Picture Story: Funny Signs

Funny-Sign-1As most of my regular readers know, my daughter lives in London. Even before she settled in London, she made many trips in England as she was student of British history. On several of those trips, we visited her.

Coming from “over the pond”, we were fascinated by the beauty of England, the wonderful people, and the amazing history. In addition, being typical Americans we found the signs in England unique and interesting.

Recently, while looking through some my old photographs of our trips to visit my daughter in England, I found some pictures of road signs I had taken.

I thought these were interesting and sort of fun. Some of you may recognize these and know exactly what they’re for, but others may find them as unusual as I did when I took the pictures.

Your picture story challenge today is to guess the meaning of these signs or have fun and make up your own meaning. You are welcome to include the headline photo in this challenge.

Have fun, be creative and enjoy yourself:~)




Picture Story: Strange but true

Odd-picture_pine-treeBelieve it or not?

As you probably know from visiting this site before, I like taking pictures of odd things; things that remind me of something, are a bit strange, or just strike my fancy.  Some pictures tickle me because they could belong in Ripley’s Believe it or not.

Most of the time, I find things like this in nature. When I take a walk outside with my camera, I often find that simple ordinary things can take on a whole new look or tell a story.  Nature can provide a canvas for creativity.  You just have to look at ordinary things in a different way.

Odd pictures

Here’s a selection of some odd pictures for you to look at.  Each one has something in it that’s a bit strange, weird, or unique.




Picture story challenge

Your challenge today is to pick one picture and write something about it in the comment box. You are free to use any picture in this post, including the one in the beginning.

Here are some questions to get you thinking. You don’t have to answer them all; they’re just to inspire your imagination:

Which is your favorite picture and why?

What name would you give the object in the picture?

What do you think is the purpose of this object?

What’s the brief story behind the object in the picture?

What would this object say if it could talk?

If none of these questions meets your fancy; make up your own and answer it.

Story Photo: What’s at the top of the stairs

whats-at-the-top-of-the-stStory to tell

I took this picture in Basel, Switzerland. It was an impulsive photo I took while we were walking through the town. Something about these stairs captured my attention. To me, they had a story to tell.

If you look at the photo, you can see that the stairs don’t look very used as there are lots of leaves on the steps. Then as you look up, you notice the gate, but you can’t see what’s behind the gate, it’s kind of dark and mysterious, at least to me.

So, as I look at this photo, I wonder what I might have found if I had taken the time to climb to the top of these stairs and walked through the gate. Who or what might have been waiting for me?

What’s the story?

That’s your challenge today: What’s the story about this photo? What, or whom, do you think is at the top of these stairs?

Here are some questions to get you thinking. You don’t have to answer all of them; they’re just to get the wheels of your imagination moving:

Look at all the ivy near the gate? It seems to almost create a canopy at the gate. Why is it there?

Is there a house behind the gate and if so, what does it look like? Is it modern, old, or a combination?

If a person lived at the top of these stairs, who might he or she be? What kind of life do you think this person might live? Is the person old, middle-aged or young? Do others live with the person?

Do you think the stairs look as if no one has climbed them for awhile? How come there are so many leaves on the steps?

Look at this photo, consider the questions above and then let your imagination tell you what, or whom, is at the top of the stairs. It’s okay to be a bit “out there” with your answers. For example, could these stairs be a portal to a new universe?

As usual, share your ideas about this photo in the comment box.

Have fun:~)

Story Photo: What’s the name?


My boyfriend, JC, likes to golf. Sometimes I’ll go with him on these trips and take pictures while he is playing.  On a good day, we move pretty fast, but there are some days when my camera gets a workout, while JC gets a workout…looking for his golf ball.

Truthfully, he’s getting to be a pretty good golfer. By the way, golf isn’t an easy game to play or learn. I mean a golf ball isn’t very big, nor is the hole that you want to place it in. Therefore, you’ve got to appreciate the men and women who love the game enough to go out there and hit that tiny ball again and again.

Golf Carts

I’d like to say that we walk the course and get all that great exercise. But it’s summer in Florida and where we live that means it’s HOT and HUMID. The highs here often get into the nineties, with the humidity even higher. So, it’s usually the golf cart that takes us around.

Personally, I love this as driving a golf cart is a lot of fun.  JC has finally trusted me enough to let me have a go at the wheel as long as I don’t try to race it or drive on the greens, which is a big NO-NO.

Photo  Story Challenge

I saw these two carts side by side and couldn’t resist the picture.  To me, they looked like they are together, you know… like a couple. However, I don’t know their names or what kind of couple they are?

What do you think?

Your challenge today is to come up with a name for each of these carts and briefly explain the reasons for choosing the names you picked. Also, if you want to expand the challenge, tell us a bit more about the story of this couple.

If you decided to participate in this photo challenge (and I really hope you will), just leave your answer in the comment box.

Here are some questions to get you thinking. You don’t have to answer them; they’re just to inspire your imagination:

  • What are the names that first came to your mind when you looked at the carts?
  • What kind of couple do you think these carts are? Are they just friends or lovers?
  • How old do you think they are?
  • How do they feel about each other? Are they happy or not so happy?

Okay, enough of me.  It’s your turn. Give this a challenge a try. I’m hoping you’ll have lots of fun with it:~)