Story Photo: Photo Vision

A Vision Board

This is a different Story Photo post. It doesn’t really have a “challenge” or even a “special challenge,” but it does have a photo and it is about a story:~) By the way, if you want to see the photo larger, just click on it.

I have been participating in a workshop run by Ginny of Special Moments in Time. Ginny created Circle of Dreams to help participants find the time and the people to share their dreams with. In Ginny’s words:

“I have found that when we DREAM and then SHARE our dream with the world, MAGIC HAPPENS.”

Last week’s assignment had three choices:

1) Pick one word that describes how you would like to feel for the rest of the month or year

2) If there’s something you want to change, try looking at it with a different perspective or doing something different, e.g., changing how a room looks. Let us know the results.

3) Create a vision or dream board. It can be for a specific purpose or a board that subconsciously speaks to you.

Given my mood when I looked at these assignments, the vision board seemed the most challenging of all. I’ve never really done one and it seemed like it would take a lot of time. Time is something I’m rather short on right now.

Ginny put her own September Dreamboard up at her site and while traveling the blogosphere, I ran into a few more vision/dream boards. Was this a message?

What’s my Vision?

I finally decided to take on the challenge of creating my own vision board! Could I do it? Would it mean anything to me if I did? Did I really have the time?

Once decided, I started looking through old catalogs and magazines and picking phrases or pictures I liked. The extra bonus was I cleaned out my magazine rack full of ancient old catalogs and magazines. One less housekeeping task to do!

I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about what I selected. There were only two words I Knew I wanted to find. Oddly, after going through 50 magazines, I couldn’t find them. So, I created them myself.

This challenge was fun. Phrases jumped out at me and said “pick me, pick me!” The same was true of pictures. Each represented something about me or about my life.

I can’t even tell you how long this took me because it was so much fun, I forgot about the time. And I answered my own questions. Yes, I did this, it meant a lot to me and the time it took was worth it:~)

What about you?

  • What is one thing – a picture, word, colors, or something else – you would include in your own vision board?
  • If you’ve done one and published at your site, leave a link so others can see it.
  • If you were to do a vision board today, what kind would you do – one about a specific challenge, one about your goals for the next month/year or a general one, like mine?


Story Photo: Building Castles

Beach Sandcastles

One thing I used to love to do at the beach was build sandcastles. When my kids were young, we would often build sandcastles. Well, actually they would start the sandcastle and then I’d finish it.

This is because I wasn’t content with the castle being a one turret deal. Nope, I liked it have a strong foundation and an impenetrable moat around it.

I would make sure we built the castle far enough away from the tide line so that it could survive the oncoming water. They did survive, at least the day.

Destroy the castle

After that, the efforts to destroy the castle began. They’d come from different directions — a dog running playfully, a speed walker who didn’t look down and sometimes my own sweet little girls, who believed strongly in “reconstruction.” I sigh at this memories of castles falling:~)

This sandcastle began with a dad and his young children. Needless to say, the dad eventually completed it with the children checking on his efforts every once in awhile. They did such a good job, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of it.

The Challenge

When you look at this sandcastle overlooking the water, what do you think of?

While you’re thinking, here are some questions to consider. Remember, you don’t have to answer them all. Just leave your thoughts in the comment box.

  • If you built sandcastles, what do you remember most about the activity?
  • How long did your sandcastle last? Were your castles elaborate or simple?
  • If you never had a chance to build a sandcastle, what did you build when you were little? Was it fun?
  • What’s the question I didn’t ask that you want to answer? Be sure to include your question with your answer!

The Special Challenge

It’s back…are you ready for it? The special challenge today is to make up a brief story about this castle. If you decide to do this challenge, I will include your name and a link to your site in next week’s Story Photo Challenge.

Rules to Follow

I’m giving you no hints for this special challenge, but there are some rules — fewer than the last time, fortunately:~)

1) You must include “Special Challenge” in your comment.
2) Keep the story to no more than 150 words

Have fun, be creative and enjoy:~)

In my previous Story Photo challenge post, I asked you tell me whether or not I had altered the picture. I left a comment with the correct answer at the post. If you missed it, however, the answer is that I did not alter the picture, except for the size.

This was all done by Nature and thankfully, she doesn’t need Photoshop:~)

Story Photo: Is it the Same?

Photo Technology

Today’s photography is so different from when I was a kid. At that time, most of the photos were still black and white and you couldn’t make any changes in them.

Not like today. With photo technology, digital photos can be easily and quickly edited using programs like Photoshop, Google Picasa and GIMP, just to name a few. They can even be edited on an iPhone with a special application.

Today, color photos can become black and white and for those more talented than I, black and white can be colorized.

Change Things

Okay, enough of the photography lesson. I decided that today’s challenge I’m going to change things and give you a break from writing stories and answering lots of questions.

Don’t get me wrong, I love your replies to the questions and the inventive stories you create, I just think it’s good to keep things simple every once in awhile.

The Challenge

While I did change the size of this photo so that it fits my site, I challenge you to tell me if I have modified it in any other way. If you think I did modify it, tell what you think I changed about it.

That’s your challenge. Please include your answers in the comment box.

Special Challenge

Now, I know some of you may want more. If The Challenge isn’t enough for you, I welcome you to invent your own special challenge and reply to it. If you do this, however, please be sure to include what the challenge is, as well as your answer. This is TOTALLY optional.

Have fun, be creative and enjoy:~)

p.s I will fess up about this photo in the comment box for this post on Thursday, August 12th:~)