SPC: Pictures Tell a Story

Lately, I’ve been wondering if maybe retirement was in order for the Story Photo Challenge series. After all, they started in 2009 with a post called, A Picture for Your Thoughts

To help me decide what action to take regarding the series, I began reviewing some older posts. They reminded me why I started the series in the first place — to challenge readers to look at a picture in a different way and maybe even tell a story about what they see.

Today, I decided to take you for a brief walk down memory lane by picking out one of these older posts. The selected post is Story Photo: The Real Story, which used this picture.


I picked this post because, for some reason, I didn’t reply to the comments. As I reviewed them, I regretted this and decided the share a few which made me laugh out loud.  I hope you enjoy them and the clever authors who definitely looked at this photo in “a different way”:~) Links provided if given by the author of the comment.

jean sampson December 5, 2012 at 11:52 pm

Well, there was once a Black Widow spider living quietly in this mailbox, minding her own business, eating her mates and having her babies. This all happened when the house was empty for awhile and no mail arrived to disturb her and her little ones.

One day, after the house sold, the new owner, a muscular, Charles Atlas-type, was checking out all of the features of his new property. Across one massive shoulder, he carried a heavy sledge hammer, having just finished pounding in a few fence posts around the property, so that his horses would be safe.

Since he was standing at the entrance to the driveway where his mailbox sat securely mounted on a short brick column, he decided to take a peek inside. As he opened the door to the black metal mailbox, he saw at least a kazillion little Black Widow spider babies and the huge, majorly pissed off Momma! Well, that big man, being terrified of little spiders, reared back, lifted that sledge hammer off his strong shoulder and beat not only the Hell out of the mailbox, but also pulverized the brick column and took out several small trees in the process.

Now you might think that that was the end of the spider family, but Momma and her babies saw that sledge hammer coming and ran faster that he could slam that huge thing down onto that mailbox. Never did spiders run so fast. They ran and they ran until they reached the barn where, right near the barn’s old wooden door, were the new owner’s boot. They all hopped in, felt safe and secure in their dark and snugly new home!

Kelvin Kao December 6, 2012 at 7:06 am

Well, obviously the Big Bad Wolf failed at his first attempt, went on a workout regiment, came back with a vengeance to huff and puff harder than ever before, and finally blew down the brick house (the mailbox used to be on the curb ten feet in front of it).

chen mingi December 6, 2012 at 4:09 pm

Ahh, someone bought their sweetie a mailbox kit with “some assembly required.”

Can you see why these comments made me laugh? Sometimes it’s good to return to the past; it reminds you of how you got to the present.

I thank everyone who’s ever commented on a story photo challenge post. I imagine sometimes you’ve looked at a picture and wondered what on earth you’re looking at, but you’ve always given it a go. Thanks:~)

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  1. Kelvin Kao says:

    I’m having one of those “wait, I wrote what?” moments. Haha. I amuse me.
    Kelvin Kao´s last blog post ..Merry Christmas! Deck the Halls!

  2. Jean Sampson says:

    This was a fun look back—-it does NOT seem that long since I wrote about the spiders in the mailbox! And I hope you will continue this series—-showing a photo and asking for a response/story—-because it is so much fun to let the photo create a story in my mind. It looks like a lot of people feel the same way! I always love to read the variety of creative stories that the photos elicit. So keep that shutter fluttering, Sara! :)

    • Sara says:

      @ Jean — Thank you. You never with series how long is too long. I’m pleased to read that you still enjoy the series.

      I will keep the “shutter fluttering”:~)

  3. Linda says:

    I remember that picture, and I had no cool story to tell that day. I also remember the first story photo challenge I participated in. It was “I’ve Got A Secret” on March 8, 2010. No, I didn’t remember the title or date, but I could visualize the picture. Thanks for encouraging my creative side through these challenges. I am gearing up for the next month-long writing challenge which starts Saturday.
    Linda´s last blog post ..Ready or Not

    • Sara says:

      @ Linda — Well, maybe I’ll have to revisit “I’ve Got A Secret.” It is amazing how much I enjoy the comments on the story photo challenge posts. The creativity of you and my other readers just blows my mind sometimes.

      Good luck on the month-long writing challenge. I still amazed you can do this and I admire you for it.

  4. Hilary says:

    Hi Sara .. love Jean’s take on the determined spiders .. they will always win the day! Cheers Hilary
    Hilary´s last blog post ..GrandBlogMom … Guess who uses this? Ypocras an update …

    • Sara says:

      @ Hilary — I know. I can’t believe I didn’t reply to anyone on that post. The comments were very funny and I do love to laugh. I’m pleased I pulled it up and read them again.

      I like that Lenny says you’re a GrandBlogMom. That’s adorable and perfect.

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