Story Photo: Find the Quote

This is a picture taken in Switzerland of a pool in a park located in the center of a very big and active city. I sat at this park for quite awhile enjoying the peacefulness of this place.

I could hear the water tumbling over the rocks and falling into the pool below. As I sat watching and listening, the noisy sounds of the city began to fade. I became absorbed in this quiet scene.

Later when I returned home and saw this picture again, I remembered how I felt. I wrote the following quote to go with this picture. “Even when life is noisy, quiet moments can call to us like whispers. It’s up to us to listen for them.”

The Challenge

Head over to The Quote Garden, or your favorite site for finding quotes and pick a quote you think matches this picture.

Special Challenge

If you pick this challenge, be sure to put SPECIAL CHALLENGE with your comment, along with the number of which option you chose. BTW you are welcome to do both:~)

1) What quote would you write for this picture?

2) What poem would you like to share about this picture? Keep it under 55 words.

Quickie Challenges

Got a busy day and don’t have time to do the challenges?  You can still participate. Just answer one or more of the following questions about this picture. Be sure to include the question with your reply in the comment box.

  1. How does this picture make you feel?
  2. Is there a place where you live that you visit to be calm and peaceful? Describe it.
  3. When life is feeling very hectic for you, what brings you peacefulness?

Have fun, be creative and enjoy:~)