Happy Anniversary, JC

weddingFlowers2It began with a hug I’ve never forgotten.

At one point, we broke up and celebrated our breakup over a wonderful dinner where we laughed and laughed some more.

That’s when I should’ve known you were special. No one has made laugh as much as you do!

We were friends long before we were lovers. Perhaps, that was the secret no one had told us before:~)

Time passed. Eventually, we decided to get married at home. That’s when we got these flowers. Do you remember we picked them up on a whim at our local grocery store?

Well, that’s not exactly what happened. Truth be told, I insisted on having flowers for our screen porch. You tried to tell me no one would see them because it was too cold outside, but I didn’t listen. Okay, it’s been two years. I guess I can admit you were right and I was wrong :~)

After the ceremony, we were happy, but our grocery store flowers weren’t. We tried watering and sunning them, but it was hopeless. Finally down to the last plastic pot of flowers, we made a desperate move and took them outside to the back garden, figuring they’d die. They certainly looked that way all winter.

Then, we forgot about them. Last year, when checking to see which plants had survived the winter in our back garden, we noticed one of the pots seemed to be blooming. As I reached down to pick it up, I felt a tug and realized the flower had planted itself into the ground. We were both surprised.

This year, we noticed it had started to bloom again, only it was much bigger. While our other “hardy” plants bit the dust due to a very chilly winter, our grocery-store wedding flowers thrived. They were full of buds and the stems and roots were huge and strong.


When the plant finally bloomed, still in its little pot, it spread out in a cascade of bright yellow flowers that delighted us as we sat on our porch. Our wedding flowers bloomed for several weeks, longer than most of our flowering plants.


And like my love for you, they continue to grow stronger and stronger.

Happy anniversary!


Time Away

I will not be posting to my blog through the month of June. I’m taking the month off.

However, I will continue to visit. I may not visit every week, but I will stop by as often as I can to find out what you’re writing and say “hi.”

I wanted to leave you this “oldie, but goodie” to think about:


So, be happy in whatever you are doing.  Have a great June:~)

Walk in Someone’s Footsteps

footsteps-in-sandWhen I was a kid, I used to play a game at the beach with my siblings and cousins. We called it, “Walk in My footsteps.”

The rules were simple. One kid took the lead and the rest had to step in footsteps of the person ahead as we walked down the beach.

As the youngest, I was usually at the back of the group and often had to stretch to reach the footsteps of the person in front of me.

I almost always lost when we played this game, but was that so bad?

Each of us has our own journey through life.  There will always be people walking ahead of us on this journey and there will always be people walking behind us.

As I see it, our job is to learn from the person ahead of us and, if asked, give a helping hand to the person behind us, but not to walk in someone’s footsteps.

Now, I can write this, but I don’t always live it. I confess this is a challenging life lesson for me. Recently, I read a book that made me ache with longing to write as well as the author did.

I can’t. I’m not that author. I’m me.  I can learn from the author, but I’ll never write the same way.

Bottom line:  I will always lose when I play the game of “Walk in My Footsteps.” I have to follow my own path, learn at my own pace, and in my own way.

But is that really so bad?

What about you?

Have there been times when you wanted to be in the footsteps of the person ahead of you? How did you handle it and what did you learn from the experience?