The Italian Villa

by Sara on May 24, 2014


Greta smiled. She owned Charlie’s Italian villa now.

He’d loved her, but she loved his money more.

Too bad he died so young.

He left her everything. Big surprise!

Italy was so deliciously nice in summertime.

But it was time to go. Antonio waited for her.

Heels clicking, she headed for the open doorway.

A cold breath of air caressed her neck.

She spun around. Where’d that come from?

Something nibbled her ear, like Charlie used to do.

Spooked, Greta ran for her life.

The wooden doors slammed shut.

Icy hands squeezed her throat.

Charlie whispered, “Welcome home, mio amore.”

*     *     *     *     *

lightandshade-logo_3x2100 words written for the Friday Light and Shade Challenge.


A Leap of Faith

by Sara on May 20, 2014

Susan was dying. Lila stayed too long trying to save her, but Susan’s heart stopped anyway. Now, the monitor beside the bed beeped incessantly and a nurse yelled, “Get the crash cart stat!”

Sadness filled Lila as she whispered “I’m sorry, Susan.” With only seconds left, Lila opened herself. The blue light filled her and she leaped. Everything went black.

She found herself squished against the ceiling. Relief flooded through her. She had leaped in time, but was now vulnerable to any Gorigmy around. While Lila couldn’t see them, they could hear and smell her.

Gorigmies were dark spirits who ate Radiants. However, they couldn’t sense a Radiant inside a human. So, humans were good hosts for young Radiants, like Lila.

Usually, it was a friendly relationship. Humans believed Radiants were their intuitive voices. If lucky, a Radiant stayed in the same human until reaching maturity. Once mature, Radiants were more powerful than Gorigmies.

Unfortunately, Lila’s host, Susan, was in a horrible car accident. Her body was severely damaged. Lila’s powers weren’t developed enough to save her. When a host dies, the Radiant leaves or dies with the host. Lila had no choice, but to leap.

Hovering at the ceiling, she scanned the humans below. Typical of caring people, they were all occupied with Radiants. She needed to move on. Pushing away from the ceiling, she floated towards the door. The humans were unaware of Lila. Radiants and Gorigmies were invisible to them.

Luckily, the air conditioner clicked on and blew Lila into the hallway. She turned topsy-turvy, like a dust bunny, until she managed to steady herself. More humans rushed into Susan’s room, passing right through Lila. The sensation made her sneeze loud enough for any Gorigmy to hear. She needed a human and fast, but her scans didn’t show anyone free.

Seeing an open door, she floated towards it. It was worth a try. Just as she reached it, the door shut. Lila groaned. Closed doors were dangerous, but she had no choice. She shifted through the door molecules, avoiding the sharp edges threatening to snag her. After the last molecule, she pushed out and hit the floor.

Bouncing up, she landed on the hairy chest of a sleeping human male. She floated up to scan him but wished she hadn’t. While unoccupied, his face was bruised. One eye was swollen, like he’d been in a fight. Human males were risky for Radiants. They often didn’t believe in intuition and therefore, were less likely to listen to Lila.

She heard the screech of the Gorigmies. She was out of time. The human male would have to do. She opened herself and the blue light filled her. But as the leap was about to overtake her, she saw the human was handcuffed to the bed frame.

Too late to stop, Lila merged into him. She flowed through his blood, into his heart and finally into his brain. She was safe from the Gorigmy, but was she safe from this human?

 *     *     *     *     *

WoENewButton-e1363040457539This fiction story is for Writing Prompt: 2014, Week 21


SPC: Two Things Together

by Sara on May 12, 2014

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” ~ Dr. Seuss

Imagination lets us put two things together and create something entirely new.

Story Photo Challenge

Pick a picture from below and tell me what your imagination sees when these two things come together?

Let me know which picture you selected.

Quickie Challenge

What’s your favorite Dr. Seuss book or saying?

Picture One


Picture Two




Write on Edge: The Undertow

by Sara on May 6, 2014

Riding his new yellow skimboard through the shallow water, Jacob called, “Hey Dad, watch this!” He bent over and dragged his hand in the sand and made the board do a perfect 360 degree turn.

His dad didn’t say anything. Jacob looked up to where his dad sat in the shade under a huge umbrella. It was clear he hadn’t bothered to watch Jacob’s trick. He was busy with his iPad tablet. In a flash of anger, Jacob wished a wave would wash the stupid thing away.

Spring Break was supposed to be fun, but his dad was always working. Jacob’s mom planned to bring him until his granny got sick. She had to stay home to take care of her. Since the beach house was already booked, Jacob got stuck with his dad.

