Story Photo: First Words

photo by sara b. healy

Let’s get right to it. You stepped outside the door and there he was, staring at you. He opened his little mouth and said…

Your Challenge

Your challenge is to fill in the first words this little guy said to you.

Here’s my take:

“Please help me. I put my fingers in my ears and now they’re stuck.”

Special Challenge

Create a brief dialogue between you and this little silver guy.

A belated thank you.

Patricia over at Patricia’s Wisdom gave me a blog award recently — The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. I wanted to thank her for this honor. It was very nice of her to think of me. I love Patricia’s site, especially her book reviews. I can’t tell you how many books I would have missed, if not for her review. My library grows with each review and I’m usually not disappointed:~)


Story Photo: Walled Garden

Fun Garden

This is a picture of a wall in a garden I regularly visit. This garden is fun because it has lots of different interesting places to see, including a few walled gardens that seem hidden from view until you find your way inside.

Today, we’re going to explore what’s behind this garden surrounded by a brick wall. Look closely and consider what you might find there.

The Challenge

Here are some questions to consider. Remember, you don’t have to answer all of them, but do pick at least two to answer in the comment box.

  • What plants live behind this wall?
  • What would you have to do to get past the wall?
  • Who created this walled garden and why?
  • What secrets are on the other side of the wall?
  • Who is waiting for you beyond the bricks and why?

The Special Challenge

For this challenge, I want you to imagine you’ve found your way inside this walled garden. As you look around, use the comment box to describe what you see. You can use the questions above to help you with this challenge or wing it on your own. Provide as much detail as you can. Make me, and the other readers, see what you see!

I will randomly pick two of the special challenge entries to feature in the next story photo post, including links. To participate, you must include the words, SPECIAL CHALLENGE, in your comment and your description must be 100 words or less.

No Time?

For those of you in a rush, here’s a couple of quick and easy questions?

What’s your favorite garden to visit?

What garden flower do you like best?

As always, have fun and be creative:~)

Story Photo: Winners!

Creative Writing

There’s no new Special Story post up today because I want to celebrate the creativity of some of my regular readers who participated in last week’s Special Challenge.

In this challenge, they had to write a story about the picture above in 100 words or less. I made it slightly more difficult this time in that they had to use ALL the following Shakespearean words in the story:
•    Fere — spouse, companion, wife / husband
•    Thou — you
•    Alack — expression of regret, sorrow, dismay, alarm
•    Coil — turmoil, disturbance, fuss
•    Rampallian — ruffian, villain, scoundrel
•    Galliard — type of lively, high-spirited dance
•    Punk — harlot, strumpet, whore

Story Photo Creative Blogger Award

The people who took on this challenge provided wonderful stories within the rules. In fact, I like them so much that I decided a simple link wasn’t enough. I wanted to highlight the stories today and present each author with my own award for writing witty, creative and fun stories based on a photograph.

The nice thing about this award is that you can copy it and it comes completely free of any requirements:~) So, to all of the following people, I bestow you with the first Story Photo Creative Blogger Award.

Richard North, The Arts Web Show

Thou listen Rampallian passer by.
As i tell my poem about my coil.
You see my Fere is a punk.
Can you believe my Alack when whilst performing a Galliard
She was kissing the judge
So unfair so i decided to lay here and tell you a story about how my Fere is a dirty punk.

Linda, From Roses to Rainbows

Twas a dark, moonless night, and many rampallians were out. They would find easy prey along the darkened streets.

A couple, returning from the Galliard, was oblivious to the coil in the nearby alley, and started at the sound of metal against stone. The man said tis likely just some punk in the alley, when suddenly a bandit leaped from the wall. He said to his fere, “Thou must run.” Alack, her husband was unable to escape, and was found lying in the alley clutching his heart.

That fateful night has been immortalized in stone as a warning to all.

Talon, Talon

Thou might suppose Allan tumbled to the ground from deepest heart pain, but, alack, ‘twas not so.

While on his way into the dance, Allan spied his fere in a dark corner in his fiercest enemy’s arms, recovering their breath from their galliard. Allan knew his fere to be a punk with a history of infidelity as long as a dragon’s tail. Rupert and Allan had fought many battles in the past, but Allan would not fight this one. Allan did not coil, but truly fell over in relief. He was now free of both rampallian and punk.

Delena, A 1000 Days of Thanks

Alack, mine fere is untrue! She is a strumpet, a punk, a temptress! Ah, but what a temptress! Come closer. I have not breath to speak long, and thou art mine only confessor here.

‘Twas the galliard. It is her weakness, and I but a jealous rampallian to think I could keep her under lock. But she, oh! She is too spirited to be happily caged. ‘Twas only one dance! I would give her a hundred dances to take back our quarrel. There was a coil there, upon the balcony. Do not blame her. The fault was mine.

Hilary, Positive Letters…inspirational stories

Stoned Sprawl (A tale of caution)

Oh rampallian, what have we here? Thou who without alack would turn away from thy fere, leaving the fires burning in the grate, not worrying for thy bairns.

Life is too precious to cause a coil, take not up this “Special Challenge” the wayward villeins have presented thee; dance not the Punk’s Galliard … be not drawn in to the mists of the field, to the tumbling spirits.

See from yon fallen scoundrel become not one, return to the hearth become again mine own true fere … galliard with me, tonight we shall overcome.

Congratulations to all who dared to take on this Special Challenge!

Special Challenge Award

Off and on, I will be surprising certain people who participate in the Special Challenge with this award. There will be no hints or warnings as to when the award will be presented.

It will go to one or more of the people who participate in the Special Challenge in such a way that they demonstrate the motto of the Story Photo Series…

Have fun, be creative and enjoy:~)

Story Photo: Tree Stump

What do you see

I haven’t done a “what do you see” Story Photo in awhile and so, that’s the focus of today’s challenge. I never know what will be my inspiration for these type of Story Photo posts. It’s usually something in nature and this time it’s a tree stump.

Special Character

This is a photo I took of what I think is a stump of an old pine tree. It’s different than the usual tree stumps I see. To me, this “stump” has a special character about it.

At first glace when I look at this picture, I see an old person; perhaps an old lady wearing a scarf. However, I can also look inside the “stump” and see different things. For example, looking closely, I can see the face of a cow with one ear. Look closely. Do you see it?

I have faith in you that this old tree stump will not leave you “stumped” about the challenges in today’s post:~)

The Challenge

Let’s keep this simple today. Take a good look at this stump and then choose one, two or more questions to answer about it.

  • What name do you give to this stump?
  • What kind of life did it have?
  • How did it end up as a “stump?”
  • When you look inside the stump, what “things” do you see?

The Special Challenge

I’m giving choices, but again, you don’t have to answer them all.

  1. What book, poem or other writing does this picture make you think of?  For example, the first thing that came to mind for me was the poem, “Dante’s Inferno.” Don’t ask me why:~)
  2. What quote would you give this picture?
  3. If this “stump” were to break out singing, what song would it sing?

The Special Challenge “Dare Devils”

I loved the replies by everyone to last week’s Story Photo, “Footprints in the Sand.” As promised, here are the people who had the courage to be “derring-do-daredevils” and take on the Special Challenge:

Alien Ghost

Thank you to all of you for daring to take on the “special challenge!” If you haven’t already, take a moment and visit their sites!

Have fun, be creative and enjoy!