SPC: Parallel Earths

parallel-house_600Okay, look at the picture. Do you see the house and its reflection?

It looks like a mirror image in water, but it’s not. Actually you’re viewing a parallel Earth.

So, instead of the reflection, the upside down house is actually real, just in a different world.

Today, you get to have magical powers. As such, you can make this world whatever you want it to be.

So, I’m curious…tell me about the world you see in this reflection.

  1. What are some differences between this world and ours?
  2. If you visited this parallel Earth, what would be most shocking to you?
  3. While visiting, you decide to go up to the house and knock on the door, who answers the door? What do they to say and how do you answer?

Today’s challenge is prompted by Fireblossom’s recent comment at my post, Believe in Hope: A Rant on Movies. She mentioned the movie, Another Earth. BTW I loved the movie…thanks Shay:~) Also, thanks to other visitors who gave me quite a long list of movies to watch!

It also touches upon a syfy show I used to watch called Fringe on Fox Network. Both dealt with two different versions of Earth and its historical timeline.

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  1. Fireblossom says:

    I’m so glad that you liked it!!! I’ll come back to comment on THIS post later, ok? Btw, my new book will be available by the end of the week. 🙂
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  2. desk49 says:

    Which is mine
    Which is yours
    In this double world
    We see
    One is light
    One light brown
    One has
    Fewer trees

    As I walk upon
    That world
    In the other
    I’d see me
    I would ponder
    How in the world
    This could
    Ever be

    If I knock
    Up on his door
    Would his wife
    know me
    I’d tell her
    When I come back
    To tell me to grow
    More trees

  3. Fireblossom says:

    Okay, I’m back. I am thinking about how we really don’t see–as we live our day to day lives–how little decisions we make change the course of our lives, in a small way, or even a big way. So, if I knocked on that door, I think I might be shocked by a me who had made very different decisions, or who perhaps had had different circumstances to work with. I think I might hardly know myself!

    And if Skittles were not there, in that other world, I would high-tail it back home!
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    • Sara says:

      @ Shay — It makes you think doesn’t it? What would we be like in the parallel world? There are so many questions that could arise from this thought. I wish I’d asked more of them. If you found yourself in this other world, how would you want to be different? If I think of this personally, I’d want to be more confident in myself and my choices — to be more daring and unafraid to step outside the lines. Of course, the crazy thing is these are things I can do in this world. So, the question really is: Why don’t I?

      I agree about Skittles. I feel the same about Aggie:~)

  4. Carrie says:

    It’s an opposites world. Where we live in a world of hatred and the need the be busy all the time, this other is a world of love and acceptance; a place where time together in nature’s embrace is the norm.

    The most shocking thing would be all the smiles, everyone enjoying life and being open to others. Simply imagine…a world where strangers smile at you as they walk past.

    Oh nervously I walk up to the door expecting at last to find someone not so friendly ( I’m still me after all, from this basically unfriendly world).

    A young couple open the door with many children round their legs and a party out in the garden. They are busy and stressed, the children hyper on sweets and joy. Without hesitation they say welcome, cone on through and let’s get you a drink, friend. I smile so hard, I can not speak…
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  5. Linda says:

    Hi Sara, I love mirror-image pictures.

    These parallel worlds are the exact opposite of one another, but the characters are the same. One is a world of good, and one a world of bad. This is typical for alternate realities, but it was about to get worse. One day something changed, and an unexplainable power acted upon the earth and thus things went very wrong, for both worlds. The two worlds are hopelessly out of balance.

    If you were to knock upon the doors of these houses, you would see different versions of the same people, like the difference between shady characters in a thriller and a wholesome Disney film. What they would say depends on which reality you are visiting in.

    In the good world everyone is very, very good, and minor infractions are treated like major crimes. In the bad world, it is so bad that an act of kindness may be subject to punishment.

    However you are a neutral force, neither good nor evil, and you have the power to set destiny back on track. To do so you must walk in the fringe territory between both planes of existence and recite these words three times “outside of time and space restore order to this broken place”. This is like walking a supernatural tightrope, and if you succeed, the natural order of things will be restored.
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    • desk49 says:

      Which world is good
      From which world
      Should I run from

      Then I’m the good me
      And the other me bad
      Who’d be more fun

      If I was neutral
      In which world
      Would I be

      Maybe I’d live
      In the third world
      It’d be best for me

      • Sara says:

        @ Ellis — Okay, this was worth the wait and now I understand the “more!” The third world will hopefully balance things out.

    • Sara says:

      @ Linda — OH. Wow. First of all, I said the words three times. You need to take this comment and write a story about it. You’ve got all the pieces to a great story. You had me for sure with this preview. I loved it:~) I do hope I succeeded and the natural order of things are restored!

  6. patricia says:

    In the parallel I would not need to battle for health! and I must keep health on the UP side of life.

    Very grounded today and not very sci-fi Neat picture and fun idea to think about. Thanks for sharing this… this headache/muscle spasm is getting so old…No Medicare paperwork coming thru so they moved my next appointment from Feb 26 to April 26… since the spasm cuts off my breathing I thought they would approve it sooner rather than later – frustrating
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    • Sara says:

      @ Patricia — Thanks for stopping by. I have enjoyed your latest book reviews very much. That said, I am so sorry about your health issues. I will send healing prayers your way. It’s hard to believe a nation as powerful the United States can make people wait so long for health care. You will be in my thoughts.

  7. Carrie says:

    Just to let you know I have been having trouble leaving comments here :(/
    Carrie´s last blog post ..the 14b Plan 🙂

    • Sara says:

      @ Carrie — Thank you for telling me. Unfortunately, WP decided your comments were spam without telling me. I checked and found your comment. It is now up and hopefully I’ve solved the problem:~)

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