SPC: Pictures Tell a Story

Lately, I’ve been wondering if maybe retirement was in order for the Story Photo Challenge series. After all, they started in 2009 with a post called, A Picture for Your Thoughts

To help me decide what action to take regarding the series, I began reviewing some older posts. They reminded me why I started the series in the first place — to challenge readers to look at a picture in a different way and maybe even tell a story about what they see.

Today, I decided to take you for a brief walk down memory lane by picking out one of these older posts. The selected post is Story Photo: The Real Story, which used this picture.


I picked this post because, for some reason, I didn’t reply to the comments. As I reviewed them, I regretted this and decided the share a few which made me laugh out loud.  I hope you enjoy them and the clever authors who definitely looked at this photo in “a different way”:~) Links provided if given by the author of the comment.

jean sampson December 5, 2012 at 11:52 pm

Well, there was once a Black Widow spider living quietly in this mailbox, minding her own business, eating her mates and having her babies. This all happened when the house was empty for awhile and no mail arrived to disturb her and her little ones.

One day, after the house sold, the new owner, a muscular, Charles Atlas-type, was checking out all of the features of his new property. Across one massive shoulder, he carried a heavy sledge hammer, having just finished pounding in a few fence posts around the property, so that his horses would be safe.

Since he was standing at the entrance to the driveway where his mailbox sat securely mounted on a short brick column, he decided to take a peek inside. As he opened the door to the black metal mailbox, he saw at least a kazillion little Black Widow spider babies and the huge, majorly pissed off Momma! Well, that big man, being terrified of little spiders, reared back, lifted that sledge hammer off his strong shoulder and beat not only the Hell out of the mailbox, but also pulverized the brick column and took out several small trees in the process.

Now you might think that that was the end of the spider family, but Momma and her babies saw that sledge hammer coming and ran faster that he could slam that huge thing down onto that mailbox. Never did spiders run so fast. They ran and they ran until they reached the barn where, right near the barn’s old wooden door, were the new owner’s boot. They all hopped in, felt safe and secure in their dark and snugly new home!

Kelvin Kao December 6, 2012 at 7:06 am

Well, obviously the Big Bad Wolf failed at his first attempt, went on a workout regiment, came back with a vengeance to huff and puff harder than ever before, and finally blew down the brick house (the mailbox used to be on the curb ten feet in front of it).

chen mingi December 6, 2012 at 4:09 pm

Ahh, someone bought their sweetie a mailbox kit with “some assembly required.”

Can you see why these comments made me laugh? Sometimes it’s good to return to the past; it reminds you of how you got to the present.

I thank everyone who’s ever commented on a story photo challenge post. I imagine sometimes you’ve looked at a picture and wondered what on earth you’re looking at, but you’ve always given it a go. Thanks:~)

SPC: Mission Impossible

Doves-at-Night_480ALook closely at this picture. Can you see them? There are two Mourning Doves sitting side-by-side in the dark.

Something about their look and the darkness of the picture reminded me of clandestine missions. I think these two are the stars of a new movie called, “Mourning Dove Mission Impossible.”

So, let me set the scene. Imagine one dove in this picture is Mr. Gray, from the Mourning Dove Impossible Mission Force or MD-IMF. The other dove, Ms. Pink Feet is carrying important information about a secret mission.

Challenge One 

Answer the following questions:

What’s the secret mission?

Who will be part of Mr. Gray’s team?

What task will each team member have?

Challenge Two

Write out a conversation between Mr. Gray and Ms. Pink Feet about the impossible mission.

Creativity is the name of game and so, don’t be afraid to make things up, but do keep in mind the idea of the movie Mission Impossible. Have fun:~)

Quickie Questions

  1. What famous star was in the both the TV Star Trek series and in the Mission Impossible series.
  2. Which do you prefer Star Trek or Mission Impossible and why?


You may have noticed my site hasn’t had any recent activity. I had to change blog hosts and knew my site might be down for a short time. In addition, there was a slim possibility of losing information in the transfer. It’s all done now. Cross your fingers everything is hunky-dory:~)

Story Photo: What’s Around the Bend

Where I live there are numerous canopy roads. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve never been able to get a decent picture of the roads because they are tree-lined, narrow and frequently in use. Consequently, there’s no safe place to pull over and take pictures.

Lynn, author of Good Things Happened, shows beautiful pictures of Atlanta and other areas around there on her site. She frequently takes “windshield pictures,” but is always careful to mention she’s stopped when she takes these pictures. It’s fun to see what Lynn “sees” in her world. When you visit her site, be sure to click on the pictures to see them enlarged. They are lovely:~)

I figured if she could do it, it was worth a try. I took this picture from my car. It wasn’t easy, but I was lucky this day. The road was clear, allowing me to slow down and snap the picture. I liked it.

What struck me about this picture is that I captured the “bend in the road” and, of course, this made me think of the following story photo challenge:

Imagine you’re driving this road and are about to go around the bend, what do you see?

Ideas to play with: (Pick one you like)

1)  Create a short conversation about what you see between you and a passenger in the car about what’s around the bend.

2)  Describe whatever is around the bend in as much detail as you can.

3)  Make up something crazy and wild; something that will make me laugh out loud.

Quickie Challenge

Tell me about a favorite road in your area. Why do you like it? What’s special about the road? How do you feel when you’re on the road, whether driving, a passenger or walking?


Story Photo Challenge: What to See

Picture One

Picture Two

Your Photo Challenge

What do you see?
How creative can you be?
Make up a story for me?

Take your pick of these
Say what your eye sees.

In the comment box:

Help me. Give me a clue
Did you pick One or Two?

What REALLY happened here?

Water is something I love
But coming from above
Making quite a big mess
It’s expensive I confess.

Have fun, be creative and enjoy:~)