Story Photo: The Real Story

This accident occurred in my neighborhood. I enjoyed how my neighbor put his mailbox back together. Well, sort of together:~)

It’s seems obvious what happened here. A car hit a mailbox in a brick stand.

The Challenge

But what if that’s not what happened? This is your challenge today.

In 100 words or less, tell the real story about what happened to this mailbox. Did an alien ship land on it, Bigfoot step on it or a wolf huff and puff until he blew it down?

Feel free to use the ideas I’ve listed or create your own ‘tale of woe’ about this poor mailbox.

Remember, try to stay within 100 words and have fun with this photo challenge.

Quickie Questions

Pick ONE of these questions to answer:

1) Describe your own mailbox? Is it a standing mailbox like this one used to be, a mail drop in your door or is it a mailbox located somewhere else?

2) What’s the strangest thing you’ve received via the mail? PG rated, please:~)

“Creativity is stepping into your imagination with no fear.”


11 comments on “Story Photo: The Real Story

  1. Ken Winker says:

    Three weeks before the November elections, I went on vacation to NC. I went online and put a stop-mail request in with the USPS. I got home and all my mail (including political material) was delivered to my mailbox the day after the elections. My poor mailbox and all the wonderful brickwork came crashing down under the weight! Thank goodness the elections are over. But, Xmas will bring all those catalogs…maybe I should not rebuild my mailbox!

  2. suzen says:

    Hi Sara,
    I can picture that mailbox – and the bricks surrounding it – all caving in from a chipmunk complex below.

    My mailbox (groan) is a cedar one hubs made. It leaks in the rain, freezes shut in the winter (have had two doors so far!) and yet he will not give it up and get one like everyone else has! Whenever I’m home and see the mailman coming, I run out for the mail rather than using the darn thing. It’s over-sized too, and I’ve been informed it is not “code”. Wish someone would give him a ticket, but then he’d just build another one. 🙁
    suzen´s last blog post ..Wise Words from Louise Hay

  3. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. to answer your question from my blog re that wonderful named artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser ..
    I just enjoyed his powder room architecture and he looked a character – the background about him are fascinating too … so his powder room went in.

    I’ll have to think re the story – I was trying to be clever .. but that doesn’t work!!

    Cheers Hilary
    Hilary´s last blog post ..It’s time for the powder room ….

  4. I miss my mailbox…at my old home. Now, we are in a town home and we have a mail cubby so to speak…oh well, acceptance, right?

    Thanks for your continuing support. You’re wonderful to me!! xxO
    Gerri Smalley´s last blog post ..On Fire For Desire…

  5. jean sampson says:

    Well, there was once a Black Widow spider living quietly in this mailbox, minding her own business, eating her mates and having her babies. This all happened when the house was empty for awhile and no mail arrived to disturb her and her little ones.

    One day, after the house sold, the new owner, a muscular, Charles Atlas-type, was checking out all of the features of his new property. Across one massive shoulder, he carried a heavy sledge hammer, having just finished pounding in a few fence posts around the property, so that his horses would be safe.

    Since he was standing at the entrance to the driveway where his mailbox sat securely mounted on a short brick column, he decided to take a peek inside. As he opened the door to the black metal mailbox, he saw at least a kazillion little Black Widow spider babies and the huge, majorly pissed off Momma! Well, that big man, being terrified of little spiders, rared back, lifted that sledge hammer off his strong shoulder
    and beat not only the Hell out of the mailbox, but also pulverized the brick column and took out several small trees in the process.

    Now you might think that that was the end of the spider family, but Moma and her babies saw that sledge hammer coming and ran faster that he could slam that huge thing down onto that mailbox. Never did spiders run so fast. They ran and they ran until they reached the barn where, right near the barn’s old wooden door, were the new owner’s boot. They all hopped in, felt safe and secure in their dark and snuggly new home!

  6. Lynn says:

    I like the look of the “new” mailbox staging. 🙂 I don’t think I could do as well as the commentors above with a story. 🙂
    Lynn´s last blog post ..Trees on cars, it says it all and peace and quiet

  7. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. I love Jean’s story .. I didn’t read your instructions properly .. but this is mine:

    Santa grumbled to himself … now where was he going to put the arthropods’ presents at Christmas time … he’d always hid them in the letter box and when those creepy crawlies awoke their presents were there – safe and sound.

    Car drivers should not hit brick walls – home owners should consider the beasties that occupy …

    Santa huddled in thought – ah! that Sara lady next door, she who thinks about life on earth … she will let me hide them in her letter box … I’ll have to make sure they are labelled up properly.

    Merry Christmas arthropods, never forgotten.
    Hilary´s last blog post ..It’s time for the powder room ….

  8. Kelvin Kao says:

    Well, obviously the Big Bad Wolf failed at his first attempt, went on a workout regiment, came back with a vengeance to huff and puff harder than ever before, and finally blew down the brick house (the mailbox used to be on the curb ten feet in front of it).
    Kelvin Kao´s last blog post ..Poor Pussy – a short film

  9. Chris Edgar says:

    I’m lucky enough to have a mailbox that is situated within a grid of other mailboxes. If I didn’t, I’m sure I would be the target of more vandalism by my critics and detractors. Okay, maybe not, but at least I avoid the preteen Mischief Night crowd.
    Chris Edgar´s last blog post ..New Song From My Musical, “Give Her The Tour”

  10. Linda says:

    Hi Sara,

    I don’t have an alternative explanation to the pile of rubble that once held a mailbox. I can tell you some of the history of our mailbox. Not long after we moved into our house, we came home and found our mailbox on the front porch with a note from the police. There had been an accident.

    So we got a new mailbox. It also went through some rough times. There was a drive by smashing with a huge pumpkin. We were able to put it back to rights easily enough. Then there was the horrible crashing sound in the middle of the night, and we went out to find our mailbox totally obliterated. We found pieces of it for days.

    Our current mailbox has not come out unscathed either. It was one of those that had an indicator to show when the mail had come. That didn’t last long, and I think it may be on it’s second post. Just put new numbers on it this year.

    This is not a good place for mailboxes!

    Coming soon (maybe Friday) another episode in the “Rose Garden” series.
    Linda´s last blog post ..Quote of the Week

  11. chen mingi says:

    Ahh, someone bought their sweetie a mailbox kit with “some assembly required.”

    – – –
    In this time of gift-exchanging, my heart goes out to all the Dads who will be busily trying to assemble the new things, while under the watchful gazes of eager kids, spouses, and maybe even neighbors and postal workers.

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