He dragged his board up to dry and sat in the wet sand. The surf roared, but the waves were perfect, making Jacob miss his mom all the more. She loved the water as much as he did. When she came to the beach, they always jumped in the waves. His dad, however, was a scaredy-cat and wouldn’t let him.

The joyful screams of kids in the water irritated Jacob. It was unfair they got to play, while he had to stay in the shallow water. After all, he was ten-years-old and not a baby anymore. He glanced up, but his dad was still using the iPad.

The sun was hot on Jacob’s skin, but the water felt cool. He stood and moved slowly into it. He told himself he wouldn’t go far, just up to his knees. But the water felt so good, he walked out until it was up to his waist. The waves shoved at him. He stood his ground, laughing as they splashed in his face. His eyes stung from the salt.

Blinking away the water, Jacob didn’t see the larger wave, rushing behind the smaller one. It crashed into him, knocking him off his feet. He got caught in the undertow as another wave crashed over him. Tumbling in the wash, he couldn’t get his head above the water to breathe. Jacob panicked. In his mind, he screamed “Daddy, help me!”

Like a giant hand, the water held Jacob down. It scraped him across the sand, making his cheeks sting. He held his breath until his lungs burned. Just when he couldn’t hold it any longer, he was tugged free of the water. Gulping in air, Jacob opened his eyes. His dad was holding him tight as he said, “Thank God, I heard you call me, son.”

Years later, they’d tell the story to Jacob’s kids. Jacob would tell how he called for his dad’s help even though he couldn’t speak. His dad would tell how he clearly heard Jacob call for him, even though it was impossible. The children’s eyes always grew big as saucers listening to how Grandpa pulled their daddy away from the waves just in time.

WoENewButton-e1363040457539 This fiction story is written for WOE, Writing Prompt: 2014, Week 19

Just for clarification, an undertow is not a rip current. Instead, an undertow is a current of water that pulls you down to the ocean bottom. Source: How Stuff Works


Beach Time

by Sara on April 29, 2014

Beach-Time-PicAs it’s getting closer to beach time, I thought I’d share this picture with you to remind you it’s almost time to dig your toes into the sand and dance in the waves, or imagine doing this:~)

Story Photo Challenge

Your challenge today is to choose one or more questions to answer about the above beach chairs. Remember you don’t have to answer them ALL. Just pick the one or two that tickle your fancy.

  1. Imagine you’re relaxing in one of these chairs, which one will you pick and why? (use the towel color to select the chair — green or orange)
  2. What beach are you at? Keep in mind it can be anywhere in the world…with a beach, of course!
  3. Who will be sitting in the chair next to you? Again, this can be anyone:~)
  4. What question do you ask the person next to you?
  5. How does the person reply?

Extra Credit Challenge

Write a dialogue between the people in the chairs.


Survival: A Fiction Story

by Sara on April 21, 2014

survival_480Clara’s hands were shaking as she put on her running shoes. Jack stood in the kitchen with his back to her. Their angry words still hovered in the air, even though all was silent.

“I’m going running. I don’t know when I’ll be back.” Clara spit the words out.

Jack turned and started to speak to her, but she yelled, “Don’t say anything. You have no idea what this feels like!” Jack shrugged and walked towards the bedroom.

Tears filled Clara’s eyes. She ignored them. Instead, she jumped up, stuck her phone and keys into her jacket and slammed the door as she left.

Not bothering to warm up, she took off running. The street was littered with leaves and twigs from the recent thunderstorms, reminding Clara of the tree branch in the park. She always checked it after a storm.

When she got to the park, it was empty. Relief flooded through her. She couldn’t take hearing the children laughing and the squeak of swings. She ran until the tightness inside her eased and slowed to a stop, gulping in the cool air.

She walked the rest of the way to a stand of pine trees. Breathing in the fresh smell of these tall giants comforted Clara. Her footsteps were soundless on the soft ground covered in brown pine needles. Above her, the trees whispered as the wind combed its way through their high branches.

She stopped in front of one the trees and stared at a branch hanging awkwardly from the tree, like a wounded arm. With a huge gouge in its bark, she marveled again at how it survived, storm after storm.

She always expected to see it down on the ground, but it never was. Over the years, the gouge wasn’t repaired, but the branch seemed to survive in spite of it.

Clara smiled. For a second, she forgot the sudden bleeding, the rush to the hospital, the silent heartbeat and the unbearable sadness that had haunted her for weeks.

