Picture Story: What is it?

what am I?

I took this picture in 2008 in Switzerland.

Soon, we’re going back to the land of tall-regal mountains, flower-filled meadows and cautious-climbs that take your breath away.

I mean climbs that literally take your breath, like you can’t catch your breath for ages, your heart feels like it’s going to bounce out of your body and your legs are screaming “STOP, did you forget you’re from FLAT Florida?”

Enough of that; let’s move on to the challenges….

Your Creative Challenge: What is it?

  1. Is it an animal, an alien, an artistic anomaly, or possibly an android? By the way, you don’t have to stick with the letter “a.” I was just having fun:~)
  2. If it could talk, what’s the first word it would say to you?
  3. Where did it come from? (Switzerland doesn’t count!)
  4. What’s its favorite thing to do?

This challenge is for those who want to exercise their creativity and imagination. The answer to the Quickie Challenge is only acceptable if you make it into something that’s a fiction of your mind.

Quickie Challenge:

This challenge is for those who are busy and need to comment quickly. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings…too much:~)

What is this really a picture of? Here’s your hint:

I have no head, and a tail I lack,
But oft have arms, and legs, and a back;
I inhabit the palace, the tavern, the cot-
‘Tis a beggarly residence where I am not.
If a monarch were present (I tell you no fable),
I still should be placed at the head of the table.

Source: I couldn’t find the author for this riddle, but here’s the site.

Story Photo: The Bulldozer

What if LIFE had a bulldozer? You could dump anything and everything bugging you into a pile and the Life Bulldozer would pick it up and take it away. All gone! Goodbye:~)

What would you like bulldozed out of your life? Leave your answers in the comment box:~)

Results of “The Happy Ending” Challenge

This was a challenge to write a happy ending for the above picture. To be a winner and included in the link list, you had to do TWO things:

1) Included the following sentence:  Although the picture appears to have an unhappy ending, here’s what really happened…

2) Write a happy ending for the picture in 50 words or less.

The Winners

Best of Dark Humor Shay, Shay’s Word Garden
Cool Cat looked back on the night he had had. That fish skelly would have been good, but the fat man had chased him away. Where is the love, wondered Cool Cat as he walked coolly (how else?!) down the alley. Then he saw the fat, flightless bird. Joy!

Best Magical Happy Ending Carrie, Cherry Blossom Tattoo
The spell had been broken at last! The rejected Witch hadn’t forseen the real, passionate love a twitcher can have for the song birds she watched and listened too. Just a little peck and feathers had molted; he stood before her, a glorious reinstated, naked man…… Sara grinned. And Sara DID grin:~)

Best Take on a Movie Lynn, good things happened
And when the audition for “Angry Birds – The Movie” was over, the Cardinally challenged Gordon realized he had shed feathers and gone through all that red dying for nothing. As usual, Handsome Harold got the part.

Most Clever Comment  Kelvin, Puppet Kaos
The bobcat ate the bird. The bobcat had a good meal is now happy. The end.

While not part of Kelvin story ending, the following explains his ending and why I found it clever. Of course, I am aware that most people won’t consider that a happy ending; I don’t. I just want to point out that, sometimes, whether a story has a happy ending or not depends on who you are cheering for.

Most Clever Comment to Another Comment Amy L, 3 t0 9 Travels
The bobcat and the bird spent the night cuddled together, protecting one another from the elements. When dawn broke, the bobcat groomed its good friend, the bird, ridding it of any diseased feathers. The bird was able to fly away, free and healthy. Note: Amy loses ½ a point for not including the FULL sentence that was supposed to precede her “happy ending.” However, her response to Kelvin’s story was great:~)

Best Fight Scene Linda, From Rainbows to Roses
Bert and Chuck were arguing over who had the best nest-building skills, and soon feathers were flying. Nearby sat Monty, watching the whole thing and shaking his head. When the fight was over, Monty swooped in an gathered a beak full of feathers. Now who has the best nest-building skills?

Sweetest Ending Klara
She recognized that the sweet little birds were not killed by her cat. It was sweetest thing in her life when she saw: the cat was sleeping in the grass while the birds were jumping around her.

