14 comments on “SPC: Penny for your thoughts

  1. jc says:

    I am the queen. Bow down and do whatever I want.

  2. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. my thoughts were “I’m glad I was born a cat .. and can just luxuriate out when I feel like it” ..

    .. but I suspect JC puts the icing on my comment and she rules roost!!

    Cheers to you .. Hilary
    Hilary´s last blog post ..Doors to the World, Art Nouveau in Brussels and a new Downland Beauty!

  3. Carolyn says:

    You mean you think I should actually move so you can go out the door? Do you know who I am?

  4. Lynn says:

    It’s good to be a kitty!
    Lynn´s last blog post ..Flourishing, she loves them and simple gazpacho

  5. Alien Ghost says:

    Hi Sara,

    The first thing that came to my mind:

    “Here we go again! Another picture for her blog. And I don’t even get a penny for their thoughts!”

    Alien Ghost´s last blog post ..Aspie World 8 – Ham Sandwich

  6. Talon says:

    I’ve seen that look before (Aggie sooo reminds me of Stripey)…and Aggie is thinking, “Darn! What I wouldn’t give for a little snack of squirrel right now.” 🙂
    Talon´s last blog post ..Summer Friends…

  7. patricia says:

    She is thinking – how can I get to Patricia’s house and hunt down that field mouse in the duct work…I need a plan.

    Actually, it came out in my daughter’s closet got caught in the HOBO spider trap. It was dying a cruel, slow death so I put the trap in a plastic bag and put it out of it’s misery.

    We are having such an amazing summer though, the squirrels are producing a 3rd tribe expansion and the owl and falcon have moved on….fair game going on here 🙂
    patricia´s last blog post ..Late Lights: a novella in stories ~Kara Weiss

  8. Valerie says:

    Sara, Aggie is surveying her domain. I love how her front paws are crossed:) I do believe she is the most contented kitty I’ve ever seen!

    I apologize for taking so long to come here and survey your wonderful blog, too. I’m never disappointed by what I find here:) xx
    Valerie´s last blog post ..Goodbye Old, Hello New!

  9. Ginny says:

    “Those people are crazy!” I love how her paws are crossed. Such a great picture.
    Ginny´s last blog post ..Wednesday’s Walk – Believe in yourself! Believe in your dreams!

  10. jean sampson says:

    “Hummm, lets see now. My two servants are sitting down now. I think I will see if I can make them both get up. I will go to the door and stand there as if I cannot make up my mind whether to go out or not. They are so patient and will stand there waiting for me to decide for a very long time. If I am lucky, while they are holding the door open, a bug might fly in that I can play with. If a bug is not available, I will go to the kitchen and stand by my food dish and look pitiful.
    They cannot help themselves! I get fresh food every time!

  11. Linda says:

    Sophie crosses her paws like that too…a lot. So what is Aggie thinking? “Hey lady, a penny for my thoughts? Are you kidding? I’ve got a gold mine in this noggin of mine. I’ll take my payment in tuna. No, make that chicken. Wait, maybe a little ham would be nice. Nah, I’ll go with tuna. And maybe a little milk to go with that…do you have skim? I’m trying to watch my weight. You never know when Stripey might be checking me out.
    Linda´s last blog post ..Quote of the Week

  12. Agent 54 says:

    I’m thinking that cat isn’t ready yet. Need to fatten it up a bit.

    I wouldn’t eat your cat. maybe a stray cat with barbecue sauce, served with beans and guacamole but, not your cat.
    Agent 54´s last blog post ..Stupid is as Stupid Does. (Burgundy Campaign 080913)

  13. Gerri says:

    “It sure is a lovely day today…”
    Gerri´s last blog post ..Be Open

  14. Fireblossom says:

    She is thinking the Egyptians had it right when they worshiped cats as deities!
    Fireblossom´s last blog post ..Concerto for two trumpets in C

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