Photo Contest: I did it!

The Photo Contest

There are no story photo challenges today. This is a celebratory and thank you post.

Most of you know I was participating in a photo contest regarding cats. This weekend I learned that two of the photos were accepted for exhibit. YEAH!!! The header picture and this one were selected to be put in the exhibit and judged.

These two photos were also the ones that received the most votes in the two posts I put up about this contest. My blog readers know how to pick them!

Thank you

I want to thank all of the following people for participating as my photography “judges.” You did a wonderful job. I really could not have done this without you!

Alien Ghost (Raul), Alien Ghost

Belinda, the halfway point


Ellis, desk 49

Ginny, Special Moments In Time

Hilary, Positive Letters

Jannie, Jannie Funster

Jean Sampson — While Jean doesn’t have a link, she visits regularly, always offering very thoughtful comments. I happen to know she’s both an artist and a poet. Perhaps, we’ll get her to share some of her art and poetry one day:~)

Jemina S, Eezy Blogging

Kelvin, Puppet Kaos

Linda, From Roses to Rainbows

Liz, 6birds

Lori, Jane Be Nimble

Lynn, Good things happened

Marinela Reka, Short Poems – Marinela Reka

Stacey, Stacey’s Mothering Moments

Susan, Today’s Path for Healthier Tomorrow

Talon, Talon

TE, The Exception

Special Thanks

J.C. — Jim the Chef, more commonly known as Jim, but called J.C. due to too many Jims in one family:~)

For those of you who don’t know him, Jim is my life partner. He deserves a very BIG, BIG thank you for putting up with me as I took on this photography challenge. He encouraged me, each and every step, to keep going, even though I wanted to stop many times.

Whereas you, my readers, looked at 11 photos, J.C. looked at close to a hundred photos and did so with patience. He might have groaned a bit, but never complained when he heard me say, “I just took some more pictures of Aggie. Come see which ones you like.”

He has been a wonderful gift in my life. I am one lucky woman.

Agatha, a. k. a. Aggie or sometimes “crazy Aggie!”

How could I NOT thank the star of the show? Aggie has been a patient little cat, willing to put up with a camera being constantly in her face. She is a shelter cat. I had looked at pictures and picked a cat before arriving. However, this cat didn’t exactly take to me and bit my hand – not a good beginning!

As I was cleaning my hand, I looked up and in a cage, with two other cats, was this little tabby cat, rubbing against the bars and staring directly at me. At that moment, I realized  I wasn’t picking a cat; the cat was picking me. I’ve not regretted my choice and hopefully, she’s not regretted hers:~)

Story Photo: Photo Contest

Ta Dah, Meet Last Week’s Winners!

No, Aggie is not one of last week’s winners! She is subject of this week’s post and the header picture, which I will explain later. First, I’m excited to announce last week’s winners of the Special Challenge from the post, Story Photo: Walled Garden.

I randomly drew two names from the participants. I thank both of them for participating and encourage you to check out what they wrote. Without further adieu, here they are:

Linda, From Roses to Rainbows

Tina Lane, (Florida) Girl with a New Life.

Linda is a wonderful writer. I always enjoy her “take” on the Story Photo Challenges. Tina is new to my site. I hope you will welcome her and tell her how much work fun it is to visit my site:~)

Last Chance

Okay, it’s Aggie Time! This is your last chance to help me find the photos for the photography contest I’m entering. You may remember in Story Photo: You Be the Judge I told you about this contest featuring cat photographs.

At that time, I had you “judge” some of my photos of Aggie. The three most popular pictures, in priority order, from that post were Pictures 4, 2 and 3. Today’s header features the picture that received the most votes.

If I win a spot, my photograph will be part of an exhibit displayed in May. The contest is open to all photographers, amateur and professional and there can only be three submissions by each photographer.

So, I turn to you again, my blogging friends, to ask you to help pick three more photos. I want to choose my final three from the ones you’ve help me select.

