SPC: Swiss Wind-Up Cars

Swiss-cars_600This picture was taken in Geneva, Switzerland. I liked it because these two mini wind-up “cars” look like they’re having a conversation looking out the window.

If memory serves, they were only for show, but I liked their personalities. They looked like real characters to me.

Story Photo Challenge

It’s okay to pick just one question to answer if you’re in a hurry:~) Just let me know which you picked.

  1. What are the names of the two cars?
  2. What are they doing in the picture window?
  3. What are they saying to each other as they look out the window.

Have fun, be creative and enjoy!

SPC: Ursula’s Alien Abduction


Imagine you are in Switzerland. You take a walk in a beautiful flower-filled meadow below the craggy peaks of the Alps.

While walking through the meadow, you come across a herd of cows in a fenced pasture. Curious about the bells they wear, you climb the fence to take a close-up of the cowbell. One cow approaches and to your surprise speaks to you…in your language.

When you get your voice back, you say, “Cows can’t talk.” The cow begs to differ with you.

She tells you her name is Ursula and she was abducted by aliens. They gave her the ability to speak to humans. She said she told them she didn’t actually live with humans, but with cows.

The aliens told her they tried to get a human, but failed. They were teeny-tiny beings. Also, unbeknownst to them, they also smelled like dog poop.

Their message was very important for humans, but they couldn’t stay any longer. So, Ursula was their only hope. They said after she delivered the message, she’d go back to normal.

Immediately after this abduction, Ursula’s herd was taken up to a summer mountain pasture where they were left to graze. Few humans visited and those who did, didn’t get close enough, since Brutus, the bull, was also in the pasture.

Ursula tried to talk to the lead cows, Abigail and Heidi, about her dilemma. That’s when she discovered she could no longer speak cow either.

Ursula was in trouble. You’re the first human who’s come close enough to hear her.

Your Story Photo Challenge question:

What is the important message Ursula needs to deliver?

Story Photo Writing Challenge (choose one):

  1. Write out a dialogue between you and Ursula about the alien’s message to humans.
  2. Write a description of the aliens.

SPC: Living Inside a Flower

(Click to enlarge the picture)

I am back on flowers again. I found this picture in my older Switzerland pictures.

It was during my “flower phase;” the time when all I took were pictures of flowers.

Granted Switzerland in late spring and early summer made it very hard to resist the flowers; they were everywhere – growing out of stone walls, in cracks on streets and in the many green valley fields.

Anyway, when I look at this flower, I see a tiny creature living inside it.

Story Photo Challenge

This is your challenge today. Answer one or more of these questions about this creature:

  1. What is it?
  2. Where did it come from originally?
  3. What’s particularly “odd” about it?
  4. What unique thing can it do?
  5. How did it get inside the flower?

Please do give a hint about which questions you answer. Also, you can make up your own question and answer it.

If you’re feeling extra energetic, write a brief story/poem about it. Try to keep it to 150 words, but if you go slightly over, who’s counting?

Have fun with this challenge. Let your creativity guide you:~)

Quickie Question

What’s your favorite flower and why?

See It to Believe It

photo by sara b. healy

We’re HERE! It’s odd because the current temperature is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit as I write this. If not for the huge mountains still wearing snow, I could almost believe I was at the beach:~)

Last night I woke to a light in the window. When I pulled the curtain back, a bright yellow moon was sitting above the mountains. That’s not something this Florida girl sees very often.

Instead of blabbing on and on, I decided to use this post as a picture post. I will say, however, the pictures can’t do justice to what my eyes see.

They will, however, give you an idea of how huge the Alps are and how lovely their craggy faces are, but in this case, you really do need to SEE it to believe it.

Here’s a sampling of what my new camera sees when it is cooperating:

photo by sara b. healy

This is the view from our bedroom window.

photo by sara b. healy

Here’s the view from our apartment balcony. The building below is a Swiss school.

photo by sara b. healy

The ski lift seen from my favorite meadow, which I visit every day. It makes me feel like Julie Andrews:~)

photo by sara b. healy

  This view is looking down from the meadow.

Usually by the time we leave, my favorite meadow is full of wild flowers and tall scratchy grass that begs the child in me to roll down the hill. I know better. The cows with their bells also frequent the meadow:~)

Back from Break

I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted. I’ve missed blogging, but sometimes LIFE just gets in the way. Traveling overseas can require a lot of planning, especially when you’ll be gone for over a month.

Now that we’re here, however, I’m hoping to post on Tuesdays, depending on travel and internet services. I’ll also be out visiting, but that will also depend on the internet:~)