Florida Snowbirds

Click on the picture for a better view of the gull.

Not all winter visitors to Florida are people. This is a gull that spends most of his time up north, but in winter he’ll pack his bags and come where it’s warmer.

This one is juvenile. It took me some time to identify him because of his color. Like us, later in his life, he turns gray (and white). I also liked his pink legs and feet. Click on the picture for a better view.

He wasn’t afraid of us, which I found interesting. Most gulls take off if you get within a few feet of them. Well, unless you have fish treats. Then you can’t chase them away:~)

As you can see, he let us get quite close to him and we didn’t have any treats. He interested me because his color and size. He’s a big fellow, compared to the other gulls I usually see on the Gulf of Mexico shores.

Your Challenge

I thought this would a fun “what’s the caption” picture. That’s your challenge – write a good caption for this picture. Keep it PG, as always:~)

Quickie Question

Hmmm. This may not be a quick question, but I’ll give it to you anyway. What kind of gull do you think this one is? I narrowed it down to a gull that is named after a fish, a northern fish. Let’s see who gets it right first!

Kudos Corner

Every once in awhile, I want to send kudos out to some people and let you, my readers, know what they’ve been up to.

Jean’s gone to the BIG APPLE. Well, her paintings have. Her abstract paintings are on sale in NYC and online. Just go to here and there are her beautiful abstract pictures. Pretty cool, right? My favorites were Smokey Orange and Pushing Color. Which are your favorites?

Kelvin of Puppet Kaos was very busy in 2012. One of my favorite things he’s done lately is to create a HD puppet video Christmas card on YouTube. I didn’t even know they had high definition on YouTube. Check it out here.

Chris Edgar has renamed his site, Steve’s Quest, after the animated musical Chris has been working on. Check out of the status of his musical here.

Also, take a moment to visit Patty’s new site, Living Deep Studio. She had a wonderful series, “The Story of 2012,” which provided some excellent writing prompts for reviewing 2012. To view all of this series, go to Patty’s “Archives” and click on December (located on the right side of her site).

Ginny, Special Moments in Time, is now a Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach. If you don’t know what this is, just visit her site here for all the information.

Last but not least, check out Liza’s new site. It’s still called 6birds, but the theme has changed. Be sure to move your cursor around. It’s fun. Liza loves to redo her site and she does a good job at it.

If I left someone out who wants a Kudos mention, let me know via my contact box. Just to be clear, this isn’t a spot for advertising services. It’s a chance to give people a “pat on the back” for their accomplishments.

Picture Challenge: What do you see?

click on picture to enlarge

We’re back.

It’s been an interesting return. When I went to drive my car, it was making an odd noise. I immediately put it back in the garage.

The next day, we took my car to the shop. JC drove my car and I followed in his. I knew we were in trouble when I saw a mouse drop out of my car!!

Fortunately, he or she will live to tell the story as the mouse scampered off into the grass beside the road. I was actually relived until we got the report about why my car was running so rough.

Yes. The mice had invaded!!! I had three mice nests in my car and they made quite a mess of things that shouldn’t be messed with. Long story short…I will be without my car for a few days.

We’ve purchased sonic sound machines for our garage. I refused to do the killing traps. Hey, you can’t really blame the mice; a nice warm spot, a cracked garage window and five weeks to settle in. There is a lesson here; I’m just not thinking about it right now:~)

Picture Story Challenge

If you’re wondering what the header picture has to do with mice, the answer is nothing.  It’s not a travel post either — my last one of those will come later — but it is a picture taken in Switzerland.

Since I’m still unpacking, doing laundry and cleaning house, I thought I’d put a “What do you see?” picture story post today.

This is a simple challenge. Just study the header picture and, via the comment box, let me know what you see in it. It’s okay to say a tree stump with mushrooms, but I encourage you see how many imaginary things you can see in the picture. For example, I can see the eye of an owl. Can you find it?

If you’re feeling talkative, tell a brief story about what you see in the picture. What is it you see? How did it get in the tree stump? What would it say if it could talk?

Don’t like my questions? Create your own and answer them. You know I love it when you do this:~) Just be sure to include the questions in your comment!

Visits to you

Now, last but not least. Once the house is back in order, I’ll be going out to visit your sites. While I will read your comments, my replies will be slow until I’ve a chance to check in with your writings. I missed reading about what you’ve been up to. It’s good to be back, my friends:~)

Picture Story: I’ve Got a Secret

Photograph by Sara B. Healy

TV Game Show

When I was growing up, my parents used to watch a TV game show called, “I’ve Got a Secret?” In this show, which was similar to “What’s My Line?” a celebrity panel tried to guess the “secret” of a contestant, through asking “Yes” or “No” questions.

Secrets ranged from astounding, funny, embarrassing or strange. They usually involved something the person either did for their work or as a hobby, something they had accomplished or something that happened to them sometime in their life.

Celebrity Guest

My favorite part of this game show featured a “celebrity guest.” In this game, celebrities would come on the show,introduce themselves and then say, “and this is I’ve got a Secret!” Then the panelists had to use “yes” or “no” questions to discover the celebrity’s secret.

What made this part all the more fun was that the celebrities often shared real personal secrets about themselves or something they were going to do. My sister, brother and I played along and tried to guess the celebrity’s secret.

When I saw this picture I took of a bird hiding in the bushes, I was reminded of this TV show. It does look like the bird has a secret to tell. I thought this might a fun picture challenge.

Picture Story Challenge

Your challenge today is to make up the celebrity “secret” this little bird is hiding. In doing this, I’m going to change the rules of the original game show just a little.

In this case, your celebrity is disguised as this little bird. You don’t have to worry about asking “yes” or “no” questions. All you have to do is answer the following two questions and leave your answers in the comment box:

What celebrity is this little bird?

You can use a known celebrity or make up one of your own. If you choose to make up one, in addition to the name, be sure you say what makes this person a celebrity.

What secret is this celebrity hiding?

Remember the secret should be something amazing, funny, embarrassing or strange that the celebrity has experienced in his or her life. Again, feel free to use your imagination about this “secret.” Just keep it PG rated:~)

As always, have fun, be creative and enjoy:~)

Post Scriptum:~)

Tell the Truth

In my last post, My Distinguished Award, I challenged you to find the three things that were NOT true about me. Between all the comments, at least two of the false statements were identified, but no one got all three. As I know you’re just “waiting with bated breath” for the truth to come out, here are the three things that are not true about me:

3.  I once won a hula hoop contest and because of this, got to meet Michael Landon (Little Joe) of Bonanza fame. While not true, as a young girl, I did actually see Michael Landon in my hometown airport. I thought he was such a “hunk!” However, as he was carefully guarded by some very BIG men, I didn’t dare approach him for an autograph.

6.  When I was 15, I made a dress and won a sewing contest. In this case, I did make a dress in Home Economics, which we had wear to wear to school one day. However, mine was so bad that it started to come undone during the school day and they had to call my mom to bring me some other clothes for me to wear:~)

10.  When I was five, a movie was made in my home town and I was selected to be one of the extras. This one doesn’t even have a story behind it…it’s just a bald-faced lie:~)