What’s the News Story?


You want to be a reporter, but so far the media just hasn’t given you the time of day!

But you’re always out looking for an interesting news story.

A story to capture the attention of both mainstream media and maybe even a few tabloids.

After yet another rejection note from a “We Publish Anything,” you decide to take a walk.

On your walk, you notice your neighbor has a new fence.

Something about the fence catches your photojournalist eye.

You  decide to take a closer look.

As you approach, you see something strange in the wood.

OMG…this is your chance!!!

You pull out your phone and take the picture.

Story Photo Challenge

What did you see in the fence that makes you take a picture?

Who do you interview?

What is the story and why is it news?

Quickie Question

When you look at the picture, what’s the first thing you see?

Don’t think about it, just look:~)








SPC: the woman in the tree


Who is this woman with her face of blue?
Was she a princess, pauper or a shrew?
How did she end up in the branches of a tree?
Why are her eyes closed so she is unable to see?

Who placed the purple scarf with sliver stitch?
Was she a loved one, lost friend or a witch?
How did she end up without a body to hold?
Why is her face covered in a dusting of gold?

This, my friend, is your story to tell.
I trust you to write it very well.

Story Photo Challenge

Here are your choices for this photo challenge:

  1. Answer one or more of the questions posed above.
  2. Write a brief story/poem about this woman in the comment box (try to keep it to 150 words).
  3. If you have more to say, feel free to copy this picture and write about it at your blog. You can use any style of writing.  If you choose this challenge, drop me a comment with a link to your post.  There is no time limit on this choice…take the picture and write when you want.

SPC: Mission Impossible

Doves-at-Night_480ALook closely at this picture. Can you see them? There are two Mourning Doves sitting side-by-side in the dark.

Something about their look and the darkness of the picture reminded me of clandestine missions. I think these two are the stars of a new movie called, “Mourning Dove Mission Impossible.”

So, let me set the scene. Imagine one dove in this picture is Mr. Gray, from the Mourning Dove Impossible Mission Force or MD-IMF. The other dove, Ms. Pink Feet is carrying important information about a secret mission.

Challenge One 

Answer the following questions:

What’s the secret mission?

Who will be part of Mr. Gray’s team?

What task will each team member have?

Challenge Two

Write out a conversation between Mr. Gray and Ms. Pink Feet about the impossible mission.

Creativity is the name of game and so, don’t be afraid to make things up, but do keep in mind the idea of the movie Mission Impossible. Have fun:~)

Quickie Questions

  1. What famous star was in the both the TV Star Trek series and in the Mission Impossible series.
  2. Which do you prefer Star Trek or Mission Impossible and why?


You may have noticed my site hasn’t had any recent activity. I had to change blog hosts and knew my site might be down for a short time. In addition, there was a slim possibility of losing information in the transfer. It’s all done now. Cross your fingers everything is hunky-dory:~)

SPC: What Did the Chickens See?

Jim and I visited a farm in Georgia because he needed to buy some meat for one his FSU dinners. It was a fun drive down tiny country roads and through older Southern towns.

The route to the place totally confused the GPS. We got lost a few times, but finally found the farm.

While Jim went to buy the meat, I wandered out to a huge oak tree where a swing hung from one of its gigantic branches.

As I was enjoying the shade, I heard a rooster crowing and found these three. They were all staring intently away from me at something I couldn’t see (and I looked).

Story Photo Challenge

So, this is your challenge today: What did the chickens see?

Story Photo Challenge 2

I’d love it if you wrote a short dialogue between the rooster and his two hens about what they saw:~)