so strong that even if you do not share, it will still send your intention onward.

Just for you…

Now, ladies and gents, there is still one more trick in this box of love. Each of you gets to reach inside this box and remove one love intention. This is just for you and not to share. Hold it deep in your heart, believe in it and let it fill you with its warm and joyful energy.

Well, Ladies and Gents, sadly we have come to end of our show today. I thank you greatly for participating today. I hope you will return and please do bring your friends and neighbors.:~)