Funny Friday

Today, there is no fiction writing. But don’t be too disappointed:~) Because I believe laughter is good for you, I have a treat for you this Funny Friday.

Not long ago, I came across the following video, which is clever, funny and well, a bit silly in places.  However, I think you’ll find something to make you laugh:


There are many more of these videos on YouTube. Some do repeat, but I guarantee you will not mind.

The videos are from an actual BBC Television program called “Walk on the Wild Side,” which I believe is now into its third season, but on CBBC!

According to Wikipedia, “Walk on the Wild Side” began in 2009. The premise is to do voice-overs to actual natural history film footage. The program also includes celebrity guest voices.

Please keep in mind — some of the humor in this video may be just a bit different. If you don’t like something, scroll through it.

Please feel free to share your favorite scene. My favorite was “Daytime Nighttime.”

Enjoy Funny Friday.


For those of you who want more, here’s another:



Story Photo: Friend or Foe

While walking in the woods, I came across these ferns. I got uneasy because they moved as if to hide someone or something.

“It’s just the wind.” I reassured myself. The ferns moved again ever so slightly

An uncertain shiver ran up my spine. I called out, “Who’s there?”

There was no answer, just the rustling of dried leaves.

I mustered my courage and called, “Are you friend or foe?”

The Photo Challenge

Answer one, two or all of these questions:

1) Who or what is hiding amongst the ferns?

2) What will it say to me?

3) Briefly describe it.

Extra Credit Challenge

Write out a short dialogue between me and whoever or whatever is hiding in the ferns. You can continue the dialogue I started. If you do this, just copy the last line and add your own finish.

Quickie Question

Answer the question: “Are you friend or foe?”

Write at the Merge: Kaylein’s Sacrifice

This story was written for a Write at the Merge prompt. The prompt was to use either the above  picture and/or the following quote:

“It stands to reason that where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there’s someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice, speaks of slaves and masters. And intends to be the master.” —Ayn Rand

Kaylein stood before the elders, straight and tall. Her face looked confident, but she was terrified. She’d gotten the news last night after Asher brought her home. She touched her lips; they still tingled from his kisses.

She cleared her voice and asked, “Why was I called? It’s not my turn.”

“Malkyn broke her leg. You’re next,” said the chubby elder with a pockmarked face.

“But I’m only sixteen. You have to be seventeen.” Kaylein knew the rules. It was her life at stake.

“You are ready. Remember, this is what you’ve trained for – to save us. Your people depend on our care.” It was the elder with the long braided beard. He gave her a nasty look.

Kaylein bristled. How dare he speak to her like that? Her eyes glowed red, making the elder look away. Her point made, she said, “What if I refuse? I have that right.”

“You have that right, but this is your people’s promise.” Marjole was the elder who trained Kaylein. Her soft voice spoke to Kaylein’s honor.

Kaylein bowed and nodded her acceptance to the elders.

Now, huddled on a wooden bench, she was to dance for the creature. Her feet ached in the satin slippers disguising them. But she couldn’t rub them. Kaylein had no arms or hands. Her people were born with malformations. Some were severe.  She was one of the lucky ones.

“I can’t do this. I’m not ready to die.” She pleaded with Marjol, who was allowed to mind-speak with Kaylein.

“If you don’t, they will die and your people with them.” Marjol’s voice was sad, but determined.

“I don’t care. This isn’t fair.” Angry tears spilled down Kaylein’s cheeks.

“Think of the children, then.” Marjol’s voice faded as heavy footsteps thudded outside.

The door flew open. The creature’s musky scent filled the room. Kaylein cringed seeing his sharp teeth, glistening with fresh blood.

His beady eyes reflected disgust; he believed she was weak and deformed. Sprawling on a cushion by the fire, he lifted a hairy finger and made a circle with his long dirty fingernail. Kaylein hesitated.

“Dance! I need sleep,” screamed the creature.

She studied him. That was when she saw it: A piece of bloodied pink cloth stuck in his filthy beard. It matched four-year-old Adrianna’s dress. He’d found the children. Hot rage filled Kaylein.

She began to dance. When his eyelids drifted down, she danced closer. When he began to snore, she started to spin. Her feet moved faster and faster until she was high in the air, hovering just above his sleeping head.

Her shoes burst, freeing her flexible feet and long toes. They wrapped themselves around the creature’s neck and squeezed. He fought, but Kaylein was too strong. She held on until she heard the crunch of his broken neck. The creature was dead.

Kaylein fell. As she lay dying, she heard the children laughing and Marjol whisper, “We honor your sacrifice.”

*     *     *     *     *

This story was partly inspired by the following video of two amazing dancers.




Story Photo: The Crooner

This is a favorite picture of someone I love very much. He had a secret he shared with me, but it took him a long time to tell me. He loves to sing and is actually good at it. You learn something new every day, right?

This picture was taken in Switzerland last year. It was a fun night had by all, but let’s not waste any more time…let’s go straight to the challenge.

Your Photo Challenge

Answer one, two or all three of these questions in the comment box.

1) What song is this crooner singing? You can include the name of the song or get fancier and add a YouTube link to the song. (just be sure  to put the link in the comment box)

2) Why is he singing? Is it a custom in Switzerland, was it because of a bet or was he crooning a song just for me (Awww!)? You can also come up with your own unique reason for the crooner to be crooning.

3) What’s with the guy wearing the pink hair? You’re on your own with this one:~)

Quickie Challenge

Who is your favorite crooner?


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein