SPC: Ursula’s Alien Abduction


Imagine you are in Switzerland. You take a walk in a beautiful flower-filled meadow below the craggy peaks of the Alps.

While walking through the meadow, you come across a herd of cows in a fenced pasture. Curious about the bells they wear, you climb the fence to take a close-up of the cowbell. One cow approaches and to your surprise speaks to you…in your language.

When you get your voice back, you say, “Cows can’t talk.” The cow begs to differ with you.

She tells you her name is Ursula and she was abducted by aliens. They gave her the ability to speak to humans. She said she told them she didn’t actually live with humans, but with cows.

The aliens told her they tried to get a human, but failed. They were teeny-tiny beings. Also, unbeknownst to them, they also smelled like dog poop.

Their message was very important for humans, but they couldn’t stay any longer. So, Ursula was their only hope. They said after she delivered the message, she’d go back to normal.

Immediately after this abduction, Ursula’s herd was taken up to a summer mountain pasture where they were left to graze. Few humans visited and those who did, didn’t get close enough, since Brutus, the bull, was also in the pasture.

Ursula tried to talk to the lead cows, Abigail and Heidi, about her dilemma. That’s when she discovered she could no longer speak cow either.

Ursula was in trouble. You’re the first human who’s come close enough to hear her.

Your Story Photo Challenge question:

What is the important message Ursula needs to deliver?

Story Photo Writing Challenge (choose one):

  1. Write out a dialogue between you and Ursula about the alien’s message to humans.
  2. Write a description of the aliens.

16 comments on “SPC: Ursula’s Alien Abduction

  1. Jean Sampson says:

    The aliens asked Ursula if she thought that humans thought that they were worth saving and she said that she would have to ask a human being about that and get back to them later. They told her not to take too long because a meteor was heading toward earth in a few weeks and they needed to know if, in Ursula’s unbiased opinion, if it was worth the time and effort for them to put a protective shield around the earth or if they should do the easy thing and just let the meteor destroy the earth. Well, Ursula thought and thought and she did find a human to talk to about it. She asked her if she thought humans were worth saving, and the human, not knowing the answer, said she would have to get back to Ursula, but that she realized she would have to be quick. So the woman got out her pendulum and asked it for an answer. If the pendulum went clockwise, humans would be worth saving but counter- clockwise meant let the meteor come on! As she sat and meditated, the pendulum began to swing, but first it went clockwise, which meant yes, save them, and a minute later, it went counter- clockwise. So, being very confused, the woman, who was sitting under an apple tree, asked the Universe for an answer. BAM! She felt a knock on her head and found an apple that had just fallen off the tree lying beside her. When she picked the apple up, there was, carved into it in big letters, the word YES. So she ran back to Ursula and told her the answer, but, because she had already delivered her message to a human, she had reverted to being a cow with cow language again. When the woman held out the apple for Ursula to see the message that YES, humans were worth saving, the cow looked at her with her soft brown eyes, opened her big cow mouth and ate the apple with one tremendous GULP! And that is the REAL ending of our story! :O

    • Sara says:

      @ Jean — You are hysterical. Oh, both Jim and I laughed about this one. I loved it all — the apple falling and then Ursula reverting back to a cow and eating it. Even Gary Larson of Far Side would find this funny. You really are a good writer!

      • Jean Sampson says:

        Thank you, Sara! I am so glad that I made you laugh! And your photo challenges are a lot of fun for me, too! 🙂 And I should send you some of my cartoons that totally remind me of the Far Side! Want them?

  2. Lynn says:

    Probably to stop with all the global warming stuff! 🙂
    Lynn´s last blog post ..Whiskers in the morning, flowers from a friend and Hallelujah

  3. Fireblossom says:

    To my udder amazement, Ursula gave me a message straight from the alien’s Big Cheese, back on the home planet. Without milking this any further, the message was to stop having a cow about stuff that doesn’t matter, and try to get along with each other. Cud you please do that? Anything else is strictly second-dairy.
    Fireblossom´s last blog post ..Oh man. Say it’s not true.

    • Sara says:

      @ Fireblossom — Oh, you are clever. My favorite is this: “Anything else is strictly second-dairy.” LOL

      I loved that the QOTV has returned. I hope she and her cast of characters will visit more often.

  4. Valerie says:

    Sara, thanks for all of your sweet and thoughtful comments in the past couple weeks. I am so grateful to count you among my friends-and not only that, but a friend I’ve had for quite a while now. I am blessed!

    I really love what everyone has said ahead of me. I think those aliens have some pretty sound advice for us humans, and I applaud them for choosing such a beautiful messenger, too!

    That being said, Ursula’s message was “You need to stop by the supermarket on your way home. You are out of milk.” 😉

    Hugs, my dear:) xx
    Valerie´s last blog post ..Raw Genius

    • Sara says:

      @ Valerie — I love it when people visit and are willing to play with these story photo challenges. Thank you for playing today. You made me smile and I like smiling:~)

  5. All the problems are human made and humans need to use all of their creative intellect to bring us back to balance and move towards a universal understanding of LOVE and action.

    Just love your picture and your writing challenge today. It relaxed my mind.

    I had to do something I do not like to do today – I had to review a book that I truly disliked and found a waste of my time. I did find something positive to say first. Thank goodness.
    I was appalled to think that a 35 yr old woman could be so ME centered in this day and age. I think that was a scary discovery
    I needed to go out into the field in the Alps and find a talking cow and hear the message…
    what a fun post Sara…delightful Thank you
    Patricia of Patricias Wisdom´s last blog post ..THE CONTRACTORS: A Jon Cantrell Thriller ~Harry Hunsicker

    • Sara says:

      @ Patricia — I’ve always wondered what you did if you ran across a book you really didn’t like. It’s good you found something positive.

      I’m pleased Ursula was able to help you relax:~)

  6. Chris Edgar says:

    The message is “stop tagging our ears, or at least do it semi-stylishly like you humans do with your earrings and tattoos if you insist on punching holes in our flesh.” Then again, I suppose cows tend to be subjected to far worse treatment in their lifetimes, so that would be unlikely to be Ursula’s biggest concern.

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