She thought about Jack and how he’d tried to help her. She’d been pushing him away, but she needed him, like the branch needed the tree. While he couldn’t heal the gouge in her heart, he could help by sharing the weight of the grief.

When Clara returned at home and opened the door, Jack was waiting for her. He said, “I’m sorry Clara. The loss of our baby hurts me too. Please don’t shut me out.”

He looked beaten, his shoulders slumped and his face pale. This time, Clara didn’t hesitate. She walked into her husband’s arms whispering, “We’ll survive this together.”

*     *     *     *     *

Your Challenge Question:

What about you? What helps you survive during difficult times?

NOTE: This fiction story was inspired by the real tree branch in the picture. I usually walk by it on my neighborhood walk and marvel that it has survived countless storms for many years. Eventually, it may fall, but it makes me think of how I have survived a difficult time by hanging on and riding out the storm:~)




A Mature Woman

by Sara on April 11, 2014

flower-2_480Where I live April is a mature woman. She’s full breasted and slightly plump.

She wears green crinolines flowing to the ground, decorated with flounces of pink Azaleas, Yellow Jessamines, and purple Petunias.

Her cheeks are scarlet roses and her long hair golden lilies mixed with Spanish moss.

With her sweet scent, butterflies court her.

But, she’s fickle – sunny one moment and cloudy the next.

*     *     *     *     *

I’m supposed to be working, but I visited Fireblossom and discovered a new challenge.

Thanks to Words Count with Mama Zen, I wrote my first 66 word about April. It’s not poetry, but it was fun:~)


Working Hard

by Sara on April 8, 2014



I’m working hard to complete a project and will be away from my blog.

I still plan to visit, but will not have a new post until I return.

If you’ve stopped by, I thank you and here are a few older posts you might enjoy:

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See you soon:~)




What Gives Me Hope

by Sara on March 24, 2014

Spring-Flowers_480Colorful flowers in springtime

A baby’s toothless smile

Sunshine peeking through trees

Rain quenching dry dirt

A happy news story

Open mouthed baby birds

Conversations full of laughter

Anger dissolving into compromise

Moments of awesome beauty

Glowing lights dispersing darkness

Tears turning into laughter

Minute long warm hugs

Mistakes merging into wisdom

People helping other people

Forgiveness releasing old hurt

Dreams that come true

*     *     *     *     *

So, tell me true. What gives you hope?

 P.S. Talking about dreams coming true, I want to congratulate a blogging friend, Chris Edgar, who recently made his dream come true.

Some time ago, he was on a plane and had this crazy dream of developing his own musical. While other people would have stayed in their comfort zone, Chris decided to go after this dream He’s proof dreams come true if you make them happen.

It took  a lot of time and hard work, but he just released the first episode of his animated musical, Steve’s Quest. Click on the link and watch it. You’ll enjoy it:~)


The Oracular Tree

by Sara on March 18, 2014

tree1_480You’re walking down this brick road and hear a voice say, “Wait! I want to talk to you.”

You stop and look around, but don’t see anyone nearby. You call out, “Who said that?”

A deep rumbling voice answers, “It’s me, the oak tree. Don’t you see me? I’m big enough!”

You shake your head and think maybe you’re going a bit crazy.

“You’re not crazy. I’m an Oracular Tree. I’ve been here for years without anyone hearing me. You must have great powers of divination. I bet your ancestors were Druids.”

You stare at the tree. It doesn’t move. The wind tosses its moss a bit, but that’s about it. Finally, you decide some kids are playing a joke on you. You think it’s time to leave.

“Don’t leave me! I have prophecies to tell. Please, please don’t leave…”

Now, you ARE stumped. How did the tree know you were about to leave when you just thought about it? Curious, you decide to check this out.

Hmmmmm. There’s a large green bush near the tree. You head for it and sit down next to the big roots of the oak tree.

Is it your imagination or did the tree actually smile at you? Now, you’re not just hearing things; you’re also seeing them.

The tree says, “Want to hear about the future? I can tell lots of things.”

You sigh and say, “I’m not sure I want to know the future.”

The moss suddenly sways above you and you hear leaves rustle.

“What kind of Druid are you? They always want to know the future! How about this, I’ll tell you something amazing.”

You think about it for only a second. The temptation is too great to hear something amazing. You nod and this is what the tree tells you….

Your photo challenge

Write the amazing prophecy the oak tree tells you. Creativity is welcomed as is humor.

Quickie Question

What’s your favorite kind of tree and why?