What Spiders Can Teach Us

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Nature’s Architects

Spiders are truly Nature’s architects. They spin the most marvelous constructions with deftness that amazes me. This web would balloon out when a breeze caught it, like a parachute.

The spider that created it was so tiny; my powerful camera struggled to get a clear shot of him.

For some reason, spiders appear to me in times of great distress. It’s not that I don’t see them at other times. But when I’m in a bit of bother, special ones, like this one seem to catch my eye.

I found this one on the day my dog died. The sunlight hit it just right, creating a cascade of colors that made stop in awe. Then I noticed the power of it’s construction.

Yet, spiders and their webs don’t last a long time. Two days after this picture, the web and the spider that created it were gone.

Spiders remind me of how important hope is in our lives.

They build elaborate webs of thin silk threads. A spider has no idea of how long her creation will last. Yet, she builds it. If it breaks and she survives, she will build another and another. She is the reminder that life goes on. Even when things fall apart, we can rebuild, just like the spider.

Spider Power

Out of curiosity, I looked up Spiders in my Medicine Cards. I found the words that ended the write-up about spiders very appropriate

“The most important message from Spider is that you are an infinite being who will continue to weave the patterns of life and living throughout time. Do not fail to see the expansiveness of the eternal plan.”

I think this is a good message for all of us. We will have ups and downs and yet, if we are like Spider, we will learn how to keep weaving and rebuilding our lives.

Old Dogs: Rest in Peace

I want to thank everyone who left JC and me a condolence comment about the loss of our dog. I’ve only just started to read them. They tend to turn on the water spigot in my eyes rather quickly.

Replies will come later, but I want each of you to know that your kind words were greatly appreciated.

Story Photo: The Special Guest

Today, I have a special surprise for you. I have a guest writer and photographer for this Story Photo Challenge post:~) Let’s see if you can figure out who this person is.

  • She’s a fantastic photographer. Her photos are so real that you feel as if you could almost touch what’s in the picture.
  • She’s a very gifted writer who can create a character or capture an emotion so that the reader feels the life in her words.
  • She’s had her poetry and short stories published, but her real love is writing novels and she’s currently working on getting a novel published!
  • When I’m visiting other sites and find one of her comments, I know that she takes time to really read a person’s post and there’s always gentleness in the words she leaves behind.
  • For me, she is a kindred spirit. I feel as if I’ve known her for ages and yet, we’ve never met. I think of her whenever I look up in the sky and see a hawk gliding through the air.

If you haven’t already guessed,my very special guest is Talon. I think you will enjoy her Story Photo post and challenges.

Welcome Talon

First, I have to thank Sara—one of the sweetest, most generous souls it’s been my pleasure to meet through the magic of the internet—for asking me to guest post. Sara’s heartfelt writing and her view of the world around her is always inspiring to me—as is her infectiously warm spirit. This guest post is a first for me and it’s exciting. I took this particular photo at the beginning of June and realized that while it might not be a photo everyone would appreciate upon first glance (or maybe the hundredth), it would be the perfect photograph to inspire me for a Story Photo Challenge.

Deceiving looks

Appearances can be deceptive. We’ve all heard those old sayings: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” or “Appearances can be deceptive”. At first glance, this photo appears to be a spider making its way through the green world underworld of my garden/his home. Okay, I’m not positive he is really a “he” at all, but I think he is and I think his name is Harvey.

Harvey isn’t at all what he appears to be. If you find spiders ugly or scary, then you don’t really have to feel that way about Harvey because Harvey isn’t a spider. While he does belong to the same class as spiders (which include mites, ticks, and scorpions and, yes, those are all a bit scary, I’ll agree), Harvey is actually an animal that goes by the common name of Daddy Longlegs.

He’s actually a pretty cool animal to have around your garden. He isn’t poisonous and he’s not a deadly killer. He’s fascinating to watch as he manoeuvres about on his long legs (two of which are extra long and equipped with special sensors that let him know what’s up ahead. I wish we had those types of sensor, too!).

He does eat the eggs of small critters and creatures that enjoy feasting on garden plants and cleans up the dead bodies of those unfortunates who meet their demise there…so he’s a good guy who happens to look like a spider. Poor Harvey is often maligned and feared and, really, he’s not at all what you think he is upon first glance.

I think we’ve all been guilty of jumping to conclusions based on appearances. How could we not? We live in a society that prides itself more upon how we look than who we are.

The Challenge

For this Story Photo Challenge, I would love if you would share a time when you totally misjudged someone or something based on appearance. Some questions that come to mind:

  • Did you feel badly afterward? Did it make you hesitate the next time you wanted to jump to conclusions?
  • Was there ever a time when your first impression was right?
  • If so, was the impression a negative one or a positive one? Did that make you jump to conclusions more or less in the future?

The Special Challenge

As a Special Challenge because Sara has such creative and clever commenters (alliteration works well sometimes, doesn’t it?) I would love if you would tell me exactly where Harvey was headed and what he was up to.

Thank you so much, Sara. This has been so fun! Taking photos is something I really enjoy—it’s one activity that brings me complete relaxation—and your Story Photo Challenge posts have made me appreciate even more the story (real or imagined) behind a simple photograph.

Photo Credit: Talon