Story Photo: The Headless Parrot

The green parrot

Don’t worry. I’m not going gruesome on you. This green parrot is very much alive. I discovered him in Sandestin, Florida. The man who owns him takes pictures of people with his parrots.

It’s amazing what people will do on vacation:~) I saw both men and women, happily smiling, with parrots draped all over their heads, arms and shoulders.

Sometimes, it became a comedy act, especially when the parrots got stuck in someone hair and, of course, there was the OTHER danger of spooked birds.

The adults were more likely to get their picture taken, than the kids. This might be due to a smart photographer. He always set up his business near the pool bar:~) and usually business was very good!

I asked if I could take some pictures of the birds and the man readily agreed. When I got to this one, however, there was no head!!!

Your challenge

This leads me to your challenges today. Let me set the scene for you…

I am trying to convince this little guy to let me take his picture, head and all. He, on the other hand, doesn’t want me to take his picture.

See, we have the makings of a good story; there’s both conflict and tension in this challenge!

Option 1: For those in a rush…

Answer one or more of these questions in the comment box. Be sure to indicate which number or numbers you selected.

1) Why doesn’t he want his picture taken?
2) What would YOU do to get him to show himself?
3) Do you have any fond memories of parrots you’d like to share?

Option 2:  Let your creativity dance…

Write a brief dialogue between me and the bird. What do I say to convince him to let me take his picture? What does he say to me about why he doesn’t want his picture taken? Who wins? Keep this to 55 words or less.

NOTE:  You have a full week to play with this option. You can stop by, say hello, and come back when you’ve written the dialogue. Come on. I double-dare you:~) Prove to me the summer hasn’t dried up all those creative juices!

As always, have fun, be creative and enjoy!!!