Story Photo: The Singers

This picture always reminded me of singers with their arms raised to the sky. I’m not sure who or what the singers are or why they’re singing. That’s what I hope you’ll help me with today.

Your Challenge

Answer one or more of the following questions. I’ve given you suggestions, but you don’t have to use them. I much prefer you make things up:~)

1)  Why are they singing? Are they rejoicing, begging forgiveness or seeking solace?

2)  What’s the title of their song? Is it funny, serious, religious or mystical?

3)  Who or what is doing the singing? Let your eye study the picture. Do you see people, animals, other-worldly creatures or a combination of all? Feel free to name them, if you want.

4)  Ask and answer your own question. Just be sure to include the question in your comment.

Quickie Question

What type of plants are these? Hints: They are deciduous trees, which produce clusters of pink, purple and white flowers and are a favorite delight of hummingbirds. Okay, if those aren’t enough hints and you’re really in a hurry…check out the tags:~)


Picture Story: Odd Man Out

sara b. healy photo (click to enlarge)

The phrase, “Odd Man Out” is often defined as “Something or someone who differs markedly from the others in a group.” In this group of seagulls, there is an “odd man out.”

Your challenge

Pick one or more of these questions and leave your creative answers in the comment box. HINT: Make something up:~)

  1. How did this bird end up being the “odd man out?”
  2. Why is he hanging out with these gulls?
  3. What is his name and why was he given this name?

Quickie Challenge

Name the kind of bird that is the “odd man out.” HINT: The Byrds sang a song with the bird’s name, but spelled differently. Here are the first few lines:

To Everything….blank, blank blank…
There is a season…blank, blank, blank…
And a time to every purpose, under Heaven

p. s. I’m pretty sure I’m right about the kind of bird my little “odd man out” is, but if you think differently, please else tell me:~)

Story Photo: Chair Photos

Chairs A

Two Chairs

On Sunday, the day I prepare Monday’s Picture Story post, I have fun looking through pictures to find ones that speak to me.

Sometimes I even get a theme going where I find I’ve taken a few pictures of the same type of thing, like trees, and they all beg to tell their story.

Today, the theme is CHAIRS. I didn’t realize until looking through my pictures how many times I actually took pictures of empty chairs.

Hmmm, I’m not sure what this says about me as a photographer, but I’m not going there right now:~)

The Challenge

I give you three pictures of different chairs. They come from a variety of places, even a couple from the UK.

They are in groups of two. I think I like these groupings best because it tempts me to imagine a conversation between the chairs.

Today, your challenge for the comment box is to pick one picture and be sure you state which you picked in your comment.

The basic challenge then is to tell something about these chairs.  You can tell their names, a brief story about them, an imagined conversation or whatever tickles your fancy when you look at the picture you chose.

Extra Credit

I’m not sure how this extra credit challenge will work. It might be a smashing success or a devastating disaster:~)It just sounds like it could be fun…so we’ll see.

Your extra credit challenge is to pick someone’s comment about the chairs and take whatever they said to the next place. For example, if the person named the chairs, you might start a conversation between the chairs or say how they got their names.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you choose this extra credit challenge, you MUST name the person whose comment you used, otherwise it would probably be very confusing.

Oh, and I welcome you to visit more than once…just in case someone writes about your comment and YOU want to add more to what they said. Again, just be sure to say whose comment you are adding to.

In addition to the header picture (Chairs A) here are the other two pictures:

Chairs B

Chairs C

Have fun, be creative and enjoy:~)

Picture Story: I’ve Got a Secret

Photograph by Sara B. Healy

TV Game Show

When I was growing up, my parents used to watch a TV game show called, “I’ve Got a Secret?” In this show, which was similar to “What’s My Line?” a celebrity panel tried to guess the “secret” of a contestant, through asking “Yes” or “No” questions.

Secrets ranged from astounding, funny, embarrassing or strange. They usually involved something the person either did for their work or as a hobby, something they had accomplished or something that happened to them sometime in their life.

Celebrity Guest

My favorite part of this game show featured a “celebrity guest.” In this game, celebrities would come on the show,introduce themselves and then say, “and this is I’ve got a Secret!” Then the panelists had to use “yes” or “no” questions to discover the celebrity’s secret.

What made this part all the more fun was that the celebrities often shared real personal secrets about themselves or something they were going to do. My sister, brother and I played along and tried to guess the celebrity’s secret.

When I saw this picture I took of a bird hiding in the bushes, I was reminded of this TV show. It does look like the bird has a secret to tell. I thought this might a fun picture challenge.

Picture Story Challenge

Your challenge today is to make up the celebrity “secret” this little bird is hiding. In doing this, I’m going to change the rules of the original game show just a little.

In this case, your celebrity is disguised as this little bird. You don’t have to worry about asking “yes” or “no” questions. All you have to do is answer the following two questions and leave your answers in the comment box:

What celebrity is this little bird?

You can use a known celebrity or make up one of your own. If you choose to make up one, in addition to the name, be sure you say what makes this person a celebrity.

What secret is this celebrity hiding?

Remember the secret should be something amazing, funny, embarrassing or strange that the celebrity has experienced in his or her life. Again, feel free to use your imagination about this “secret.” Just keep it PG rated:~)

As always, have fun, be creative and enjoy:~)

Post Scriptum:~)

Tell the Truth

In my last post, My Distinguished Award, I challenged you to find the three things that were NOT true about me. Between all the comments, at least two of the false statements were identified, but no one got all three. As I know you’re just “waiting with bated breath” for the truth to come out, here are the three things that are not true about me:

3.  I once won a hula hoop contest and because of this, got to meet Michael Landon (Little Joe) of Bonanza fame. While not true, as a young girl, I did actually see Michael Landon in my hometown airport. I thought he was such a “hunk!” However, as he was carefully guarded by some very BIG men, I didn’t dare approach him for an autograph.

6.  When I was 15, I made a dress and won a sewing contest. In this case, I did make a dress in Home Economics, which we had wear to wear to school one day. However, mine was so bad that it started to come undone during the school day and they had to call my mom to bring me some other clothes for me to wear:~)

10.  When I was five, a movie was made in my home town and I was selected to be one of the extras. This one doesn’t even have a story behind it…it’s just a bald-faced lie:~)