Picture Story: Here’s To Words

man-and-dog_458Copyright: Sara B. Healy

More than a simple photo

I took this picture while traveling by cab to a train station in London. It was one of those “grab the camera and shoot” pictures. I don’t even think I put my reading glasses on, which means I basically took it blind.

To be honest, I was shocked this picture turned out. I had to put my zoom on max; something my camera does not like. It’s not quite that sophisticated and gets annoyed when I ask it to capture images that it thinks are too far away.

But there it was; a moment of kindness in the huge, bustling city of London. That’s what I thought when I first saw this man sitting on the sidewalk, reading his paper and holding his dog.

There was something about the way the sleeping dog was tucked into the man’s arms that was touching to me. I was glad I looked out the window of the cab at that moment.

More than words

I am a blogger who uses pictures a lot to accent my posts and draw a reader visually into my chosen topic. I see the pictures as a window to my post. My hope is that my readers will find what they see in this window interesting enough to continue to read what I’ve written.

Sometimes I use my own pictures and other times I use the wonderful stock photos that others have taken. I always try to give the photographer credit, even though I have the rights to use the photo.

Generally, I try to pick a picture that will accentuate whatever headline I’ve chosen for my post. This leads me to today’s story picture challenge.

Instead of me choosing a picture to match the headline, I’m asking you to create the headline to match the picture.

What headline would you write to accompany this picture? Can you put it into words?

PLEASE NOTE:  This headline does NOT need to be a keyword headline. This is just for fun :~)

Story Photo Challenge: Come Toot Your Horn!


This is a picture I took on a steam boat that regularly cruises Lake Geneva in Switzerland. I loved it because it reminded me of a horn. I never did determine exactly what it was, but when I looked at it with its big red face, it made me smile.

I like to imagine it is the boat’s horn. I like to think it would bellow say, “I’m here and I’m special. Pay attention to me!”

This is something we all need now and then; a chance to toot our own horn!

That’s your challenge today. Share in the comment box something special about yourself. It can be something you’ve recently accomplished, are planning to do, or just something you think makes you special.

Now, don’t say that you haven’t anything to share. Everyone has something special they can share.

foot-massage_postI’ll get things started. I’m going to  massage my feet in an old foot massager my elder daughter left behind.  As I’ve never done this before, I think this is special.

Come on, give it a go and let us join you in celebrating the special person you are.

Toot your horn and enjoy:~)

Story Photo Challenge: What do you see?


When you were a kid did you ever stare at something until you could see a face in it? I used to love doing this. I would see a lion roaring in the bathroom rug, an old man in our wooden floors or an elephant trumpeting in the clouds.

It always fascinated me that our eyes can see something innocuous, like a rug, and our brains will fill in the blanks to create something we recognize.

So, here is your challenge on this Photo Story Monday.

Look at the photo of this tree trunk and share in the comment box what you see in it.  If you want to go a step further, also share a brief story about what you see.

Have fun with this. Just look at the tree trunk and see what your brain tells your eye is there.


Photo Story Challenge: Introducing Oscar


Oscar the Grouch

I met Oscar in Aigle, a town near Leysin, Switzerland, where I’m staying for a month.  I nicknamed him Oscar the Grouch because he looks so grouchy. Oscar is sort of celebrity in his town, even with that perpetual frown on his face.  Visitors, like me, always want to take his picture!

My boyfriend, JC, took one look at him and said that he’d hate to have to introduce Oscar to anyone, which leads me to my challenge for you.

Welcome speech

Oscar is coming to visit your town.  You’re the lucky one who’s been selected to give the welcome speech.  Your challenge is to briefly introduce Oscar to your community.

Okay, now imagine the scene. You’re standing at the podium and looking out on the crowd. They’re looking back at Oscar standing next to you. They’re definitely curious about this strange little fire hydrant man with a frown on his face, but they don’t know whether to like him or not.

You clear your throat and begin by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present Oscar, the fire hydrant from Aigle, Switzerland. Oscar is…”

Now, you fill in the rest in the comment box. You can make up whatever you want about Oscar and his history. Just keep your introduction to 100 words or less.

Here are some questions to get you thinking. You don’t have to answer them; they’re just to inspire your imagination:

1.  Who is Oscar and why is he visiting your town?

2.  What has Oscar done to become a celebrity in Aigle?

3.  What would you say that would get people in your town to like Oscar?

Whatever you do, remember the purpose of the Story Photo Challenge is to be creative, enjoy the challenge and always have fun!