The Challenge

Today, I’m giving you a selection of five new photos to judge (to enlarge the photo, click on it). Your challenge is to pick out your top three photographs and put them in order, with your favorite first. Consider the following questions when selecting your top three photographs:

  1. Which photographs pop out at you and grab your attention?
  2. Are the photographs interesting, not too busy and balanced in the frame?
  3. Are the photographs clear, the colors good and the lighting not too light or too dark?

You can explain your top choices, but it’s not necessary. If you don’t like any of the photos, just put NONE in the comment box. I promise not be offended, but I will sob and tear my hair out in frustration. Fortunately, as I have no video at my site, you will not have to witness this:~)

Your choices

Picture One
Picture Two
Picture Three
Picture Four
Picture Five

Thank You!

I appreciate your help with this, as does Aggie. I must admit she’s grown annoyed at being my photography subject. I didn’t know how annoyed she was until I took this picture of her paws recently and noticed something odd about her middle toe.

NO! Aggie wouldn’t do that! Would she? Than again, you never know with cats:~)

Story Photo Day: Contest Winners


Last week, I put up this photo as my first entry to my new Monday Story Photo post.  I decided the first post would be a photo contest and asked people to submit a story about this photograph. Each story had to be 100 words or less.

I want to thank everyone who submitted a story. I enjoyed all the entries and regret that I could only pick three.

And now without further ado, (drum roll) I am pleased to present the three randomly selected photo contest winners!  I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I did.  Also, I highly recommend visiting their sites. Each has a different and unique way of sharing their thoughts!

Sterling Okura submitted this entry. You can learn more about Sterling at his blog, Bizlift Blog , which focuses on small business growth.  There is always something to learn about helping small businesses grow and improve. I enjoyed his beginner tips!

This secluded shore of the South Pacific island Taha’anui is a historical battleground.  Natives used the branches of this tree to create a giant slingshot with which they lobbed coconuts at the canoes of an invading enemy.

Spearheads and other artifacts of the battle can still be found if you sift through the sand.

Evita Ochel from Evolving Scenes, submitted this entry. Evita’s blog is a place where she shares her passion for nature and our world with inspirational words.  If you visit Evita’s blog, you’ll be in for a treat.  She uses her unique and beautiful photography to express her thoughts about the world.

There once was an Arctic moose who had the most unique antlers in the entire world. He would often walk around with his friends the woolly mammoth and saber tooth tiger, posing for all to see his unique antlers that were like no other. The arctic moose was in fact a little too full of himself, as he thought only his antlers were worth looking at.

One day the arctic moose was busy admiring his antlers in a nearby mirror glacier, when the Ice Age hit. This was all that was left of him:)

Julie, from Random Meanderings submitted this entry.  Her blog tag is moseying, observing, pondering… and finding little gems in the oddest ordinary places. Welcome to my world!  I encourage you to visit Julie’s blog…you will not regret it. She shares her world and her words in a wonderfully calm, peaceful and loving way!

The ancient one quietly remembered how when young she gently opened to release seeds to the wind, scattering young far and wide.  How her form was sculpted by the events of wind, water, and sand.  How her roots kept her firmly grounded and gave her strength as she rose tall to meet the sky, branches proudly spread wide…  She contemplated how she is now, old and bared clean, still happily contributing to life as the perfect perch for children playing games of searching for pirate ships, their giggling and laughter adding continued strength as she patiently waits to return Home.

Story Photo Contest



They say a picture tells a thousand stories.

What story does this one tell you? Want to have some fun? Well, I have a contest for you. Share the story this picture tells you in 100 words or less.  You can use poetry, prose, or freestyle writing to express your story.

I will publish three random submissions next Tuesday. If your story is selected, I will include your name, your blog name (if you have a blog/website), a brief tag line or blog description, and a link back to your blog.

While I welcome comments, please DO NOT put contest submissions into the comment box.

I will only accept submissions that are EMAILED to me through my contact page.  In the subject line put, Photo Story Submission. Also, remember to include the following with your submission:  Your name, the name of your blog, and a tag line or brief blog description (no more than 25 words).

I look forward to your entries and I hope you have lots of fun with this!