Fun Photo Challenge

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Okay, this is a Long Tailed Skipper feeding at my Lantana plant during the summer…or is it?

Look closer at the back of the Skipper. It helps to click on the picture to see it larger. Study it with your eyes:~)

Photo Challenge

What do you see and describe it?

Quickie Challenges

Do you prefer butterflies or moths and why?

Which is the Long Tailed Skipper – a butterfly or a moth?

Story Photo: What’s Around the Bend

Where I live there are numerous canopy roads. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve never been able to get a decent picture of the roads because they are tree-lined, narrow and frequently in use. Consequently, there’s no safe place to pull over and take pictures.

Lynn, author of Good Things Happened, shows beautiful pictures of Atlanta and other areas around there on her site. She frequently takes “windshield pictures,” but is always careful to mention she’s stopped when she takes these pictures. It’s fun to see what Lynn “sees” in her world. When you visit her site, be sure to click on the pictures to see them enlarged. They are lovely:~)

I figured if she could do it, it was worth a try. I took this picture from my car. It wasn’t easy, but I was lucky this day. The road was clear, allowing me to slow down and snap the picture. I liked it.

What struck me about this picture is that I captured the “bend in the road” and, of course, this made me think of the following story photo challenge:

Imagine you’re driving this road and are about to go around the bend, what do you see?

Ideas to play with: (Pick one you like)

1)  Create a short conversation about what you see between you and a passenger in the car about what’s around the bend.

2)  Describe whatever is around the bend in as much detail as you can.

3)  Make up something crazy and wild; something that will make me laugh out loud.

Quickie Challenge

Tell me about a favorite road in your area. Why do you like it? What’s special about the road? How do you feel when you’re on the road, whether driving, a passenger or walking?


Story Photo: Friend or Foe

While walking in the woods, I came across these ferns. I got uneasy because they moved as if to hide someone or something.

“It’s just the wind.” I reassured myself. The ferns moved again ever so slightly

An uncertain shiver ran up my spine. I called out, “Who’s there?”

There was no answer, just the rustling of dried leaves.

I mustered my courage and called, “Are you friend or foe?”

The Photo Challenge

Answer one, two or all of these questions:

1) Who or what is hiding amongst the ferns?

2) What will it say to me?

3) Briefly describe it.

Extra Credit Challenge

Write out a short dialogue between me and whoever or whatever is hiding in the ferns. You can continue the dialogue I started. If you do this, just copy the last line and add your own finish.

Quickie Question

Answer the question: “Are you friend or foe?”

Story Photo: Valentine Picture

Picture One: The Green Heart

Picture Two: The Pink Flower and the Bee

Picture Three: The Doves

Nature has a way of producing natural heart shapes. Although it’s not common, it can be found if you look for it. Do you see the “heart” in these pictures? Look closely:~)

Today’s Valentine Challenge

Imagine these pictures are on the cover of a Valentine’s Day card. Pick one and write the message inside the card and relate it to the picture.

For example, I picked the doves and my message inside the card is “Together we create one heart, my love.”

Quickie Question

For those of you who need to stop and go, here’s a quick question: Are you a fan of Valentine’s Day or not?

If you want to go beyond “yes” or “no,” consider adding the reason(s) for your answer.

Have fun, enjoy and be creative!