Believe in Hope: A Rant on Movies

Must_Love_Dogs2 Source: Wikipedia

My hubby, Jim,  was out of town and I was all alone. Well, alone with Aggie, but she was sleeping. I decided to watch a movie while eating my dinner. Turns out, there are a lot of movies! Even so, I searched and searched and searched some more.  Nothing seemed right.

One part of me wanted action and adventure; while another wanted romance. I passed up on a favorite of mine, Pride and Prejudice, as well as some silly action flick. I finally settled on Must Love Dogs (Diane Lane and John Cusack).

It was made in 2005 and didn’t get good reviews in Rotten Tomatoes. The critics gave it  a 35 percent splat. The audience reviewers were nicer with a  51 percent rating, but I’ve learned this isn’t always a bad thing…at least not for me:~)

I knew I’d seen it before, but didn’t really remember very much of it. As I ate my dinner, I fell in love with this movie. I laughed and cried and then, laughed some more. I didn’t want it to end.

Okay…this is just my opinion, but it seems to me we have fewer and fewer  “happy” movies. Oh, there are a few here and there like Must Love Dogs, but they’re a dying breed. When did we  get to the point where everything has a dark ending or where killing hundreds of people is considered normal?

Sometimes life is dark enough just by itself.  In real life, there’s sadness, grief, death and lots of people doing really bad things to other people.. I don’t particularly want to watch these things in a movie, but that’s just me:~)

So, what did this older movie, Must Love Dogs do for me? It made me feel good about life and all it’s possibilities. It made me believe people who take chances win in the end. But most of all, it was a movie with hope, something  I think we all need to believe in.

If you’re having a tough time or just want a happy movie, I highly recommend this one. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but most of all, when you turn the movie off, you’ll feel better than you did when you turned it on. You’ve got my word on that:~)

What about YOU?

What movies have you seen lately that you really enjoyed? Why’d you like the movie? (BTW…it’s okay if your movie doesn’t have a happy ending.)

What’s your take on today’s movies?

With the 2015 Oscars right around the corner, what movie would you vote for. The nominations for Best Picture are here.

What’s the News Story?


You want to be a reporter, but so far the media just hasn’t given you the time of day!

But you’re always out looking for an interesting news story.

A story to capture the attention of both mainstream media and maybe even a few tabloids.

After yet another rejection note from a “We Publish Anything,” you decide to take a walk.

On your walk, you notice your neighbor has a new fence.

Something about the fence catches your photojournalist eye.

You  decide to take a closer look.

As you approach, you see something strange in the wood.

OMG…this is your chance!!!

You pull out your phone and take the picture.

Story Photo Challenge

What did you see in the fence that makes you take a picture?

Who do you interview?

What is the story and why is it news?

Quickie Question

When you look at the picture, what’s the first thing you see?

Don’t think about it, just look:~)








I’m Back. Let’s Talk

Lets-Talk_600Hey! I’m back.

It’s been awhile.

Let’s talk.

Come and sit by me on this bench.

But dress warmly.

It’s been a rather chilly winter so far, even in the South.

So, how are you doing?

Were your holidays full of fun?

How’s your new year shaping up?

Did you make a list of resolutions?

I resolved to laugh more often, take life less seriously and be more thankful in 2015.

What about you? Care to share a resolution or two?

The comment box is waiting.

BTW: They say if you tell another person, it’ll make the resolution come true:~)

The Talking Shoes

Street-Sale-Picture_600The flea market was doing a brisk business, but the shoes weren’t drawing any attention. It didn’t help they were placed under an ugly pink and gray jacket that had known better days. People took one look at the jacket and moved on.

Red Shoe hated flea markets. There was too much junk and too many people. At least she stood out being cherry red, but definitely looked her age and had dingy ties. Next to her was a brown sling-back shoe she didn’t recognize.

Bored, she turned to the brown shoe and asked, “So, she’s getting rid of you, too?”

In an obviously fake French accent, Brown Shoe replied, “Are you talking to moi, Mademoiselle?”  If Red Shoe had eyes, she would have rolled them.

“What’s with the accent? You’re not French. You’re a knock-off, like the rest of us. She couldn’t afford the real thing.”

“Excusez-moi! She bought me at zee special sale. I’m made by zee famous French designer, Louis Vuitton.”

“Yeah right, and I’m made by Jimmy Choo! We’re both fakes and she’s getting rid of us. I bet your twin has a hole like mine. That’s why they’re not out.”

“Au contraire, madame! My twin is in zee box in the back. Zee lady’s feet grew too big for us.”

“Well, that’s true. Since her husband left, she has been eating way too many Twinkies.”

“Why are you zis mean? Poor Chérie, she was unhappy. Zee man was not good to her!”

Shrugging her white ties, Red Shoe said, “Well, I agree. He was an SOB. I would’ve kicked him in the butt, but my toe was too soft. You, on the other hand, could do some damage!”

“Don’t I know it! My pointed toe is sturdy, but I wouldn’t have aimed for his butt. I had another piece of his anatomy in mind. Unfortunately, she stopped wearing us and left us in the shoe box.”

That’s why Red Shoe didn’t recognize her. Then, it hit her. The accent had disappeared. Dripping sarcasm, she asked, “So, did your French accent take the boat home?”

Brown Shoe groaned. “Shoot! It’s just so frickin hard to keep up that French accent! You’re right. I am a knock-off. My sister and I were made in China, but pieced together in Detroit.”

“You’re originally from Detroit? So were we! Where’d you live?”

“First we lived in Sherwood Forest, but later we moved to….”

Red Shoe jumped in. “Oh. My. Gosh. We lived in Sherwood Forest! It was swanky, but the woman was a second wife and didn’t realize we were faux leather. She gave us to her sister in Cincinnati.”

Brown Shoe said, “Geez-o-pete! We also lived in Cincinnati, but the woman decided to wear only Birkenstock sandals, even with her evening gowns! She gave us to Goodwill. We got passed around after that.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Being a shoe isn’t all it’s cut out to be, is it?”

A voice from above interrupted them. “Look at the shoes! I like this one.” A hand reached down and picked up Brown Shoe.

As Brown Shoe rose into the sky, Red Shoe called out, “Good luck! Don’t forget your friends…” But Brown Shoe was gone.

It was always this way at flea markets. Just when Red Shoe thought she’d made a friend, they were taken. But, ever the optimist, she thought to herself, “My luck is bound to change.”

With a wiggle of her ties, she turned to the faded gray Mary Jane shoe next to her and asked, “So, she’s getting rid of you, too?”

*     *     *     *     *

lightandshade-logoI’ve had this story for some time. It was originally from this Light and Shade Challenge Prompt, which is why the picture might look familiar to those of you who participated in that challenge.

At the time, something delayed me and I missed the time frame – probably due the the word count, which I didn’t make again in this story:~) But I always loved the prompt picture and had a great time with this story. The story is wacky, but was fun to write. I hope you enjoyed it.

Writing prompts are fun! Try the Light and Shade Challenge; you’ll like it!

If you like writing to  picture and/or quote prompts, check out the Light and Shade Challenge. Lyssa Medana and Thomas Marlowe have done a great job of creating fun pictures and quotes to inspire stories. In addition, they also offer some prompts with longer and shorter word counts. In short, a bit of everything to please and challenge any writer.