photo by sara b. healy

Hey, you sitting in that pool chair.
It’s me. Sheila, the parrot…over here.
Yeah, I’m talking to you!
Parrots can talk, you know.
Come closer.
Don’t worry. I don’t bite.
People get their pictures taken with me, right?
Well, I learned some shocking news at our latest photo shoot.
I can’t stand it. I have to tell someone.
I’m not usually a gossip, but this is just too good.
It’s gonna shock you to the core.
Bend your head so I can whisper in your ear….
Did you know…..?

The Photo Challenge

Share the “gossip” this little parrot needs to tell. Keep your comments to 65 words or less.

You’re welcome to continue this as a dialogue or just write what the parrot wants to gossip about. Is it about a person or another parrot? What happened and why is it so shocking to the parrot?

Use your imagination! Create whatever comes to mind. Most of all, have fun with this:~)

Quickie Challenge

How do you feel about gossip? Is it bad, good or somewhere in between?