A Picture for Your Thoughts


What do you see in this picture?

When I first took this picture I knew it had something to show me, but I couldn’t see it right then.  So I saved it in my Favorites folder and looked at it occasionally.

It remained there until this morning at 2 am when I awoke with it in my mind. I knew it was asking me to take a closer look.

So I did.  What I saw was more than a drop of water about to fall.

I saw the second before a leap of faith.
I saw a dream about to be realized.
I saw an AH-HA moment about to happen.
I saw the moment before a hope is answered.

To me, this picture is about possibilities. It’s that moment when we let go and reach for something new.

What do you see? I’d like to know your thoughts.

I invite you to share them with others by leaving a comment.