Time Away

I will not be posting to my blog through the month of June. I’m taking the month off.

However, I will continue to visit. I may not visit every week, but I will stop by as often as I can to find out what you’re writing and say “hi.”

I wanted to leave you this “oldie, but goodie” to think about:


So, be happy in whatever you are doing.  Have a great June:~)

Gossip Girls

Flower-GossipThis picture made me think of two young girls.

To me, they look like they’re  whispering secrets to each other or maybe sharing some “gossip.”

What say you?

As always, you have a choice…

You can answer one question, take on one challenge, do it all, or just say “hi.”

Story Photo Challenge One

  1. What are the flower’s names?
  2. What or who is the topic of their gossip?
  3. What would you say to them?

Story Photo Challenge Two

Write a brief dialogue between the flowers.

Have fun!

Topsy-Turvy Times

At-the-beach1Things have been topsy-turvy in my world lately.

So, my sweet hubby surprised me with a few days at the beach.

We spent Wednesday through Sunday soaking up warm sunshine.

However, I went off-line, which is why I missed my visits last week.

But we’re back now. Here are a few pictures of the beach we always visit.

2015-beach-pictureThere’s something special about the many colors of gulf waters!


the-hunter-2015This Willet hunted in the pools of water for hours, even through storms.


Sunset-Beach-2015And finally, there’s nothing like a beach sunset!