by Sara on January 24, 2007


Welcome to my blog.

Please take a virtual seat and make yourself comfortable.

This is a place you can visit to feel motivated and encouraged, or to discover a new way of looking at something. It’s a place to laugh and share about our everyday life lessons.

I share my life experiences and the lessons I’ve learned with the hope that my writings will touch something in you.

Perhaps I will give you a suggestion or an idea about how to deal with something troubling you. In any case, your visits to my blog will remind you that you’re not alone on this path we call life.

I’m not THE EXPERT. Sure, I offer tips and suggestions, but I also believe in you and your wisdom to find the right answers for yourself.

Whether you realize it or not, YOU have amazing abilities to make affirming changes in your life. That’s what I want this blog to do – remind you to trust yourself and have the courage to go for what you want.

Unfortunately, life throws us a curve ball every now and then. If you’re struggling and need a bit of help, my stories will remind you that whatever situation you’re in, there’s always a solution!

While I share my thoughts, stories and ideas, I also rely on the interaction with you. In my experience with blogging, sometimes the comments can be as helpful as the post. Your  ideas or suggestions might be just what the next reader needs to see. And I would love to read them too!

So, by all means stop by, read my writings, and share your comments and suggestions for the next person who visits.

Now, to tell you a little about me….

In addition to being a writer and a photographer, I am a mother of two grown daughters, one a Social Worker living in the UK and the other, a college student, living much closer to home, thank goodness! I love the outdoors, walking, reading, and taking photographs.

I currently share my office with two co-workers – a tabby cat, Agatha, who gets into everything and a shepherd-mix dog, Miss Dix, who is convinced I am a sheep she must herd. While they do sleep a lot, when awake, they give me excellent advice!

In the past, I have spent 18 years working with social service organizations. While working with these organizations, I held a variety of jobs that included a strategic planner, campaign manager for a non-partisan children’s campaign, community organizer, media coordinator, and a communications director.

Prior to making blogging my full-time job, I worked as a professional life coach. I have come to realize that my first love and passion is writing. A friend once told me that I coach through my writing and I like that thought.