The Hummers Have Returned



The hummers are back. The hummingbirds have returned to visit our sugar-water feeders, as well as our butterfly plants.

I call them “little Napoleon’s” for their aggressive natures. Even though they’re tiny, I’ve seen them chase away much larger birds. They are rather fearless!

Usually, one will settle in and the feeder becomes his or her flower territory. If another hummer arrives: let the aerial battles begin!

Want to know some interesting facts about hummingbirds, check out this site.

Hold on! There’s a bird at the feeder. Gee, this one is really hungry…





Wait a minute! That’s not a hummingbird. It’s a finch! Finches don’t eat sugar water!

Your SPC Challenge

So, what does this finch have to say about trying to eat at the hummingbird feeder?

Quickie Questions — Pick One

  1. How did the hummingbird get its name? (hint: the first three letters of “hummingbird”)
  2. What state in the United States doesn’t have a hummingbird? (hint: think “the only state that’s an island”)


SPC: What’s Whiskers Been Up To?

Whiskers-in-the-morning_480Today, I am pleased to put up another wonderful picture borrowed from Lynn of Good Things Happened.

This is from an older post. The picture drew me in because I liked the look of sweet innocence on Whisker’s face.

But is Whiskers really as sweet and innocent as he looks? Perhaps or perhaps not…it’s up to you to decide.

Today’s Photo Challenge

There’s a lot to see in this picture. Using your creativity and the above picture what’s your answer to this question:

What’s Whisker’s been up to?

Thank you Lynn

I have appreciated the pictures Lynn has shared with me. She takes lovely pictures and writes posts about good things she’s experienced. I almost always leave her site with a smile on my face:~)

When you visit her site, be sure to click on her photos to enlarge them. You will not regret it.

Just hit escape (Esc) to exit from the enlarged picture and back to her calming and peaceful posts:~)

*     *     *     *     *

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” — Maya Angelou



Images courtesy of

I had five seconds of absolute exhilaration while flying through the air, before I crashed and slid along the grimy subway underpass. I finally stopped in a puddle of “who knows what” and lay stunned.

The boys followed me down. None of them missed the turn. I sat up, knowing what was coming. Bobby didn’t disappoint as he taunted, “You totally biffed that turn, Jules. Just proves girls will never beat us dudes at BMX.” Bobby tried to be cool, but wasn’t.

I ignored him. Instead, my eyes found Steve. Taller and lankier than the others, he was new to the bike group, but rode the same school bus as me. I had really liked him. Well,  up until now, when he looked away from me.

Eventually, they tired of teasing me and left. Still shaky, I stood and leaned against the wall, closing my eyes. A squeak of brakes made me open them. Steve had returned.

I glared. “Did you come back to gloat?” I tried to sound tough, but my voice wavered.

“No, Jules, I wanted to be sure you were okay. That was some crazy thing you did.” There was admiration in his voice, but I wasn’t ready to forgive him, yet.

He leaned his bike against the wall and slowly walked over to me, studying my face. He got so close; I could see the yellow flecks in his hazel eyes and the soft blond fuzz on his face. I wanted to touch the golden-brown hair escaping his helmet, but clinched my hands instead.

“What do you want, Steve?” I tried to move forward, but he didn’t give me space.

Instead, he gently touched my cheek. It hurt and I flinched, but he didn’t notice. Still staring into my eyes, his voice was low, almost a whisper. “You’ve got the prettiest eyes, Jules. They remind me of flowers growing in my mother’s garden. I don’t know their name, but your eyes are the same color of blue.” His eyes drifted down to my mouth and my stomach flip-flopped.

He leaned closer. His lips almost touched mine. A car horn made us both jump.

Steve shook his head and stepped back. His face turned bright red as he said, “You’re lucky your face is just bruised, given the air you took.”

Reeling from the almost kiss, I was silent. He lifted my bike, checking it. “Well, the front wheel is bent.”

I looked at it and groaned. “Mom is going to kill me.”

“Don’t tell her. My dad can fix this in a few days.” Steve smiled, showing a dimple in his cheek I’d never noticed before. I desperately wanted him to finish the promise of his kiss.

Steve gave me his bike to push. He carried mine. As we walked, he said, “Come to the bike park this Saturday, okay? I promise to teach you some tricks that will make Bobby jealous.”

I smiled. I planned on making him keep that promise and the other one, too.

*     *     *     *     *


lightandshade-logo_3x2Written for the Light and Shade Challenge, Monday 7 July 2014