Story Photo: Box of Love

Ladies and Gents, come closer! I welcome you to this day of love.

We have an amazing show for you today.

It will cost you nothing, but possibly give you everything,

But you must take a risk.

You must let go of your beliefs of what is real or what is not.

You see at the top of this page a simple box of love.

It is just a box, made of painted cardboard.

If you opened it, it would appear empty.

But you and I believe differently, don’t we?

Inside this box, love sits waiting for your call.

Ladies and Gents, do I have your attention now? Are you ready for the box of love?

Let’s turn down the lights and let the magic begin….

The Challenge

Let’s start with some easy steps to awaken the box.

You there, come! Yes, you. Now, don’t be afraid…it’s a simple thing I ask of you; just stare at this box and let the box of love speak to you.

If you let it, it will teach you wondrous things. Come, let it spin around your head like a sweet smelling scent that you can’t resist. Now, just answer these questions:

  • What’s one thing you love about yourself?
  • If love could change one thing in this world, what would it change?
  • What does love look like to you?

The Special Challenge

Ladies and Gents, this next challenge is not for faint of heart. You must possess a strong belief in the powers of love to try your hand at this challenge.

I have told you this box is empty. You must go deep inside yourself and fill it with your own love intentions. Do not do this lightly. I must warn you this box may look innocent, it is not. It is powerful beyond your imagination, just like love.

Here are the rules for giving love intentions to the box:

1)  Close your eyes and think about where you want your love to go today and what you want it to do.
2)  Complete this phrase and then repeat it only three times: My love intention is….
3)  With only your mind, place your love intentions into the box.

Ah, Ladies and Gents do you see how your love intentions have joined the others? This is the power of love; the more you give, the more the world gets.

So, come now. Is there anyone in the audience who wants to share their love intentions in the comment box? Please do be polite, as I know you, Ladies and Gents, would be.

Remember, you do not have to share your intentions because the magic of this box of love is so strong that even if you do not share, it will still send your intention onward.

Just for you…

Now, ladies and gents, there is still one more trick in this box of love. Each of you gets to reach inside this box and remove one love intention. This is just for you and not to share. Hold it deep in your heart, believe in it and let it fill you with its warm and joyful energy.

Well, Ladies and Gents, sadly we have come to end of our show today. I thank you greatly for participating today. I hope you will return and please do bring your friends and neighbors.:~)

Story Photo: End the Story

Note: I want to apologize to anyone who tried to access my site on late Friday and Saturday this week and found my site down. The problem hopefully has been corrected:~)

Sea nymphs, Greek gods and magic balls

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful sea nymph named Idothea. She was the daughter of Proteus, a prophetic old sea-god and the herdsman of the seals of Poseidon. She loved her father very much and they lived peacefully among the seals.

One day, however, Lamia, a shark-shaped sea Deamon rushed into the seal herd and began to kill them. Porteus immediately came to the aid of his precious seals. Lamia captured him as her prisoner, which had been her original purpose.

She told Idothea that she would release her father if Idothea brought her a human man to eat within a week. You see Lamia’s favorite meal was not seals. No, she was the devourer of men, especially sailors.

Because of massive storms, attributed to global warming created by the excesses of the Greek gods, human men had been unable to go out in their boats. As Lamia’s powers depended on her diet of sailors, she was becoming desperate.

Finding help

Idothea was terrified, but determined to find help. She went to the Nereides and told her story. The Nereides wanted to help, but as the protectors of sailors, they could not. Instead, they came up with a different solution.

They told Idothea that she had to find three glass magic balls. While each of these glass balls had separate powers, they were most powerful when used together.

The Nereides told Idothea how to find the glass balls and what she had to do with them to save her father. It would not be an easy task….

What is the ending?

Idothea needs your help in creating the ending of this story. She needs to find the magic glass balls and then use them to save her father. This is where the challenges come into play:~)

As usual, there are two challenges. You can do both or just one; it’s up to you.

The Challenge

You can choose to answer one, two or all of these questions. Of course, the more you answer; the more you help Idothea:~)

  • Where can Idothea find the glass balls?
  • What are the powers of each ball?
  • How do the glass balls gain additional power when put together?
  • What does Idothea have to do with the glass balls to release her father?

The Special Challenge

Using no more than 156 words, write the ending of this story, using the questions above.

