Story Photo: In the Cloud

Cloud Pictures

Clouds make the best Story Photo shots. There are so many things you can see in clouds. I liked this one for the obvious reason; it looks like a backward “C” or like some sky goblin took a chunk out of it:~)

Picture One

Then there’s this picture. I loved the colors in this one. It reminds me of a recent post by Lynn of  Good Things Happened. In the post, she talks about the color cerulean, which I had to look up! Once I did, I could see why she mentioned it for the beautiful cloud pictures in her post.

I enjoy Lynn’s site because she always writes about three good things that happened to her. It’s a positive place. If you visit, be sure you click on her photographs to enlarge them.

What do you see?

There are so many shades of blue in the sky. The blues always seem perfect for the clouds; grays for stormy cloud days and cerulean for sunny cloud days. I’ve spent many a time watching the sky and letting my imagination create things in the clouds floating above me.

That’s your  challenge  today. Share what you see in one of these cloud pictures in the comment box. You can pick either the header picture of the dark stormy cloud or Picture One above. Be sure to indicate which picture you selected.

Come on, I know it’s summer and we’re all hot and bothered, but give it go!

The Talking Cloud

This is the extra credit challenge. Pick a picture and share a brief dialogue. Be sure to say which picture you picked. Those who participate, will be mentioned in the next post, along with a link.

I begged asked JC to give this extra credit challenge a try. Here’s his dialogue, based on the header picture:

“George, oh George hold me tight! Quickly I’m disappearing. Just remember, part of me is better than none of me.”

“Why should I hold you Martha, last time you said that you ran off with a cumulus cloud!”


I may slow with my replies this coming week. JC and I will be traveling some of the week and Internet may be sporadic.