Story Photo: What Animal is It?

What is it?

I took this picture of an animal at the beach. JC and I could not figure out what he was, but he was definitely FAST:~) I took about eight pictures and this was the best of the lot.

When we first saw him, both of us thought he was a BIG rat, but when I looked at the picture, it’s obviously not what he is. His face is too square and he doesn’t have the long nose of a rat or the body. I’m including the following head shot. It’s not very clear, but it might help you identify this little guy.

At first glance at this head shot, you might think he was a baby rabbit. He’s not. While you can’t really see it, his tail looks like a rat’s tail. It’s round and, as far as I could tell, hairless.  Not counting the tail, he looked to be about eight inches long.

We only saw him one time and it was in the evening. He was going under the house where we were staying to get water. The outside faucet leaked.

I welcome ideas about what kind of animal he is. However, if you don’t have clue, make something up!!

You can pretend this is a new species and share about his behaviors:~) Just let me know in your comment, if you’ve chosen to make him a figment of your imagination:~)

My Bad!

Last week I was on vacation and I “vacated” a bit too much. I totally forgot I had promised to link to the people who played the Dialogue Challenge from Story Photo: In the Cloud.


Here are the names of the people who took on this challenge and provided some delightful dialogue. Links have been included for those with wonderful sites you can visit.

JC — my partner, friend and lover. He’s always willing to take on a challenge. Hey, he took on me:~)

Jean — a painter and an art teacher. She leaves the most clever and funny comments. I feel lucky to have her visit my site:~) Click on the link and check out her paintings!

Hilary, Positive Letters , is a creative historian. She writes great posts about the history of things you never thought to look up in the Encyclopedia. She spices the history with her very British humor.

Linda, From Roses to Rainbows, has a site full of thoughtful quotes, stories about her travels and some clever creative stories. Check out her series Nursery Rhyme Redo, Magpie Tales and her poetry:~)

Shay, The Word Garden, is one of favorite poets. Her poetry fits the name of her site. When you visit and read her words, you feel like you’ve stepped into a very clever garden, full of exotic and unique word blossoms.

Thanks to each of you who participated in this challenge. I enjoyed every one of the dialogues:~)