Picture Story: Odd Man Out

sara b. healy photo (click to enlarge)

The phrase, “Odd Man Out” is often defined as “Something or someone who differs markedly from the others in a group.” In this group of seagulls, there is an “odd man out.”

Your challenge

Pick one or more of these questions and leave your creative answers in the comment box. HINT: Make something up:~)

  1. How did this bird end up being the “odd man out?”
  2. Why is he hanging out with these gulls?
  3. What is his name and why was he given this name?

Quickie Challenge

Name the kind of bird that is the “odd man out.” HINT: The Byrds sang a song with the bird’s name, but spelled differently. Here are the first few lines:

To Everything….blank, blank blank…
There is a season…blank, blank, blank…
And a time to every purpose, under Heaven

p. s. I’m pretty sure I’m right about the kind of bird my little “odd man out” is, but if you think differently, please else tell me:~)