Picture Story: Celebrate Good Times

PictureStory1Picture Tells a Story

Remember this picture? This was my first Picture Story Challenge Post. At that time, I called it Story Photo Contest, which eventually evolved into a regular category called, Picture Story.

This post was published on March 30, 2009. The first line of this post was “They say a picture tells a thousand stories.”

I believe this. The Picture Story posts evolved from this belief that others would also see the “thousand stories” possible in a photograph.

Picture Magic

Evita, photographer and author of Evolving Scenes was the first blogger to prove to me that photographs can be seen as  something more than just a picture.

She once told me, “It is fun too to see how others see the world, and things. It never ceases to amaze me how two or more people looking at the same thing can see things so differently!”

I think these are wise words. They capture perfectly the reason why I do the Picture Story Challenges. I want to invite people who visit to look beyond the object in the picture and see something special.

I am also lucky to have some very imaginative readers. The Picture Story posts have always generated creative comments that never fail to surprise and delight me.

Picture Challenge Winners

I loved all the comments for last week’s Picture Story Post, Graffiti Artists in Switzerland. However, a special congratulations goes to the people who undertook Challenge Two from this post.

In this challenge, they answered all five questions used in the post, including making up a question of their own and answering it. Here they are:

Belinda, The Halfway Point

Hilary, Positive Letters Inspirational Stories

Jannie, The Jannie Funster Blog

Lisa Newton, Travelin’ Local

Patty, Why Start Now?

SuZen, Erasing the Bored

Tony Single, Trottersville [note: Tony and Cassy have a new site — check it out]

Thanks to all of you! You amazed me with your imaginative replies:~) Visit the post and check out their comments!

Also, thank you to all of the people who have participated in my Picture Story challenges. You have proven to me that our imaginations are endless creators of magic:~)

Story Photo Challenge: First Picture


This is the first picture I took with my digital camera. It was a surprise picture; the kind you take and have no idea what you did to get it. I’ve never been able to repeat this picture, even though I’ve taken numerous photos of the object in it.

It was the beginning of a long friendship with my Sony camera, which has allowed me to explore photography in a way I never could before. I can take close-ups and far away shots with equal success, at least by my terms.

True confessions

Perhaps this isn’t the best thing to confess, but I like the easy button on a camera. Maybe one of these days, I’ll take lessons, but for now taking photos is my playtime. I like being able to pick the subject and let the camera make its own decisions.

So, when I took this picture, I was pleased. Looking at it, I liked the way my camera was thinking and I also like that I’ve never repeated this picture.  It is what it is.

The challenge

Here’s your challenge for today. I decided this picture needs a quote.  Find a quote, or write your own, that you think belongs to this picture and share it in the comment box.


Story Photo Challenge: Two faces of the same flower


red-roseIf you’ve just arrived, stop for a moment and take a deep calming breath. Are you ready for today’s Photo Story Challenge?

If so, focus on each of these pictures separately. Pay attention to how you feel when you look at each one. Now, look at them together and notice how you feel.

Do you believe they share the same story, or does each one have its own story?

This is your challenge today. Use quotes, taglines or your own words to share something about one or both of these flowers.

Here are some questions to get you thinking. You don’t have to answer them, they’re just to inspire your imagination:

1. What’s your reaction to the flower with the black background? What about the one in red?

2. What words come to your mind when you look at these flowers?

3. If these flowers had certain strengths, what would they be? What about weaknesses?

4. Would these flowers be heroes or anti-heroes? For, or  against each other?

Be creative. Think outside of the box, but most of all have FUN :~)

Story Photo Challenge: What is this flower saying?


What do you think this flower would say if it could talk?

Here are some questions to start you thinking, but feel free to write whatever you want about this flower in the comment box, just keep it reasonable in length. I hope you have fun with this:~)

Would it be a boy or a girl flower?

How old would it be?

When you look at it, what do you think it is feeling?

What kind of person would this flower be?

What would be this flower’s tagline?

Come visit my Thursday post for inspiration and motivation.