Picture Story: The Magic Wand

photograph by sara b. healy

Star wand

Springtime has arrived where I live!!! Everything is in bloom, which is evident on my car as it now looks slightly green, instead of black:~)

The other day I ventured out into my garden to do some weeding. I was absolutely stunned to see that my Daylily flower plant had adopted a star wand.

Yes. You heard right. Growing peacefully from the Daylily was this lovely little star wand. Now, in case you don’t know this, star wands are known for their magical abilities.

They work best for children simply because children still believe in magic. Evidently, that’s very important for a star wand.  If you don’t believe in her powers, she’s unable to use them.

In short, it takes two to make her magic. She has the potential resting inside her like a seed, but it only blooms into magic if one believes.

I think we should see if little star wants work, don’t you?

Your challenge

Today’s challenge is also a gift. You get to help this newly born star wand become a full fledged magic wand. In return, she will grant you your wish.

You have this power; it is deep inside your soul and you must reach for it. There are some rules, however that must be followed:

1.  You must believe in magic and the powers of the Universe to answer your request. If you don’t believe, there is nothing you can do for the star wand or she for you.

2.  You must say the following words to her three times in a row – this is very important.  If you get interrupted while saying these words, you must start over.

Oh, lovely star wand of one
Basking in the spring sun,
I respectfully ask of thee
Grant this special wish for me.

Don’t be shy; say the words nice and loud so she can hear you! Come on….you can do it…say it a little louder:~)

I have been told by the spring fairies that doing this will grant the star wand her powers and, in turn, she will grant your wish:~)

Your comments

While you don’t have to share your wish — that’s between you and the star wand, here are some things you can share in your comments.

  • Share your feelings about magic and whether or not, you believe wishes can come true.
  • Share a time when you made a wish and it came true.
  • How do you feel about the belief that the Universe will answer our request or wishes if we believe?

May all your wishes come true:~)

The small print:~)This site does not guarantee your wish will be granted. Belief is difficult to measure and varies from person to person. It is known that the more you trust in your own belief, the more likely the star wand will grant your wish. However, truth in advertising requires us to mention that some star wands are persnickety and their wish granting takes a bit longer. Be patient:~).

The power of make-believe


It’s not unusual for children to have invisible friends or to believe their teddy bears can talk. I think their ability to suspend reality and play make-believe is a wonderful gift.

Studies have shown that children know the difference between make-believe friends and reality, but they choose to travel between the two worlds. I envy this ability. It’s a bit like magic.

Magic is for all ages

We’re fascinated by magicians and their magic tricks. Think about David Copperfield and Criss Angel, or the magician we hire for our kid’s birthday party. Whether an elephant disappears or a flower becomes a white rabbit, we know the magician is doing a trick. Even as adults, we still feel that sense of awe and joy from imagining what we see is real, and not make-believe.

Unfortunately, most adults think this is just for kids. They grow up and imagination gives way to logic. I think this is sad. As adults, we need to use our imagination more often and watch how kids traverse between the real and the pretend when they play make-believe.

Exercise your imagination

I’m not advocating that we should create invisible friends or run around our neighborhood pretending to be Superman. But I do believe we can benefit from the creativity and the magical thrill of make-believe. I think this helps us exercise our imagination and create things we didn’t think were possible.

Need some ideas? Here are some ways you can exercise your imagination.

Mind Mapping – This is a great way to combine creativity and imagination. A mind map is a diagram using a non-linear, intuitive approach to problem-solving, decision-making and brainstorming. Give it try. It can be a lot of fun. If you want more information, check out my post about mind mapping.

Freestyle Writing – Write whatever comes to mind, without censoring or editing it. This is useful when you have writer’s block or are trying to solve a problem. The key is to be spontaneous and creative, giving your imagination free rein. I had a friend who made word circles when she was stuck on something. While the words only had meaning for her, to me they were works of art.

Create a Collage – Use your imagination and create a collage. Any combination of mediums will do, including pictures from magazines, drawings, pieces of fabric and photographs. The idea is to imagine something and then use the collage to bring it into reality.

These are just a few ideas you can try, or maybe you have some of your own. Use your imagination and step into the world of make-believe and magic. Who knows, maybe you could actually make one of your dreams come true.

“Logic only gives a man what he needs; magic gives him what he wants.” Tom Robbins

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What does magic or make-believe mean to you today?

What’s one of your favorite memories from playing make-believe?

What does the Tom Robbins’ quote mean to you?