We interrupt this program…

We-interrupt-this-program..You were perfectly happy watching your favorite TV show when suddenly the screen went BLACK!

Then a voice said, “We interrupt your current program to bring you this very important message from Animal Planet.”

You stare at the dark screen, annoyed.  Animal Planet? Really? What’s so important they’d interrupt my program?

The picture comes back on. Two commentators are in separate screens and both are looking at the THING in the middle of the screen.

Just as you say, “What the heck?”

Malward Hosell,the AP commentator, speaks from the bottom screen, “It’s an unprecedented event in the animal kingdom! No one has ever seen it before. Let’s hear what our expert, Dr. Agnes Fluffball, has to say about this.”

You stare at Dr. Agnes in the top screen, realizing she looks a lot like the THING. On the other hand, you wonder about her expression.

Story Photo Challenge

(You choose how many of the questions you want to answer. Just let me know which you picked.)

  1. What does Agnes say about this unprecedented event?
  2. What is the THING and what’s it doing?
  3. Why does Agnes have that expression on her face?

Want more of a challenge?

Write a dialogue between Malward Hosell and Dr. Agnes Fluffball about the event they are witnessing.

“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.”~ William Plomer

SPC: The Talkaholic


“Compulsive talking (or communication addiction disorder or talkaholism) goes beyond the bounds of what is considered to be a socially acceptable amount of talking.” Source: Wikipedia

So, there’s always one in the crowd who can’t shut up.

Your Challenge

What are the others thinking?

Even better, what are they planning to do to get this little guy to finally SHUT UP.

SPC: The Creature Returns

creature-in-the-sandAlicia loved this beach. She’d been coming here since she was a child. She breathed in the tangy salt air and lay back in the sinking lounge chair. Just as her eyes shut, a small hand grabbed her arm and frantically tried to pull her out of the chair.

She resisted and scolded her five-year-old son. “What’s with you, Timmy? Let me go! I just got comfortable.”

“But Mama, you’ve got to come see the creature!”

Alicia stared at her son. Timmy was known for his overactive imagination. She’d been the same at his age, but now it got old fast. She pulled her sunglasses down on her nose and said, “I don’t want to hear about any imaginary creatures!”

Hurt flashed through his eyes. She softened her tone and said, “Hey, I promise to go with you later, kiddo. Stay here and dig in the sand for awhile. Mama’s tired.”

But Timmy tugged even harder on her arm and pleaded, “It’s not imaginary, Mama. I promise. Oh, please come with me now!” Alicia felt a twinge of concern at the lisp in her son’s voice, a sure sign of nervousness.

With a frustrated sigh, she got up and let her five-year-old son pull her down the beach. She wondered what it was this time. Last time, he said he’d found a giant pile of bones. But when she got there, it was just driftwood half covered by sand.

Timmy pulled her up towards the dunes, gripping her hand so tightly it hurt. “It’s this way, Mama. Hurry or it might disappear.”

The thicker sand slowed them as they neared the dunes. Timmy pointed to something barely visible in the sand. Alicia saw it. There was something familiar about it. Her heart raced. She spoke quietly to herself, “It can’t be!”

But Timmy heard her. “You see it, too, don’t you. Hurry up, Mama!”

Now, it was Alicia’s hand tugging on Timmy’s. “Slow down, son and be quiet!”

They both walked silently through the deep sand until Alicia put her arm across Timmy’s chest, stopping him. She stared at the thing in the sand, knowing this time it wasn’t Timmy’s imagination.

“Oh. My. Goodness. He’s returned. I didn’t think I’d ever see him again! Let me tell you about him.”

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Story Photo Challenge 1:

What does Alicia tell Timmy about the creature? Try to keep this under 150 words.

Here are some questions to consider in your writing.

  1. Does he have a name?
  2. How does Alicia know about him?
  3. Why did he return?
  4. Where did he come from?
  5. Is he friend or foe?

Quickie Story Photo Challenge:

For those who need to stop and go:~) What kind of creature is this?

My example: a prehistoric pelican