Story Photo: Talking Trees

This is a picture I took at the beach. These trees stood by themselves. They reminded me of people having a conversation. All they needed were beach chairs, umbrellas and a cooler.

Your Challenge

Write a brief dialogue between these two trees. Consider these questions to get you started, but you don’t have to use them:

  • Are they happy with each other?
  • Are they annoyed at the woman who took their picture?
  • Are they kids about to throw a sand ball?

The Extra Credit Challenge

Use all of the following words in your dialogue: (make it easy on me and capitalize the words when you use them)

  • taunt
  • tiger
  • Tasmania
  • teach
  • temptation

Use your imagination. Try to keep it to no more than 150 words.

Let’s Go to the Beach

copyright sara b. healy

Beach Visit

As promised, here are some of my pictures from my visit to the beach. Once again, JC and I traveled about two hours to Cape San Blas, which is a barrier island off of North Florida. It has the most beautiful white beaches I’ve ever seen. They almost look like snow.

Right now, there is a lot of work going to rehabilitate the beaches and allow for the growth of dunes, which protect both the beach and the vacation houses.

Oil Spill

At this writing, this wonderful beach has not been touched by the oil spill. I can’t imagine the devastation that the oil would do to this area, which also provides a living for many fishermen and shrimpers.

Enjoy the Beach

copyright sara b. healy

This is the view from our balcony looking down the beach.

copyright sara b. healy

The waves at our location are usually gentle and friendly.

copyright sara b. healy

What’s the beach without a dog chasing the waves. He’s not ours, but he was fun to watch!

copyright sara b. healy

This was a picture I took looking out at the beach from the BBQ area. It didn’t matter where you were, it was lovely:~)

copyright sara b. healy

I couldn’t resist this young Mockingbird who stopped for a visit. He still has his baby grumpy look.

copyright sara b. healy

It’s illegal to walk on the dunes. In this case, however, the dune picked the walkway and so we got to walk on the dune.

copyright sara b. healy

I liked this picture because of the shadows where the water had carved a jagged path. The sandcastle stayed the entire day.

copyright sara b. healy

I believe this is a mama dolphin and her little one. I love the dolphins. May they stay safe!

copyright sara b. healy

The fences are to help build the dunes. I liked the evening colors on these.

copyright sara b. healy

Golden waves display themselves at the end of the day.

Time for Goodbye

I hope you enjoyed these photographs. I wish they could truly capture the magic of the beach, but I don’t think a camera has been invented yet to do that.

I promised myself to end this post on a positive note. I hope these pictures will remind all of us how fragile our environment is and our responsibility to maintain what we have been blessed to receive:~)

Sitting Empty on the Beach

lonely-beach-chair1The Lonely Beach Chair

I didn’t notice it at first because I was so excited to be back at the beach. Plus, it was surrounded by other beach-goers who were enjoying the late afternoon sun, decked out with chairs, umbrellas and coolers.

It wasn’t until everyone had left, having taken their beach paraphernalia with them, that I finally saw it. It was sitting by itself, facing out into the waves.

There was a sadness about this chair that struck me, even from a distance. I figured someone must have left it there for a reason.

lonely-beach-chair2But after dinner I saw the chair again. The sun had just set, leaving a finger of light sparkling across the water. I couldn’t believe someone hadn’t come for this chair, or at least moved it farther from the wash of the waves.

It sat alone; a plain, simple beach chair. I thought about moving it, but wondered if someone wanted it to stay there for a reason. So, I left it.

The next morning I drank my coffee outside on the deck. The chair was still in the same place, sitting patiently at the water’s edge. I felt some relief because it hadn’t been washed away or run over by the vehicle that had made those circles in the sand.

During the day I watched as people came and went. Some laid on their beach towels right next to the chair. No one ever touched it olonely-beach-chair3r put a towel on it, or pulled it over for an extra, unexpected visitor. The fisherman didn’t even make use of this seat; preferring to wade out into the waves to cast his line.

I wondered who had left it and why. Was it destined to be swept away by the waves? It looked sturdy enough and certainly would be a good chair for someone. Still, no one claimed it.

The Chairman of the Beach

Day turned to night again. The sun put on a glorious show, and amidst the glow from the vibrant sky, the lonely beach chair seem lonelier.

By this point, I had become quite attached to this chair. JC kept asking me why I didn’t just take it, but I didn’t feel right about doing that. The chair seemed to be waiting patiently. Maybe its owner would come back.

lonely-beach-chair4On our last day at the beach I woke and checked on the chair again. To my surprise, there was a man sitting in it. I looked closer through the lens of my camera. This man looked familiar.

Curious, I walked down to the beach and lo and behold, it was JC, my boyfriend! He was sitting comfortably in the chair drinking his morning coffee.

I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to me with a big smile on his face. “I couldn’t stand hearing you talk about this lonely chair anymore,” he said. “So, I decided to sit with it for awhile. Now, you can take a picture of the two of us to remember that someone did enjoy this lonely little beach chair.”

What a special man he is. Don’t you agree?

My Beach is Your Beach


Photo by Shane Kato

Beach Love

This year, I didn’t make my late summer pilgrimage to the beach and I miss my dose of beach love. For as long as I can remember, Florida beaches have entranced me. I can honestly say there’s no other place on Earth I’d rather be than on a Florida beach, especially the Gulf beaches. Here, our beaches still have the white sand, high dunes and sea oats.

I settle for brief visits and perhaps that’s wise, for if I lived here year round I wonder if I would find the beach so enthralling. For me personally, it’s around long enough to make me want more, but not enough for me to become tired of it.

Since I can’t be at the beach this year, I looked for some writings from past visits that remind me of how I feel about spending time there. I’m sharing these just in case some of you have also missed your dose of beach love this summer.

Beach Light

The beach amazes me! Yesterday, I took an evening walk just as the sun was beginning to set. It was rather still and quiet, but a dark storm cloud was rapidly cutting across the sky, highlighting everything in front of it. I wish I had the words to capture that special light. It’s like God cleaned the window.

Everything was crystal clear and the colors vibrant; the grays seemed to jump out instead of blending in. The dark clouds scared me. I started to turn back, fearing I’d be caught in a rainstorm, but the storm held off as if waiting for the sun to set.

So, I too waited and watched as the sun cast its fading rays on two young boys fishing in the breaking waves. There was something surreal about this scene, as if I had stepped into a living, breathing picture.

No photographer or painter I’ve come across has fully captured this atmosphere of a beach right before a storm. I suppose it changes so quickly; too fast for the shutter or the brush. Or maybe Mother Nature planned it that way.

Beach Storm

The sun overtakes the beach.

It’s hard to move fast at the beach. The sun steals your energy, almost like a hypnotic drug inducing a lethargy that’s perfectly justifiable. Hours fade into the sound of the waves.

A beach storm moves in quickly, building over the land and spilling its dark gray clouds over the water. For one moment the bright sky can hurt your eyes, the air is warm and inviting, and then it chills and quickens, making the windsock dance like a marionette.

The gray of the storm clouds turn the water a shade of aquamarine in contrast to the bright white sand. Everything becomes still. The laughter of the children has been chased away by the constant drums of thunder. Beach umbrellas, chairs, and coolers have disappeared, having been hurriedly carried to shelter; even the birds take shelter.

The storm overtakes the sun.

If you’re a beach-lover like me, reflect on what you love about it. Perhaps you remember collecting shells, and appreciating sunrises or sunsets, the sound of the waves, the birds and children playing, or whatever you see in your mind’s eye:~)

*      *     *     *     *

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