Gold Stars

All the replies were excellent, clever and definitely made me laugh. Gold stars to everyone. Feel free to copy and save yours:~) I thank everyone who participated in this contest.


My Distinguished Award


Guess what? Someone thinks I’m a Kreativ Blogger! YEAH. Come join me in the celebration! And if anyone can get us in the mood, it’s Kool and the Gang!! So, start the video, get up from your chair and do a little dance. Come on, it’s FUN:~)

Kreativ Blogger Award

I’ve just received this award  from my new friend, Shay, of both Word Garden and Objets D’art. Shay is a wonderful poet and features her poetry on her site, Word Garden. It is beautiful, touching, witty and downright funny; a combination I simply cannot resist:~)

Her other site, Objets D’art, is best described in the subtitle:

“Reflections from a life devoted to elegance and beauty. Also, the wisdom of Bill Cosby, whose spirit lives inside my toaster.”

How can you resist a subtitle like this? This site features a diverse group of characters who are as funny as they are elegant. I highly recommend that you visit one or both of these sites!

New Rules to Challenge You

As part of receiving this award, you are supposed to list seven “interesting” things about yourself. Having received this award before, I thought it would be fun to change the game around a bit; to give you something challenging. I’m exercising my ‘Kreativ’ personality, plus… you know how I like a challenge:~)

Therefore, I am listing 10 things; seven of which are true and three are not. I’m challenging you to pick the three that are NOT true.

Whether or not you deem any of these things interesting… well, that’s up to you:~)

A Little About Me

Which three of the following do you think are not true?

  1. On my 13th birthday, instead of a cake, I had a watermelon with candles .
  2. When I was a kid, I jumped into an empty swimming pool and knocked myself out.
  3. I once won a hula hoop contest and because of this, got to meet Michael Landon (Little Joe) of Bonanza fame.
  4. My second toe is longer than my first, which according to legend means I’m bossy. Who me?
  5. I was once featured on The Weather Channel.
  6. When I was 15, I made a dress and won a sewing contest.
  7. I got lost in Pompeii, Italy with no money, no passport and was rescued by a very handsome Italian.
  8. As a kid, I participated in cattle roundups and drives on horseback.
  9. I was kicked out of the London Ritz Hotel for wearing “inappropriate” clothing.
  10. When I was five, a movie was made in my home town and I was selected to be one of the extras.

Award Nominations

Another rule for receiving the Kreativ Blogger Award is to nominate seven other bloggers for the award.

Hmm. One interesting fact about me that I DIDN’T put on the above list is that I don’t like to follow rules!

Therefore, instead of seven people, I am nominating three for this award. All three bloggers are relatively new to my site, as I am to theirs. However, I think their sites are very “Kreativ” and they deserve this award.

To be perfectly honest, I have a second motive for their nomination: I’m curious and hope to entice them to share more about themselves.

So, without further adieu, here are my Kreativ Blogger Award Nominees:

Keith at Easy Public Speaking
Hilary of Positive Letters…Inspirational Stories
Josh of World’s Strongest Librarian

Do visit their sites. I think you’ll greatly enjoy the variety of topics as well as the humor:~)

Picture Story: Ask and Answer

Picture A

I’m lazy

It’s an absolutely beautiful day where I’m at. The sun is out and it’s almost warm.

Now, I’m not trying to make those of you shoveling a new pile of snow off your walkway jealous, but this is the kind of day that hollers, “Come outside.”

It’s the kind of day that begs you to play and well, I like to play:~)

So, I’m putting up this post and then I’m playing hooky the rest of the day!

Picture Story Challenge

Here’s your challenge today.

Use at least one of the pictures included in this post. Make up your own question about the picture and answer it.

Be sure you indicate the picture you used and include BOTH your question and your answer in the comment box.

Oh, if you see a question that someone else asked that’s perfect for you to answer, go for it! Just be sure you to say whose question you are answering in your comment.

Extra Credit

If you want extra credit, you tell why you chose a particular picture or ask and answer more than one picture!

Picture B

Picture C

As always, have fun, be creative and enjoy:~)