Time Away

I will not be posting to my blog through the month of June. I’m taking the month off.

However, I will continue to visit. I may not visit every week, but I will stop by as often as I can to find out what you’re writing and say “hi.”

I wanted to leave you this “oldie, but goodie” to think about:


So, be happy in whatever you are doing.  Have a great June:~)

I’m Back. Let’s Talk

Lets-Talk_600Hey! I’m back.

It’s been awhile.

Let’s talk.

Come and sit by me on this bench.

But dress warmly.

It’s been a rather chilly winter so far, even in the South.

So, how are you doing?

Were your holidays full of fun?

How’s your new year shaping up?

Did you make a list of resolutions?

I resolved to laugh more often, take life less seriously and be more thankful in 2015.

What about you? Care to share a resolution or two?

The comment box is waiting.

BTW: They say if you tell another person, it’ll make the resolution come true:~)

Colors of Fall

Colors-of-Fall_600This is a picture of a tree near where I have my exercise class. I loved it because I don’t get to see this much fall color where I live.

With the recent winter storm, I imagine some of you feel as if you stepped into the Disney movie, Frozen.

Just today, we had ice in our bird bath. The birds didn’t know what to do. Some treated it like a bird ice skating rink, while others just pecked at the ice.

Winter has definitely announced herself!

I have an announcement of my own: I will be taking a short blog break.

My daughters will be in town and as I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like as both live far away. So, I’m hoping to spend every minute I can with them.

However, I will do my regular visits. After all, I love touching base and seeing what interesting posts you have put up. I always find when I visit, someone writes something or puts a picture up which is just what I needed that particular day!

In Other News….

A short story of mine has been published. It’s in Volume 3 of Precipice: The Literary Anthology of Write on Edge

It’s also be available at Good Reads.

The concept of this volume was “Boundaries” and includes short stories, poetry, and memoirs by a selection of authors from the Write on Edge community.

I hope you check it out and read my story, as well as the other excellent writings in this volume. See how each author interpreted “boundaries.”

The founders of Write on Edge have started a new community for writers on Facebook. It’s called Bannerwing Books. They always have a lot of interesting activities going on. Check them out:~)

And last, but definitely not least!!!

Those of you who know Jean Sampson will be excited to know that she now has her own website! Check it out here. You can see Jean’s beautiful paintings and read her poetry. Don’t miss it!

Blog Break

Blog-Break_480Like Aggie, all bloggers need to take some time to chill out.

I’m on a brief break, but I’ll be back soon:~)

In the meantime, ya’ll be good, okay?